Colette (Justine) Catalogue
Colette (Justine)
Group Exhibitions
Norton Museum of Art. Palm Beach, Florida. 
Includes: 'Persephone's Bedroom'. 
"Third International Open Encounter on Video," Galleria civica d'arte moderna. Ferrara, Italy. May 25-29, 1975. 
"Ideas at the Idea Warehouse," Idea Warehouse. New York, New York. June 16-July 11, 1975. 
"Rooms," P.S.1. Long Island City, New York. June 9-26, 1976. 
Curated by Alanna Heiss. 
"Paris Biennale," Palais de Tokyo, Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris. Paris, France. September 17-November 1,1977. 
Installation / performance: "Let them Eat Cake". 
"Internationaler Kunstmarkt Köln," (Cologne Art Fair). Cologne, Germany. October 26-31, 1977. 
Re-installation: "My Living Environment". 
Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. 
"Justine and Victorian Punks (Introduction/Performance)," P.S.1. Long Island City, New York. 
"Out of the House," Whitney Museum of American Art, Downtown Branch. New York, New York. January 26-March 1, 1978. 
Includes: The Last Stitch. 
"Performance Art Festival Cultureel," Animatiecentrum Beursschouwburg VZW. Brussels, Belgium. October 2-15, 1978. 
"Street Sights," Institute of Contemporary Art. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. May 1-18, 1980. 
"Other Realities - Installations for Performance," Museum of Contemporary Art. Houston, Texas. August 1-September 27, 1981. 
"Persona," The New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. September 19-November 12, 1981. 
Curated by Lynn Gumpert and Ned Rifkin. 
"The 1984 Show," Ronald Feldman Fine Art, Inc. New York, New York. January 26-March 12, 1983. 
"Women of Influence," Amerika Haus. Berlin, Germany. June-July 1984. 
Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy. 
Akademie der Künste. Berlin, Germany. 
"Media Post Media," Scott Hanson Gallery. New York, New York. January 6-February 9, 1988. 
"Das Konstruierte Bild: Fotografie - arrangiert und inszeniert," Kunstverein. Munich, Germany. 
"Love Stories," Dirty Windows Gallery & Haus am Kleistpark. Berlin, Germany. May. Curated by Dirk Sommer. 
Includes: "The Rise & Ruins of the House of Olympia".. 
"Selbstporträts von Fotografinnen," Kunstverein Eislingen. Eislingen, Germany. April 16-May 15, 1994. 
"Model Home Exhibition," (part of 16e Biennale Internationale de Lausanne.) MOMA. Lausanne, Switzerland. June 17-September 3, 1995. 
Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California. 
"New York Art/Fashion," Guggenheim Museum Soho. New York, New York. March 12-June 8, 1997. 
"New Perspectives," Galerie Carol Johnssen. Munich, Germany. 
"CounterPoses: Reconceptualizations of the Tableaux Vivant," organized by DisplayCult. Galerie Oboro. Montreal, Canada. May 7-9, 13-30, 1998. Curated byJim Drobnick and. 
Performance: "Hold On ... I'm On My Way". 
"Re-Duchamp," Goldstrom Gallery. New York, New York. 
"From Rags To Riches," Fondation de la Tapisserie. Tournai, Belgium. April 29-June 25, 2000. 
Curated by Petra Bungert. 
Museum of Contemporary Art. Corpus Christi, Texas. 
PPOW Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Über die Malerei in der Photographie," Galerie Carol Johnssen. Munich, Germany. 
"From the Other Side of the Sky," UNESCO. Paris, France. 
"High Noon," Galerie Carol Johnssen. Munich, Germany. January 30-March 31, 2005. 
"Clothesline: Art, Clothing, Identity," Santa Fe Art Institute. Santa Fe, New Mexico. October 8-November 11, 2005. 
"ART-ROBE: Women artists at the nexus of art and fashion," Organized on the occasion of International Women's Day by the Section for Women and Gender Equality of the Bureau of Strategic Planning of UNESCO. UNESCO. Paris, France. March 7-24, 2005. 
"Face to Face," Galerie Carol Johnssen. Munich, Germany. November 17, 2005-January 28, 2006. 
"Sexhandel," Frauen Museum. Bonn, Germany. June 3-September 3, 2006. 
"The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984," Grey Art Gallery. New York, New York. January 10-April 1, 2006. 
Curated by Carlo McCormick. 
"re.act.feminism," Akademie Der Kunste. Berlin, Germany. December 13, 2008-February 8, 2009. 
"Interior/Exterior: Living in Art," Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg, Germany. November 29, 2008-April 13, 2009. 
Black and White Gallery. New York, New York. December 2008-April 2009. 
"Pose/Expose," IMO Gallery. Copenhagen, Denmark. September 4-October 24, 2009. 
Curated by Kristoffer Akselbo and Toke Lykkeberg. 
"100 Years: A History of Performance Art," Performa 09, MoMA PS1. Long Island City, New York. November 1, 2009-May 3, 2010. 
Curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Kate Macnamara. 
"Indomitable women," 10th Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art. Barcelona, Spain. December 4, 2009-January 7, 2010. 
"Consider The Oyster," James Graham & Sons. New York, New York. September 23-November 3, 2010. 
curated by Ingrid Dinter. 
"Street Art Salon," Dorian Grey Art Gallery. New York, New York. December 10, 2010-February 10, 2011. 
Curated by Michelle Fillou. 
"Basic Instinct," Black and White Project Space. Brooklyn, New York. December 17, 2010-January 23, 2011. Curated by Sas. 
Flanders Gallery. Raleigh, North Carolina. February 4-March 16, 2011. 
"January White Sale," Loretta Howard gallery. New York, New York. January 13-February 12, 2011. Curated Beth Rudin D. 

