Los Carpinteros  (Cuban) 

Los Carpinteros (Cuban) is the name given to a group of three men that began working together in 1991. Marco Antonio Castillo Valdes (Cuban, b.1971), Dagoberto Rodriguez Sanchez (Cuban, b.1969), and Alexandre Arrechea (Cuban, b.1970) work together to create large-scale installations and sculptures. The group created several works together before deciding to call themselves Los Carpinteros in 1994.

Arrechea left the group in 2003, but the other two men continue to use the name. Valdes attended two schools in Cuba, the Escuela Provincial de Arte and the Escuela Elemental de Arte, before graduating from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana in 1994. Sanchez also attended the Escuela Elemental de Arte and graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana in 1994. In addition, he took classes at the Escuela Nacional de Arte. Many of their pieces provide a commentary on everyday living, such as the piece Panera (Bread Box). The piece combines elements of a large missile with an ordinary bread box.

The work done by Los Carpinteros appeared at multiple galleries and institutions, including the Contemporary Art Center in Queens, NY, Grant Selwyn Fine Arts in Los Angeles, CA, and The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, NY. Their piece Free Basket is on permanent display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The piece mixes plastic, concrete, paint, and steel, and it shows a large basketball hoop with rounded metal pieces arranged around the hoop. They are also known for the piece Transportable City, which showed the famous buildings of Havana as crumbling structures made with tents. The piece toured the world, appearing at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, CA. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain, the Museo de Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York all have pieces by the group on permanent display. The remaining members of Los Carpinteros currently live in Havana, Cuba.

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Los Carpinteros, Fenómeno Constructivo I


Los Carpinteros
Fenómeno Constructivo I

Edouard Malingue Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Escalera de Lego IV


Los Carpinteros
Escalera de Lego IV

Edouard Malingue Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Untitled (Blue Spill)


Los Carpinteros
Untitled (Blue Spill)

Los Carpinteros, Cabilla dos


Los Carpinteros
Cabilla dos
Sean Kelly Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Cabilla uno


Los Carpinteros
Cabilla uno

Sean Kelly Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Cabilla


Los Carpinteros

Sean Kelly Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Concreto, cabillas, pelotas (aereo)


Los Carpinteros
Concreto, cabillas, pelotas (aereo)

Sean Kelly Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Calle de Madera


Los Carpinteros
Calle de Madera

Sean Kelly Gallery
Los Carpinteros, Bloques Inertes


Los Carpinteros
Bloques Inertes

Invesart Gallery
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Los Carpinteros, Dibujo reciclable


Los Carpinteros
Dibujo reciclable, 2001
watercolor and oilstick on paper


View Details
Los Carpinteros, Mueble gordo


Los Carpinteros
Mueble gordo, 2003
watercolor on paper


View Details
Los Carpinteros, Sin título (from Deal state)


Los Carpinteros
Sin título (from Deal state), 2002
watercolor and graphite on paper


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1969   Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez Born Cuba
1971   Marco Antonio Castillo Valdés Born Cuba
1994   Sánchez Graduate from the Superior Art Institute of Havana (ISA)
1995   Valdés Graduate from the Superior Art Institute of Havana (ISA)
  Los Carpinteros live and work in Havana, Cuba and Madrid, Spain
2013   "Irreversible", Sean Kelly, New York, New York
2013   Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, Switzerland, June – (solo)
2013   “White Light / White Heatâ”, Venice, Italy, cur. James Putnam, June – (solo)
2013   Carré d'art, Nîmes, France, May 7 - ARCO, Madrid, Spain, Feb. 13 – Feb. 17 (solo)
2013   Matadero de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, Jan. -(solo)
2012 - 2013   “Silence Your Eyes”, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover, Germany, cur, Ute Stuffer, Dec. 1 – Feb. 3 (solo)
2012   “Cartografías Contemporáneas. Dibujando el Pensamiento”, Caixa Forum Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, July 25 – Oct. 28
2012   “Art and the City”, Zurich, Switzerland, cur. Christoph Doswald, June 9 – Sept. 23
2012   “Los Carpinteros”, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, Switzerland, June 9 – July 28 (solo) / Faena Art Center, Buenos Aires, May 15 – Aug 12 (solo)
2012   “Food”, Musée Ariana, Geneva, Switzerland, cur. Adelina von Fürstenberg, Dec. 19 – Feb. 24
2012   AbsolutBar–ArtBaselMiami2012, Miami, USA, cur. Vadim Grigorian, Dec. 6 – Dec. 9 (solo)
2012   XI Bienal de la Habana, Havana, Cuba, May 11 – June 11
2012   “Silence Your Eyes”, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland, April 28 – July 8(solo)
2011   Los Carpinteros, Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain (solo)
2011   Los Carpinteros, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (solo)
2011   Los Carpinteros, Kunstmuseum Thun, Thun, Switzerland (solo)
2011   Los Carpinteros, Es Baluard. Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Palma, Mallorca, Spain (solo)
2011   Los Carpinteros: Obras Recientes, Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo, Brazil (solo)
2011   El Gran Picnic, Galería Habana, Havana, Cuba (solo)
2011   Rumba Muerta, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York (solo)
2010   Los Carpinteros, Tang Museum, Saratoga, New York. (solo)
2010   Drama Turquesa, Ivorypress Art+Books, Madrid, Spain (solo)
2008   Los Carpinteros: La Montaña Rusa, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York (solo)
2004   'Los Carpinteros', Anthony Grant, INC, New York City
2003   'Stretch', The Power Plant Art Gallery, Toronto, CA
2003   'Fluido', Museum Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana
2002   'Shanghai Biennale', Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2000   'Los Carpinteros', Grant Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
2000   '7 Bienal de la Habana', Fortaleza de la Cabana, Havana, Cuba
1998   'Los Carpinteros', Iturralde Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1998   'The Garden of Forking Paths', Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, FI
1996   'Reyes del Morro', Havana, Cuba
1992   'Cambio de Bola', Galeria Habana, Havana, Cuba
2012    “Silence your Eyes”, Kunstmusem Thun/Kunstverein Hannover, Ivorypress Art and Books, Madrid
2010    “Drama Turquesa“, Ivorypress Art and Books, Madrid
2010    “Los Carpinteros. Handwork-Constructing the world“, Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary & Verlag der Walther Konig, Vienna
2010    “Opener 19. Los Carpinteros“, The Francês Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York
2010    “Los Carpinteros“, The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College Saratoga Springs, New York
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