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Caitlin Cianflone, Kucinich delegate to the Democratic National Convention; student. Greeley, Colorado

Cadet Ryan Boeka, brigade commander, United States Military Academy. West Point, New York

Russ Irwin Porter, director, Harvard School of Public Health and Christian Schlesinger Porter, elementary-school teacher, who were married on May 17th, with their daughter, Nina. Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


Geoffrey Canada, president and C.E.O., Harlem Children’s Zone; author, “Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America”; advocate for issues concerning violence, children, and community redevelopment. New York City

Doris (Granny D) Haddock, ninety-four, a U.S. Senate candidate who attended the Democratic Convention, and who in 1999 made a year-long walk across America to rally support for election reform. Dublin, New Hampshire

Barbara Schwartz, Democratic Convention delegate; member, Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition. Miami, Florida