Ellen Driscoll Catalogue
Ellen Driscoll
Selected Articles
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New Digital Media conference, Wesleyan University Alumni Magazine,  Spring, 1997. cover+. 
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"Hub's Necklace, Olmstead's Oz,"  The Boston Globe,  July 3, 2000.
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Archis,  January, 2005.
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Adams, Erica.  "Thinking Though Glass,"  This Side Up (The Netherlands),  no. 33, Winter, 2006.
Driscoll, Ellen.  "From the Ground Up,"  AGNI Magazine,  Spring, 2010.
Irish Examiner,  October 1, 2010.
Driscoll, Ellen.  "False Assumptions: How We're Holding Public Art,"  Public Art Review,  Fall/Winter, 2010.
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