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Bear Squad is a collaborative piece by artists Noc 167, Toxic, and A-One.

Contemporary artist A-One, a.k.a Anthony Clark (1964-2001) began his career on the streets of New York but had since gone on to obtain notoriety for his work on the international scene, eventually settling in Paris, France. Having collaborated with other artists from the FUN Gallery crew such as Dondi, Basquiat, and Keith Haring, A-One was known for his explosive use of color, frenzied compositions, and exploration of dream-like worlds unique to his particular style. Tragically, the artist passed away at a young age of 37 in 2001 due to complications from a brain hemorrhage. His work had been exhibited at numerous venues internationally including the Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY) and the National Museum of French Monuments (Paris, FR).

Known for being a second generation Wild Style artist who employed a more three-dimensional element to the free-flowing, dynamic lettering, the art of NOC 167, aka Melvin Samuels (b. 1961), exploded onto the graffiti subculture that was gaining notoriety throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. His work appeared on more than 200 subway cars across 5 boroughs, various wall murals, and in the opening credits of Charlie Ahearn’s cult film “Wild Style”. NOC 167 grew up in the Bronx and was introduced to art through comics, video games, and classes at the School of Visual Arts which he participated in during high school. His work has been exhibited at such venues as The New Museum (New York, NY), Fun Gallery (New York, NY), and Sidney Janis Gallery (New York, NY), among others.

Having run in the same circles as Jean Michel-Basquiat, A-One, Crash, Keith Haring, Fab Five Freddy, and others, Toxic (b. 1965) was known as the “abstractionist” of the group with his brilliant use of color, intricate designs, and free-flowing forms. Along with A-One, Kool Koor, and Rammellzee, Toxic was a member of T.M.K. (Tag Master Killers), a group that was active from 1979 into the early 1980s. Toxic has exhibited at such venues as Sidney Janis Gallery (New York, NY), Grand Palais (Paris, FR), the Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY), and Ludwig Museum (Aachen, Germany), among numerous others.

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The seller has recorded the following condition for this lot:
Are there any restorations?
Date: 2012/y
Area: Image
Location: Lower right
Notes: A tear in the canvas was professionally patched and repaired.
Degree: Moderate

Definition Key
Image The central image area, composition, or focal point; the area inside the margins/plate marks.
Margin Areas bordering the central image, outside the plate marks, or the perimeter area.
Edge The farthest edge of the object.
Verso The reverse/back of the object.

Minor An existing condition which generally does not involve risk of loss.
Moderate Noticeable damage, increasing in severity and/or size; should be monitored or corrected by a conservator.
Major Distinct, recognizable damage; the stability of the work is questionable and risk is a factor. Requires the attention of a conservator.
Extreme Advanced and severe damage; work is insecure and at great risk.

  • Dolores Ormandy Neumann, NY Private Collection, NY
  • Ships From: New York, USA
  • Shipping Dimensions: 24 x 36 in. (60.96 x 91.44 cm.)
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