Colette (Justine) Catalogue
Colette (Justine)
Selected Articles
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"Long Live Colette!,"  Out with Mary,  February 16, 2010.
Hartman, Rose.  "Rambling Rose: Thank God I'm Still Here,"  Chelsea Now,  February 15, 2010.
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Binlot, Ann.  "Artist Colette Accuses Lady Gaga (and Madonna) of Plagiarism,"  Artinfo,  January 5, 2012.
Nika, Colleen.  "Video: Did Lady Gaga Rip Off French Artist Colette?,"  Rolling Stone,  January 6, 2012.
Avins, Jenni.  "Artist Feels Ripped Off by Lady Gaga's Windows at Barneys,"  New York magazine,  January 4, 2012.
"Colette Accuses Lady Gaga Of Stealing Her Ideas (VIDEO),"  Huffington Post,  January 4, 2012.
Brillson, Leila.  "Occupy Gaga: Artist Camps Out, Vandalizes Department Store Windows,"  Refinery 29,  January 4, 2012.
Grinspan, Izzy.  "Artist Colette Says Gaga's Barneys Windows Copy Her Work,"  Racked,  January 4, 2012.
"artist Collette calls out Lady Gaga for being a rip off,"  Tonette time,  January 6, 2012.
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Steinberg, Claudia.  "Absahnen, wofür andere ihre Seele geben: Colette bezichtigt Lady Gaga des Ideenklaus,"  Kunstzeitung,  Juli 2012, 2012. 5. 
Covello, Linda.  "MOMA features a performance art bamboozle,",  April 11, 2013.
Peyton, Katie.  "Colette Lumière on the return of Victorian Punk, 40 years of “sleep art” and her artistic collaboration with Hurricane Sandy,"  BOMBLOG,  May 2, 2013.
"Notes On Baroque Living - The multiple personalities of Colette Lumiere - Words, Artwork, Photographs by Colette the Artist,"  1814 magazine,  2013.
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AURORAROSEDECROSTA,  "Great Artists Don’t Kiss Ass: A Portrait Of Colette Lumiere,"  LunaLuna,  December 13, 2013.
"IFAC |X| Colette |X| Petrick |X| Shifreen at the Yard,"  The Quiet Lunch,  December 16, 2013.
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