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Real Fake Art #01, Roy Lichtenstein, $30.40

Real Fake Art #02, Loretta Lux, $47.30

Real Fake Art #04, Goya, $62.-


Real Fake Art #06, Unknown, $94.50

Real Fake Art #07, Francis Bacon, $101.-

Real Fake Art #08, Leda and the Swan, $92.50



Copy art is a multimillion industry in China, which produces 70 percent of the copies of famous masterpieces and exports 80 percent of them to North America and Europe (a mere 20 percent remain in China). In his "Real Fake Art" series, Michael Wolf portrays the faces behind the recent explosion of this industry in China, uncovering the odd and subtle interplay between capitalism and the Chinese tradition of developing artistic skill by copying the works of master artists. His series explores the effects of mass production (the fastest workers can produce 30 paintings a day) with photographs of the artist or "entrepreneur" in the market environment. Each image conveys the fabric of our new global economy, which democratizes art and enables each and every one of us to own a Hopper.