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Weegee, Gin Mill Killing, Victim and Wife, 1947. Vintage Gelatin Silver Print, 4.25 x 6.25 inches, 10.8 x 15.9 cm. Stamped with Weegee Stamp.

Caption on back reads "N.Y.C. 1947 shooting in waterfront saloon at West St. NYC Police taking victim to hospital." believed to be Weegee's handwriting.

b. 1899 Zloczew, Austria, d. 1968

As legend tells it, Arthur Fellig earned the nickname Weegee during his early career as a freelance press photographer in New York City. His apparent sixth sense for crime often led him to a scene well ahead of the police. Observers likened this sense, actually derived from tuning his radio to the police frequency, to the Ouija board, the popular fortune-telling game. Spelling it phonetically, Fellig took Weegee as his professional name.

With his subjects ranging from wild-eyed adolescent onlookers at a late night gangland slaying to glassy-eyed starlets at Hollywood movie premieres, Weegee could be considered one of the first ambulance chasers. He was as flamboyant as some of his subjects, creating his own mythology, reveling in his own notoriety as well as that of his subjects, and even stamping the backs of his pictures with "Credit Photo by Weegee the Famous."

Weegee also worked in Hollywood as a filmmaker, performer, and technical consultant. His 1945 book Naked City was the inspiration for the 1947 film The Naked City. The Public Eye (1992), starring Joe Pesci, was based on the man himself. [getty.edu]

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The seller has recorded the following condition for this lot:
Surface Abrasions / Scratches
Area: Image
Notes: Minor surface wear. Minor indentation on right side of the image. Visible in raking light.
Degree: Minor

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Margin Areas bordering the central image, outside the plate marks, or the perimeter area.
Edge The farthest edge of the object.
Verso The reverse/back of the object.

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Major Distinct, recognizable damage; the stability of the work is questionable and risk is a factor. Requires the attention of a conservator.
Extreme Advanced and severe damage; work is insecure and at great risk.

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