Colette (Justine)
Solo Exhibitions
  "Another screening of “A Pirate in Venice” a film on Colette,"  The Gershwin Hotel; 7 East 27th Street,  New York, New York, 2013.
  The Gershwin Hotel and Neke Carson are proud to announce the preview of the half hour documentary on Colette, “A Pirate in Venice”.

“Colette’s art, like Warhol’s is bound up with the idea of uninterrupted performance so that her physical presence itself becomes a kind of signature, a trademark.”
— Jonathan Crary for Arts Magazine ‘Colette’s new paintings’ (1983)

The film documents Colette’s presence in Venice for her show “Politically Colette” during the 2011 Biennial. It features the curator Alan Jones author of “The Art Dealers” and the gallerist, Paolo Barozzi who worked closely with Peggy Guggenheim. Also appearing in the film are Emilio Fiorucci, Anthony Hayden-Guest and Jorg Starke of the Lowen Palais, Berlin (where Colette had a private salon during the 90’s).

While in the middle of dismantling her latest residence, since the loss of her legendary atelier, Colette received a call inviting her to exhibit in Venice. She immediately hopped on a plane with a suitcase stuffed with art works and her lightest wardrobe.

“A Pirate in Venice” began as a personal documentation of Colette’s voyage and evolved into a documentary/collage. Edited and filmed by Frederike Schaefer, it is not meant to be a comprehensive documentary on Colette’s work, but a poetic portrait of the artist.

The documentary includes her “apparitions” (spontaneous performances) in Venice, interspersed with selected images and footage of her art throughout her career. Although it does not follow a chronological sequence, it does capture the essence of the artist.

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