Emil Otto Hoppé Catalogue
Emil Otto Hoppé
Selected Books
Maskell, Henry P.  Photography.  Hutchinson & Co. London, United Kingdom. 1911.
Studies from the Russian Ballet.  Fine Art Society. London, United Kingdom. 1913.
King, R.  The Book of Fair Women.  Jonathan Cape. London, United Kingdom. 1922.
Beresford, J D.  Taken from Life.  W. Collins Sons & Co. London, United Kingdom. 1922.
Thorp, Joseph.  Behind the Machine.  Oriel Press. London, United Kingdom. 1922.
Adcock, Arthur St John.  Gods of Modern Grub Street: Impressions of Contemporary Authors.  F.A. Stokes Co. New York, New York. 1923.
In Gipsy Camp and Royal Palace: Wanderings in Rumania.  Charles Scribner's Sons. New York, New York. 1924.
Masterman, Charles F.G., intro.  Picturesque Great Britain.  Wasmuth. Berlin, Germany. 1926.
Ridge, William Pett.  London Types: taken from life.  Methuen. London, United Kingdom. 1926.
Borenius, Tancred.  Forty London Statues and Public Monuments.  Methuen & Co. Ltd. London, United Kingdom. 1926.
Romantic America, Picturesque United States.  B. Westermann Co. New York, New York. 1927.
Sergeant, Elizabeth Shepley.  Fire under the Andes: a group of North American portraits.  Alfred A. Knopf. New York, New York. 1927.
Adcock, Arthur St John.  The Glory that was Grub Street: Impressions of Contemporary Authors.  Sampson, Low, Marston & Co. London, Untied Kingdom. 1928.
Bercovici, Konrad.  The Story of the Gypsies.  J. Cape. London, United Kingdom. 1929.
Bürgel, Bruno H.  Deutsche arbeit.  Ullstein. Berlin, Germany. 1930.
The Fifth Continent.  Simpkin, Marshall. London, United Kingdom. 1931.
Romantik der Kleinstadt.  F. Bruckmann A.G. Munich, Germany. 1932.
Unterwegs: Skizzen.  E. Pollak Verlag. Berlin, Germany. 1932.
London.  Medici Society. London, United Kingdom. Hale, Cushman & Flint. Boston, Massachusetts. 1932.
Round the world with a camera.  Hutchinson. London, United Kingdom. 1934.
Betjeman, John.  Cornwall Illustrated.  Architectural Press. London, United Kingdom. 1934.
The Image of London.  Chatto & Windus. London, United Kingdom. 1935.
Mayo, Katherine.  The Face of Mother India.  Harper & Bros. New York, New York and London, United Kingdom. 1935.
A Camera on Unknown London.  J.M. Dent. London, United Kingdom. 1936.
The London of George VI.  J. M. Dent. London, United Kingdom. 1937.
Beaton, Cecil, intro.  One Hundred Thousand Exposures: The Success of a Photographer.  Focal Press. London, United Kingdom and New York, New York. 1945.
The World’s Peoples and How They Live.  Odhams Press. London, United Kingdom. 1946.
Latham, Lord, foreword; Ian Mackay, intro.  Rural London in pictures.  Odhams Press. London, United Kingdom. 1951.
Blaue Berge von Jamaica.  Safari-Verlag. Berlin, Germany. 1956.
Pirates, Buccaneers and Gentlemen Adventurers.  A.S. Barnes. South Brunswick, United Kingdom. 1972.
Ewing, William A.  Dance and Photography.  H. Holt. New York, New York. 1987.
Howe, Graham and Erika Esau.  E.O. Hoppé's Australia.  W.W. Norton. New York, New York. Curatorial Assistance. Los Angeles, California. 2007.
Prodger, Philip, intro.  E.O. Hoppé's Amerika: modernist photographs from the 1920's.  W.W. Norton. New York, New York and London, United Kingdom. 2007.
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