McDermott & McGough Catalogue
McDermott & McGough
Group Exhibitions
Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. 
Anni Ottanta, International Exhibition, Bologna, Italy. 
Rudolf Zwirner Gallery. Cologne, Germany. 
"The Chi-Chi Show," Massimo Audiello Gallery. New York, New York. 
"The Burning Brush," Mario Diacono Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. 
"What It Is," Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. September 13-October 12, 1986. 
Loughelton Gallery. New York, New York. 
Mario Diacono Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. 
Pat Hearn Gallery. New York, New York. 
Cortez, Diego, curator.  "Collection Peter Brams," Fred L. Emerson Gallery, Hamilton College. Clinton, New York. December 12, 1986-January 25, 1987. 
Lamont Gallery, Phillips Exeter Academy. Exeter, New Hampshire. February 13-March 16 1987. 
"Of Ever-Ever Land I Speak," Stux Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Biennial," Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 
"The Binational," Institute of Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. September 23-November 27, 1988. 
Städtische Kunsthalle, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen. Düsseldorf, Germany. December 10, 1988-January 22, 1989. 
"Prospect Photographie," Frankfurter Kunstverein. Frankfurt, Germany. October 13-November 26, 1989. 
"Prospect Photographie," PPS Galérie F.C. Gundlach. Hambourg, Germany. 
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts.
The National Gallery of Greece. Athens, Greece.
The Art Museum of the Atheneum. Helsinki, Finland.
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Tel Aviv, Israel.
The National Museum of Poland. Warsaw, Poland. 
"L'invention d'un Art," Centre Georges Pompidou. Paris, France. October 12-January 1, 1990. 
"Group Show," Galleria Seno. Milan, Italy. 
"Art That Happens to be Photography," Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. 
"Summer Group Exhibition," Sperone Westwater. New York, New York. Summer 1990. 
"The Garden," A.D. Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Improvisazione," Prima Galleria. Trento, Italy. 
"The Charade of Mastery: Deciphering Modernism in Contemporary Art," Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. October 31, 1990-January 11, 1991. 
"Team Spirit," Organized and circulated by Independent Curators Incorporated. New York, New York. 
Neuberger Museum, State University of New York at Purchase. Purchase, New York. October 14, 1990-January 6, 1991.
Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art. Cleveland, Ohio. February 1-March 29, 1991.
Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. May 25-July 28, 1991.
The Art Museum at Florida International University. Miami, Florida. September 13-October 11, 1991.
Spirit Center for the Arts. Charlotte, North Carolina. March 6-May 3, 1992.
Davenport Art Museum. Davenport, Iowa. June 7-July 26, 1992.
Laumeier Sculpture Park. St. Louis, Missouri. August 29-October 24, 1992. 
"Biennial," Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 
"Framed," Stephen Wirtz Gallery. San Francisco, California. 
"In a Dream," Robert Miller Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Rope," Fernando Alcolea Gallery. Barcelona, Spain. 
"Photography from 1980 to 1990," Ginny Williams Gallery. Denver, Colorado. 
"Photography 1980 to 1990," Tavelli Gallery. Aspen, Colorado. 
"Consorts," Pence Gallery. Santa Monica, California. 
"Art About Art," Galérie Urbi et Orbi. Paris, France. 
"Portraits on Paper," Robert Miller Gallery. New York, New York. June 25-August 2, 1991. 
"Junge amerikanische und deutsche malerei," Galérie Schulze. Cologne, Germany. 
"The Golden Age," Kunstverein Stuttgart. Stuttgart, Germany. 
"A Passion for Art, Watercolors and Works on Paper," Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. December 7, 1991-January 25, 1992. 
"Outspoken & Handcrafted: Art by Eric Avery, Ann Krauss, McDermott & McGough and Faith Ringgold," Henry & Louis Foster Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. 
"Pierre et Gilles, McDermott & McGough, Robert Mapplethorpe," Salle des Fêtes, 25e Rencontres Internationales de Photographie. Arles, France. 
"An American Century of Photography," The Hallmark Photographic Collection, Hallmark Cards. Kansas City, Kansas. 
Touring Exhibition. 
"Biennial," Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 
"The Tibetan Show," Robert Miller Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Contemporary Still Life," James Graham & Sons Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Donald Baechler, Guillermo Kuitca, MacDermott & MacGough, Alexis Rockman, Ray Smith," Galerie Vidal-Saint Phalle. Paris, France. 
Weiermair, Peter, curator.  "Prospect '96," Frankfurter Kunstverein. Frankfurt, Germany. March 9-May 12, 1996. 
Galérie Torch. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
"Photogravure - A Survey: 1903-1996," Marlborough Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Double Vie, Double Vue," Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain. Paris, France. November 1-December 29, 1996. 
January 10-March 16, 1997. 
"Invisibilities," Royal Hibernian Academy. Dublin, Ireland. June-July 1997. 
Galérie de Lege Ruimte. Gent, Belgium. 
"First Glen Dimplex Award Exhibition," Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. April-July 1998. 
"Small Faces," Guy McIntyre. New York, New York. July-August 1998. 
"Confrontations," Triskel Art Centre. Cork, Ireland. August 28-September 30, 1998. 
"Narcisse blesse, Autoportraits contemporains 1970 - 2000," Passage de Retz. Paris, France. June 19-September 2, 2000. 
"Protest and Survive - Demonstration, Demonstration," Whitechapel Art Gallery. London, United Kingdom. September 15-November 12, 2000. 
"Excentriques, Un Manifeste de l'apparence," Boutique le Printemps. Paris, France. September 29-October 21, 2000. 
"Hommage a Harry Lunn," Edwynn Houk Gallery. New York, New York. January 18-March 10, 2001. 
