Charles Ginnever Catalogue
Charles Ginnever
Selected Catalogues
Alloway, Lawrence and Kaprow, Adam. Foreword by Martha Jackson.  New Forms—New Media I.  New York: Martha Jackson Gallery, 1960. Photographs by Rudolph Burchkardt. .
Storm King Art Center,  Charles Ginnever.  Mountainville, NY: Storm King Art Center, 1980. Photography by Harold Feinstein. .
Fisher, Joel.  The Success of Failure.  New York: Independent Curators, 1987. Illus.: Sound Score. 1962.
Andersen, Wayne and O'Doherty, Brian.  Art '65.  Flushing, NY: American Express Pavilion, New York World's Fair. 1965.
Bryant, Edward.  10 Downtown.  Hamilton, NY: Pucker Gallery, Charles A. Dana Creative Arts Center, Colgate University, 1968. Illus.: Untitled. 1966.
Brown, J. Carter. Preface to.  Sculpture at Storm King.  Mountainville, NY: Storm King Art Center, 1980. Photography by David Finn. Illus.: "Fayette" (for Charles and Medgar Evers), 1971; Untitled. 1971.
Anderson, Lydia; Moss, Jacqueline; and Rubin, Ida E. (Ed.).  Sculpture 76.  Greenwich, CT: Greenwich Arts Council, 1976. Illus.: Daedalus. 1975.
Katsive, David H.  Mark di Suvero, Charles Ginnever, John Henry, Linda Howard, Lyman Kipp, Frank McGuire, Jerry Peart.  Hempstead, NY: Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, 1979. Illus.: Icarus. 1975.
Sculpture Now,  Charles Ginnever: 20 Years—20 Works.  New York: Sculpture Now, Inc.. 1975.
Fine Arts in the Federal Buildings.  New Orleans, LA: New Orleans Museum of Art. 1976.
Hinson, Tom E., and Lockhart, Anne I.  Sculpture Outside in Cleveland.  Cleveland, OH: New Organization for the Visual Arts (NOVA), 1981. Illus.: Olympus, 1976; Dansa, 1981; Wakandhi. 1976.
Hobbs, Robert.  Cornell Then, Sculpture Now.  Ithaca, NY: Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University; New York: Sculpture Now, Inc., 1977. Illus.: Troika. 1976.
Taylor, Joshua C.  Across the Nation, Fine Art for Federal Buildings, 1972-1979.  Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1980. Illus.: Maquette for Protagoras. 1976.
Shapiro, David.  Drawings for Outdoor Sculpture 1946-1977.  New York: John Weber Gallery. 1977.
Squiers, Carol.  Sculpture Yesterday/Today.  New York: Sculpture Now, Inc., 1977. Illus.: Ithaca, 1959; Dante's Rig, 1964; Three Steel Plates . 1977.
Nierengarten-Smith, Beej. Introduction to.  Laumeier Sculpture Park: First Decade, 1976-1986.  St. Louis: Laumeier Sculpture Park, 1986. Illus.: Crete. 1978.
Waller, Bret.  Daedalus.  Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Museum of Art. 1978.
Goldeen, Dorothy.  American Eight.  Parsippany, NJ: Corporate Headquarters, Interpace Corporation; Ashland, OH: Ashland College, 1980. Illus.: Nautilus, 1976; Gallop-A-Pace. 1979.
Sandler, Irving.  The Prospect Mountain Sculpture Show, An Homage to David Smith.  Lake George, NY: Lake George Arts Project, Inc.. 1979.
Meyer, Ruth K.  Quintessence.  Dayton, OH: City Beautiful Council, 1980. Illus.: Movin' Out (for Jesse Owens). 1980.
McCormick, Thomas.  Chicago Sculpture International: Mile 2.  Chicago: Chicago International Sculpture Exhibition, 1983. Illus.: Crab. 1982.
Parente, Janice and Stigliano, Phyliss.  Sculpture: The Tradition in Steel.  Roslyn, NY: Nassau County Museum of Fine Art, 1983. Illus.: Heavy Metal. 1983.
Ratcliff, Carter.  Charles Ginnever: Larger-Scale Sculpture.  New York: Marlborough Gallery. 1983.
_____.,  The Success of Failure.  New York: Diane Brown Gallery. 1984.
Angel, Brian. Foreword to.  ICAF/LA86: The International Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles.  Los Angeles: ICAF/LA86 and Andry Montgomery California Inc.. 1986.
FitzGibbons, Ann.  Sculpture: Looking into Three Dimensions.  Anchorage, AK: Anchorage Museum of History and Art, 1987. Illus.: Untitled. 1986.
Cohen, Ronny H.  Charles Ginnever.  San Francisco: Anne Kohs & Associates, Inc.. 1987.
Emmerich, Andre.  Sculpture Out of Doors.  New York: Andre Emmerich Gallery, 1989. Illus.: Satellite (for Ronald Bladen). 1987.
Chicago International Art Exposition, 1990.  Chicago: Chicago International Art Exposition, 1990. Illus.: Les Funambules. 1988.
Denton, Monroe.  No Man's Land.  New York: Socrates Sculpture Park, 1991. Illus.: Knossos. 1990.
Socrates Sculpture Park,  No Man's Land.  New York: Socrates Sculpture Park. 1990.
Maggini, Mary.  Ginnever.  Woodside, CA: Runnymede Sculpture Farm, 1993. Illus.: Python, 1980; Didymous, 1987; Ibis, 1987; Kitsune, 1988; Zeus II. 1992.
Collischan, Judy.  Neuberger Museum of Art 1997 Biennial Exhibition of Public Art.  Purchase, NY: Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase. 1997.
Friedman, Nathaniel, and Singer, Clifford.  Art & Mathematics 2000.  New York: The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art. 2000.
Nixon, Bruce.  Charles Ginnever: Rashomon.  Stanford, CA: The Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University. 2000.
Nathanson, Carol A.  With a View Toward the Public: Dayton's Alternative Spaces Residence Program, 1977-1983.  Dayton, OH: Wright State University Art Galleries. 2002.
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