"The Arrival of Mademoiselle Lumiere," An "apparition" at the Gala Preview and other artworks. The Armory Art Show, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, Booth A21. New York, New York. March 3-6, 2011.

Broomberg, Adam and Oliver Chanarin, curators. "Photomonth in Krakow Festival," Krakow, Poland. May 13-June 12, 2011. 
"Sweet & Savory," Pavel Zoubok Gallery. New York. New York. June 1-24, 2011. 
"Summer Salt," The Proposition Gallery. New York, New York. July 6-August 7, 2011. curated by Ingrid Dinter. 

Levin, Todd curator. "Night Scented Stock," Marianne Boesky Gallery. New York, New York. September 14-October 22, 2011. 
"Remix," Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. October 14-December 4, 2011. 
"Bohemian Nights (short films by artists)," Presented by Dinter Fine Art. Gershwin Hotel. New York, New York. November 9, 2011. 
Curated by Ingrid Dinter and Neke Carson. 
"re.act.feminism #2," Centro Cultural Montehermoso. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. October 7, 2011-January 15, 2012. Curated by Beatr. 
Wyspa Institute for Art. Danzig, Poland. March 23-April 22, 2012.
Galerija Miroslav Kraljević. Zagreb, Croatia. May 5-26, 2012.
Museum of Contemporary Art. Roskilde, Denmark. June 16-August 19, 2012.
Tallinn Art Hall. Tallinn, Estonia. August 27-September 23, 2012.
Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Barcelona, Spanien. November 15, 2012-February 17, 2013
Akademie der Künste. Berlin, Germany. June 21-September 1, 2013. 
"The Quality of Presence," Chelsea Hotel. New York, New York. April 27-29, 2012. Curated by Dmitry Komis. 
Opening reception: Thursday, April 26, 6-9pm. 
"The Von Show; Reward Has Anybody Seen Gaga, Window Installation," March. Curated by Emil Memon. 
"Art Returns to Art," Galleria dell'Accademia Firenze. Firenze, Italy. May - November. 
"Remix, Curated by the Collage Cneter- Samek Art Gallery," Bucknell University. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. October. 
"Bohemian Nights, short films, presented by Nicki Carson," Gershwin Hotel. New York, New York, USA. November. Curated by Ingrid Dinter. 
"Come Closer- Art Around the Bowery 68-89," New Museum. New York, New York, USA. September-January. Curated by Ethan Swan. 
"A Pirate Utopia," Peanut Underground, 215 East 5th Street. New York, New York, USA. May 5 - June 7. 
"Fresh Faces from the Seventies- 'A pirare in Venice' film showing with Anton Perich , and Neke Karson, moderator Marc Miller," Gerswirn Hotel, New York, NY. May. 
"REMIX- travelling exhibition," Kontanah Art Museum, Kontanah, NY. June. 
"Panel arranged by Collage Center & Sachler Center for Women," Brooklyn Museum. October 26. 
Kyoko Sato Ono and Emil Memon,  "Japonism in Contemporary Art," Nippon Club. New York, New York, USA. February 6 - March 6. 
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