Larry Rivers Catalogue
Larry Rivers
Selected Catalogues
Rivers.  IMP. Magazine, Paris. Gallerie Rive Droite. Paris, France, April 10- May 7, .
Paintings of Larry Rivers.  Jane Street Gallery. New York, New York, March 21-April 9, 1949.
Barr, Alfred Hamilton.  Estados Unidos: Pollock: Brooks, Guston, Hartigan: IV Bienal do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo.  International Council of the Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York, 1957.
Rivers: Recent Paintings, Prints and Sculpture.  Profile Press. Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, December 2- January 3, 1958-1959.
Friedman, B. H..  School of New York: Some Younger Artists.  Grove Press. New York, New York, 1959.
Hartigan, Grace.  Hartigan and Rivers with O’Hara.  Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, November 24- December 24, 1959.
Larry Rivers.  Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, November 28- December 31, 1960.
Rivers, Larry.  Drug Store.  1960.
Rivers, Larry.  Rivers: Paris and After, 1961-1962.  Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, December 4- January 5, 1962-1963.
Premio Internacional de Pintura, Instituto Torcuato di Tella.  Museo de Artes Visuales del Instituto Torcuato di Tella. Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 12- September 8, 1963.
Larry Rivers.  Gimple Fils Gallery. London, United Kingdom, April 28- May 30, 1964.
Teneze, Annabelle.  Pop George: Citation et Art Ameìricain: Larry Rivers, Roy Lichtenstein... et George Washington.  Cahiers du Museìe National d'art Moderne. 1964.
Stedelijk Museum,  Amerikaanse Grafiek.  Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam, Netherlands Antilles, September 25- November 2, 1964.
Grosman, Maurice.  From Jewish Poems.  ULAE. Long Island City, New York, 1965.
Galerie Gerald Cramer,  Lithographies d'Artistes Américains: Lee Bontecou, Jim Dine, Fritz Glarner, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers.  Galerie Gerald Cramer. Geneva, Switzerland, 1965.
Larry Rivers.  Clarke & Way. The Rose Art Museum (April 10- May 9, 1965), The Pasadena Art Museum (August 10- September 5, 1965), The Jewish Museum (September 23- October 31), Detroit Institute of Art (November 17-December 26), and Minneapolis Institute of Art (January 20- February 20. 1965-1966.
Towle, Tony.  Lithographs by Contemporary American Artists.  Universal Ltd. Art Editions. New York, New York, June 12- July 17, 1966.
John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art,  Six Artists in Sarasota: Exhibition of Paintings.  The Museum. Sarasota, Florida, February 28-April 17, 1966.
Goode, Joe.  The Current Moment in Art.  San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, April 15, 16, and 17, 1966.
Experiments in Art and Technology,  Leo Castelli: Benefit Show For Experiments in Art and Technology, Inc.  Leo Castelli Gallery. New York, New York, December 6- 10, 1966.
Frank, Susan.  The Artist's Studio in American Painting, 1840-1983: Larry Rivers.  Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1967.
Prints by Five New York Painters: Jim Dine, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, and James Rosenquist.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York, October 18-December 8, 1969.
Russell, John.  Pop Art Redefined.  Praeger. Hayward Gallery. New York, July- August, 1969.
Prints by Four New York Painters: Helen Frankenthaler, Jasper Johns, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman.  Metropolitan Museum of Art: Prints and Drawings Galleries. New York, New York, December 15- February 1, 1969-1970.
Selle, Carol.  Larry Rivers: Drawings, 1949-1969.  Art Institute of Chicago. Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois, March 6- April 19, 1970.
Marlborough Gallery,  Larry Rivers: 1965-1970.  Marlborough Gallery Inc. New York, New York, December- January, 1970-1971.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,  Prints by Nine New York Painters: Jim Dine, Helen Frankenthaler, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, and Jame Rosenquist.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York, February 9- February 28, 1970-1971.
Childs, Charles.  Some American History.  Philipp von Zabern. Institute for the Arts, Rice University. Houston, Texas, February, 1971.
Marlborough Gallery,  Larry Rivers 1970-1973.  Colorcraft. Marlborough Gallery, Inc. New York, New York, March 24- April 14, 1973.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers: From the Coloring Book of Japan.  Marlborough Gallery. December 7- Janurary 4, 1974-1975.
Larry Rivers.  Olympia Galleries. Philadelphia, February, 1975.
Larry Rivers: Works of the 50s and 60s.  Gimpel Fils Gallery. London, October 5-30, 1976.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers, Works of the 70s.  Gimpel Fils. London, June 14- July 30, 1977.
van der Grinten, Hans.  Larry Rivers.  Nijmeegs Museum. Nijmegen, Netherlands Antilles, May 27- July 3, 1978.