"Between Earth and Heaven – New Classical Movements in the Art of Today," Museum of Modern Art. Ostende, Belgium. February 23-September 2, 2001. 
"Manfred Heiting Collection," Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. April 7-June 24, 2001. 
"Photographies Contemporaines," Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont. Paris, France. February 8-March 14, 2002. 

"Contents," Briggs–Robinson Gallery," New York, New York. May 4-25, 2002. 
Marshall, Richard D, curator.  "Art Downtown," Wall Street. New York, New York. June 14-September 15, 2002. 
"Les Jeux dans l'art du XXeme siecle," Espace Bellevue. Biarritz, France. June 22-October 3, 2002. 
Palais Montezumo. Saragosse, Spain. October 29, 2002-January 6, 2003. 
"Aftokur & Utrymingar," Akureyri Art Museum. Akureyri, Iceland. January 18-March 9, 2003. 
"Face & Cie (Faceties): Carolus Duran et Compagnie," Musée des Beaux Arts de Tourcoing. Tourcoing, France. March 9-June 9, 2003. 
Avgikos, Jan, curator.  "I am the Walrus," Cheim & Read. New York, New York. June 10-August 20, 2004. 
"MOI! Autoportraits du XXe siecle," Musée du Luxembourg. Paris, France. March 31-July 25, 2004. 
Palazzo Strozzi. Florence, Italy. September 15, 2004-January 7, 2005. 
"Happy Birthday!," Galérie Jérôme de Noirmont. Paris, France. November 26, 2004-January 26, 2005. 
"East Village USA," New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. December 9, 2004-March 19, 2005. 
"Chronos: Il tempo nell'arte dall'epoca barocca all'eta contemporanea," Il Filatoio. Caraglio (Cuneo), Italy. May 28-October 9, 2005. 
"Less is More/More is Less," Weinstein Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. January 20-March 4, 2006. 
"The name of the show is not gay art now," Paul Kasmin Gallery. New York, New York. June 8-August 14, 2006. 
"A Brighter Day," James Cohan. New York, New York. June 9-July 14, 2006. 
"FIAC 2006: Signes et prodiges," Galérie Jérôme de Noirmont, Grand Palais. Paris, France. October 26-30, 2006. 
"Cinema," Galérie Jérôme de Noirmont. Paris, France. May 23-July 21, 2007. 
"Warhol Portrayed," Centro Cultural y de Arte 'La Casa Encendida'. Madrid, Spain. 
"I Am As You Will Be: The Skeleton in Art," Cheim & Read. New York, New York. September 20-November 3, 2007. 
"I Won't Grow Up," Cheim & Read. New York, New York. June 26-August 29, 2008. 
Dennison, Lisa, curator.  "Wall Rockets: Contemporary Artists and Ed Ruscha," The FLAG Art Foundation. New York, New York. October 3, 2008 - April 18, 2009. 
Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Buffalo, New York. July 24-October 25, 2009. 
"The Old, Weird America: Folk Themes in Contemporary Art," Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. May 10-July 20, 2008. 
Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota. August 23, 2008-January 4, 2009.
DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. Lincoln, Massachusetts. June 6, 2009-September 7, 2009.
Frye Art Museum. Seattle, Washington. October 3, 2009-January 3, 2010. 
"Influence Pop," Galérie Jérôme De Noirmont. Paris, France. February 6-March 28, 2009. 
"Vraoum! Tresors De La Bande Dessinee Et Art Contemporain, La Maison Rouge," Fondation Antoine De Galbert. Paris, France. May 28-September 27, 2009. 
"Traces: Imma Limited Editions," Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. September 26, 2009-January 3, 2010. 
"Look Again," Marlborough Chelsea. New York, New York. January 13-February 13, 2010. 
"C'est La Vie! Vanités De Caravage À Damien Hirst," Musee Maillol. Paris, France. February 3-June 28, 2010. 
Schnabel, Vito, curator.  "Brucennial 2010: Miseducation," The Bruce High Quality Foundation. New York, New York. February 25-May 30, 2010. 
"The 80s Revisited: The Bischofberger Collection," Kunsthalle Bielefeld. Bielefeld, Germany. March 21-June 20, 2010. 
"Detroit," Kunsthalle Wien. Vienna, Austria. April 28-May 31, 2010. 
"Beyond The Figure: Abstract Sculpture In The Norton Museum Collection," Norton Museum of Art. West Palm Beach, Florida. June 5-September 5, 2010. 
"A Shaded View On Fashion Film," Centre Pompidou. Paris, France. September 24-26, 2010. 
"Brune/Blonde," La Cinémathèque Française. Paris, France. October 6, 2010-January 16, 2011. 
"Already-Made?," Galérie Jérôme de Noirmont. Paris, France. February 4-March 24, 2011. 
"Creating The New Century: Contemporary Art From The Dicke Collection," The Dayton Art Institute. Dayton, Ohio. March 12-July 10, 2011. 
"Noir Festival," Zagreb, Croatia. May 5-6, 2011. 
"Sentimental Education," Gavlak Gallery. Palm Beach, Florida. November 22, 2011-January 7, 2012. 
"Portraits/Self-Portraits from the 16th to the 21st Century," Sperone Westwater. New York, New York. January 12-February 25, 2012. 

"Portrait of a Generation," The Hole Gallery. New York, New York. June 7-August 10, 2012. 
"L'art d'aimer, de Fragonard à nos jours," Le Palais Lumiere. Evian, France. June 16-September 23, 2012. 
Ardenne, Paul, curator.  "L'histoire est à moi!," Le Printemps de Septembre. Toulouse, France. September 28-October 21, 2012. 
Audiello, Massimo, curator.  "Home is," Ercole Home. New York, New York. 
Eric Firestone Gallery. East Hampton, New York. 
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