Frank Horvat Catalogue
Frank Horvat
Selected Articles
Caujolle, Christian.  "Frank Horvat,"  1989.
Roegiers, Patrick.  "Frank Horvat à l'espace photographique de Paris,"  Le Monde,  April 25, 1989.
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Horvat, Frank.  "Photography is the art of not pressing the button,"  1990.
Phillips, Ian.  "Fashion: A Revolutionary of Realism,"  The Independent,  September 17, 1995.
"On View - Very Similar, a homage to feminine beauty through the ages by Frank Horvat, is now on show in London,"  The British Journal of Photography,  no. 7250, 1999. p. 24. 
Loke, Margarett.  "Indian Women, Revered and Reviled,"  The New York Times,  July 6, 2001.
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Loke, Margarett.  "Wonders of Daily Life in Millennial Europe,"  The New York Times,  June 7, 2002. p. E35. 
Horvat, Frank.  "Frank Horvat on Henri Cartier-Bresson,"  Cotignac, France,  July, 2003.
Horvat, Frank.  "An Eye at the Fingertips,"  2010.
Hamilton, Peter.  "Seeing Anew,"  artnet Monograph,  June, 2012.
"Frank Horvat: Tirages d'exception en vente sur artnet,"  artnet Magazine,  March 1, 2012.
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