Larry Rivers: Golden Oldies.  ACA Galleries. New York, November 11- December 2, 1978.
Loria, Jeffrey H.  Larry Rivers: Golden Oldies.  ACA Galleries. New York, New York, November 11- December 2, 1978.
12 Artistas Internacionales en la Colección del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas.  El Museo. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas. Caracas, November, 1978.
Larry Rivers: Recent Works- Golden Oldies.  Marlborough Gallery Inc. New York, New York, October 12- November 10, 1979.
Rivers, Larry.  Drawings and Digressions.  C.N. Potter. New York, 1979.
Perry Vanderlip, Dianne.  Poets and Painters: Denver Art Museum.  The Museum. Denver, Colorado, November 21- January 13, 1979-1980.
Adams, Lowell.  The Great American Storytellers.  Oklahoma Art Center. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, November 9- January 13, 1979-1980.
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas,  Larry Rivers: Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas.  Caracas, Venezuela, March, 1980.
Albrecht Haenlein, Carl.  Larry Rivers, Retrospektive.  Kestner- Gesellschaft. Hannover, December 19- February 15, 1980.
Haenlein, Carl.  Larry Rivers: Zeichnungen.  Kestner-Gesellschaft. Hannover, December 20- January 25, 1980-1981.
Rosenzweig, Phyllis.  Larry Rivers.  Smithsonian Institution Press. The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Collection: Smithsonian Institution. Washington, Maryland, July 16- September 20, 1981.
Mock, Jean Yves.  Niki de Saint Phalle: Moderna museet.  Moderna museet. Stockholm, Sweden, September 12- October 25, 1981.
Larry Rivers: The Continuing Interest in Abstract Art.  Marlborough Fine Art Ltd/ Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais (France). London, October 16-25/ February 3-27, 1981-1982.
Rivers, Larry.  The Continuing Interest in Abstract Art.  Studio Marconi. Milan, Italy, March- April, 1982.
Livingstone, Marco.  Larry Rivers: Paintings and Drawings.  Expression Printers Ltd.. Edward Totah Gallery. London, United Kingdom, March 24- April 23, 1983.
Harrison, Helen A.  Larry Rivers: Performing for the Family.  Eastern Suffolk Printing Company. Guild Hall Museum. East Hampton, New York, July 23- September 11, 1983.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers, Performing for the Family: An Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Mixed Media Works, Films and Video.  Lowe Art Museum. East Hampton, New York, July 23- September 11, 1983.
Kleeblatt, Norman.  Larry Rivers’ History of Matzah: The Story of the Jews.  The Jewish Museum. New York, New York, 1984.
Harrison, Helen A.  Larry Rivers.  Harper & Row. New York, 1984.
Sundell, Nina.  The Bronx Celebrates: Vito Acconci, Michael Goldberg, Al Held, Alfred Leslie, Larry Rivers, Ann Sperry, George Sugarman.  Lehman College Art Gallery. New York, New York, May 7- June 9, 1985.
Larry Rivers: Recent Works (Relief Paintings).  Becker Graphics Inc.. New York, New York, October 8- November 1, 1986.
Benson, Matthew.  Larry Rivers: Paintings and Drawings.  Heland Thorden Wetterling Galleries. Stockholm, Sweden, April 24 to June 19, 1986.
Recent Works by Avigdor Arikha, Francis Bacon, Fernando Botero, Claudio Bravo, Red Grooms, Alex Katz, R.B. Kitaj, Antonio Lopez- Garcia, Raymond Mason, Larry Rivers, Neil Welliver.  Marlborough Gallery. New York, New York, November 25- January 2, 1987-1988.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers Recent Works: Spoleto Festival.  Gibbes Art Gallery. Charlestown, South Carolina, May 20- June 5, 1988.
Larry Rivers: Recent Relief Paintings.  Stevens/Bandes Graphics. Marlborough Gallery, Inc. New York, New York, December 7- January 7, 1988-1989.
Gowing, Lawrence.  Larry Rivers: Oeuvres Recentes 1984-1990.  Paris La Différence L'Autre Musée. Paris, France, 1990.
Cameron, Dan.  Larry Rivers: Works from the 60s.  Stevens/Bandes Graphics. Marlborough Gallery, Inc. New York, New York, May 3- 21, 1990.
Stones: Larry Rivers and Frank O'Hara.  Sharpco Printing. Tibor De Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, Spring, 1990.
Larry Rivers: Pinturas.  Fandos Galeria de Arte Moderno. November- December, 1990.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers: Recent Work.  Marlborough Fine Art. London, April 27- May 19, 1990.
