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Makoto Aida, Ash Color Mountains, 2009-10, Watai Collection, in "Bye Bye Kitty!!! Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art” at Japan Society Gallery
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by Charlie Finch

Sometimes the space between art and life is no space at all. Such was the case at the Japan Society Wednesday night with the opening of "Bye Bye Kitty: Between Heaven and Hell in Japanese Contemporary Art." Society director Joe Earle announced that $740,000 had already been raised by the Japan Society for Japanese disaster relief, with half of all proceeds from all of the society's events ’til June 12 earmarked for the same purpose, and all revenues from a daylong concert at the society on Apr.¬† 9, 2011, featuring Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and many others, also going to help recover from the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent events.