Albert Houthuesen Catalogue
Albert Houthuesen
Selected Catalogues
Recent paintings and drawings by Albert Houthuesen.  Reid Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1961.
Drawings and paintings by Albert Houthuesen.  Reid Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1963.
Albert Houthuesen.  Mercury Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1969.
Nathanson, Richard.  Five twentieth century artists: an exhibition.  Baskett and Day. London, United Kingdom. 1971.
Albert Houthuesen: New Paintings.  Mercury Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1972.
Albert Houthuesen: an exhibition of lithographs.  Park Square Gallery. Leeds, United Kingdom. 1976.
Albert Houthuesen: an exhibition of paintings & lithographs.  P. & D. Colnaghi & Co. London, United Kingdom. 1976.
Rothenstein, John.  An exhibition of paintings and lithographs by Albert Houthuesen.  Pitcairn Galleries. Knutsford, United Kingdom. 1977.
Raffles, Gillian, intro.  Albert Houthuesen: 30 paintings and drawings.  Mercury Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1977.
Albert Houthuesen.  Fine Art Society. London, United Kingdom. 1978.
Houthuesen, Catherine.  A memorial exhibition of paintings and drawings by Albert Houthuesen, 1903-1979.  South London Art Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1981.
Steel, Peter K., intro.  Paintings & drawings by Albert Houthuesen.  Goldsmiths' College Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 1981.
Albert Houthuesen, 1903-1979: paintings and drawings.  Pallant House Gallery. Chichester, United Kingdom. 1989.
Albert Houthuesen, 1903-1979: an artist in Wales: paintings and drawings from the 1930s.  National Museums & Galleries of Wales. Penarth, United Kingdom. 1997.
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