Larry Rivers: Recent Work.  Marlborough Fine Art. London, United Kingdom, April 27-May 19, 1990.
Koriath, Helen.  Larry Rivers: Bildende Kunst in Besiehung zur Dichtung Frank O’Haras.  P. Lang. Universität Bochum. New York, 1990.
Galleria il Gabbiano,  Realtà e Visione: Giorgio Morandi, Balthus, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, William Bailey, Fernando Botero, Roy Lichtenstein, Piero Guccione.  Galleria il Gabbiano. Rome, Italy, 1990.
Remer, Abby.  Larry Rivers: Public and Private. Educational Guide.  The American Federation of Arts. The Butler Institute of American Art, Norton Gallery of Art, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, and J.B. Speed Art Museum. New York, New York, December 16- February 10, 1990-1991.
Museo de Arte Contemporaìneo de Caracas Sofiìa Imber,  Museo de Arte Contemporaìneo de Caracas Sofiìa Imber: Obras de su Coleccioìn.  The Museum. 1991.
Hunter, Sam.  Larry Rivers: Public and Private.  The Butler Institute of American Art (December 16- February 10, 1991); Norton Gallery of Art (March 10- May 5, 1991); Fort Wayne Museum of Art (June 2-July 28, 1991); Scottsdale Center for the Arts (August 16- October 13, 1991); J.B. Speed Art Museum (Nove. Youngstown, Ohio, 1991-1992.
Larry Rivers: One Man Show.  Art Press. Il Gabbiano Edizioni d’ Arte Roma. Rome, Italy, November 23, 1992.
Schwartz, Constance.  Larry Rivers.  Nassau County Museum of Art. Nassau County Museum of Art. Roslyn Harbor, New York, August 16- November 15, 1992.
Arman,  Estilo y Matéria: Mixografías y Múltiples de Maestros Contemporáneos.  Museo de Arte Moderno. Mexico, February- May, 1992.
Ashbery, John.  Larry Rivers: Art and the Artist.  The William J. Mack Company. Marlborough Gallery, Inc. New York, New York, March 3- 27, 1993.
Rivers, Larry.  Edgar Levy: The Thirties.  Babcock Galleries. New York, New York, March 31- April 24, 1993.
Young, Christopher R.  The Purlonined Image: Flint Institute of Arts.  Flint Institute of Art. Flint, Michigan, March 28- May 9, 1993.
Bonito, Achille Bonito.  Larry Rivers: Opere 1989-1992.  Trentadue. Milan, Italy, February 16- March 27, 1993.
Larry Rivers: Arte y el Artista.  Kenner Printing Company. Galeria Marlborough. Madrid, Spain, December 1- January 15, 1993-1994.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers: The Auction and Other Visions of Slavery.  Marlborough Gallery. New York, 1994.
Schwartz, Constance.  Art After Art.  Roslyn Harbor. Nassau County Museum of Art. New York, New York, September 27- January 2, 1994-1995.
Feinstein, Stephen.  Witness and Legacy: Contemporary Art about the Holocaust.  Lerner Publications Company. Minnesota Museum of American Art. Saint Paul, Minnesota, January 29- May 14, 1995.
National Museum of American Art,  Larry Rivers.  National Museum of American Art. Washington D.C. 1995.
Marlborough Gallery,  Larry Rivers: La Danse.  Marlborough Gallery. New York, April 5- 29, 1995.
Phillips, Lisa.  Beat Culture and the New America, 1950-1965.  The Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, 1995.
Hunter, Sam.  The Popular Image: Pop Art in America.  Marisa del Re Gallery and O'Hara Gallery. New York, New York, 1995.
Fernando Botero, Claudio Bravo, Larry Rivers, Manolo Valdes.  A.M.S. Marlborough. Galeria Marlborough. Santiago de Chile, November, 1995.
Stagno, Ana Maria.  Three Continents: Botero, Bravo, Rivers, and Valdes.  Marlborough: La Galería de Arte. Santiago, Chile, 1995.
Barros, Gabriel.  Art in Embassies: Santiago de Chile.  Santiago, Chile, 1995.
Sala de las Alhajas,  Colleccion MACCSI: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofia Imber.  Caja de Madrid. Madrid, September - December, 1996.
Larry Rivers: Recent Work.  Eastern Press, Inc.. Marlborough Gallery, Inc. New York, New York, October 29- November 29, 1997.
Cowart, Jack.  Proof Positive: Forty Years of Contemporary American Printmaking at ULAE, 1957-1997.  Corcoran Gallery of Art. Universal Limited Art Editions. Washington, 1997.
Bonito, Virginia Anne.  Get Real: Contemporary American Realism from the Seavest Collection.  Duke University Museum of Art. Durham, North Carolina, April 4- June 6, 1997.
The Rio Grande Project: A River Thirsting for Itself.  The College of Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 20- August 16, 1997.
Musée National d'art Moderne,  De Klein à Warhol: face-à-face.  Musée d'art Moderne et d'art Contemporain. Nice, France, November 14- March 16, 1997-1998.
Umland, Anne.  Pop Art: Selections from the Museum of Modern Art.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York, 1998.
Larry Rivers: Fashion Show.  Stevens/Bandes. Marlborough Gallery Inc. New York, New York, November 9- December 4, 1999.
Weitman, Wendy.  Pop Impressions: Europe/USA: Prints and Multiples from the Museum of Modern Art.  Museum of Modern Art. Museum of Modern Art. New York, February 18- May 18, 1999.
In Memory of My Feelings: Frank O’Hara and American Art.  Museum of Contemporary Art. Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California, July 11- November 14, 1999.
Sauquet, Sílvia.  Made in USA, 1940-1970: Between Art and Life.  Fundació "La Caixa". Barcelona, 1999.
Brown, Eric.  Tibor De Nagy Gallery: The First Fifty Years, 1950-2000.  The Studley Press. Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, December 1- January 13, 2000-2001.
Cooperider, Carrie.  The Figure: Another Side of Modernism.  Snug Harbor Cultural Center. New House Center for Contemporary Art. Staten Island, New York, June 4- January 14, 2000-2001.
Pradel, Jean-Louis.  La Figuration Narrative.  La Seyne-sur-Mer. Paris, France, September 8- October 29; January 19- March 10, 2000-2001.
Larry Rivers: Monte Carlo. Fashion Show 2001.  Marlborough Monaco. Monte Carlo, May 10- June 23, 2001.
Gibson, Robin.  Painting the Century: 101 Portrait Masters of 1900-2000.  Watson-Guptill. National Portrait Gallery. New York, 2001.
Cheekwood Museum of Art,  Cheekwood Museum of Art Collection Catalog: Larry Rivers.  Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. Nashville, Tennessee, 2001, 72-73. 
Kennison, Donald.  Pop Art: The John and Kimiko Powers Collection.  Gagosian Gallery. New York, New York, April 20- June 30, 2001.
Joseph, Pamela.  Pamela Joseph Presents the Sideshow of the Absurd.  Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Colorado, 2001.
Rivers, Larry.  Larry Rivers: Art and the Artist.  Little Brown and Co.. Corcoran and Gallery of Art. Boston, Massachusetts, 2002.
Miller, Dana.  New York Renaissance: From the Whitney Museum of American Art.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, March 21- September 15, 2002.
Robinson, Julia.  Assemblage.  Zwirner & Wirth. New York, New York, November 11- January 31, 2003-2004.
Swann Galleries,  Contemporary Art.  Swann Galleries. New York. New York, New York, 2004.
Larry Rivers: One Man Show.  Il Gabbiano Edizioni d’ Arte Roma. Rome, Italy, May 5, 2005.
Cecil, Janis Gardner.  Larry Rivers: Paintings and Drawings: 1951-2001.  Stevens/Bandes. Marlborough Gallery Inc. New York, New York, May 3- June 4, 2005.
Barbara Fendrick Catalogue of Work of Art on Paper.  Joshua Heller Rare Books Inc.. Washington, 2005.
Canal, Virginie.  Jean Tinguely: Le Cyclop.  Centre National des arts Plastiques. Paris, France, 2007.
Hespel, Florence.  Quadrum: International Magazine of Modern Art (1956-1966).  Snoeck Publishers. Paris, France, 2007.
Symmes, Marilyn F.  Pop Art and After: Prints + Popular Culture.  Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum. New Brunswick, New Jersey, September 2- December 14, 2008.
Roman Deppner, Martin.  The Hidden Trace: Jewish Paths through Modernity.  Felix-Nussbaum-Haus Osnabruk. Osnabruck, Germany, December 7- April 19, 2008-2009.
Katz, Vincent.  Larry Rivers: 1950s-1960s.  Shapco Printing, Inc. Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, May 28- July 31, 2009.
Harrison, Helen A.  Larry Rivers: Major Early Works.  Guild Hall Museum. East Hampton, New York, August 9- October 19, 2009.
Works on Paper.  Marlborough Gallery. New York, New York, October 21- December 31, 2009.
Schob, Bettina.  Meisterblatter aus dem 20. Jahrhundert.  Galerie Michael Haas. Berlin, Germany, January, 2010.
Yau, John.  Larry Rivers: Later Work.  Tibor de Nagy Gallery. New York, New York, April 26-June 15, 2012.
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