Brett Weston Catalogue
Brett Weston
Meets Imogen Cunningham and other photographers; Margarethe Mather tells Edward Weston that Brett will be an artist.
Makes first photographs while traveling in Mexico with his father, and subsequently takes up photography in a series way, using his father's 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Graflex camera to take mostly still lifes.

Also meets writers and artists such as Diego Rivera, Jean Charlot, Jose Clemente Oroaco, and David Alfonso Siqueiros while in Mexico.

First exhibition: a group show of the prints by Edward and Brett Weston at University of California (UCLA), curated by Barbara Morgan.
Edward Weston opens Tropico, California portrait studio with Brett as his assistant.
18 works included in exhibition, titled, "Film Und Foto," at the Deutsche Werkbund, along with his father, and other photographers from U.S., Belgium, Germany, France, Holland, Russia and Czechoslovakia.
Solo exhibition at M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco, California in January.

Exhibits at first and only show of Group f-64 at M.H. de Young Museum in December.

Hired by Public Works of Art Project (PWAP). Resigns from Federal Art Project (FAP) in December 1936.
First solo show in New York, at Julian Levy Gallery.
Opens a portrait studio in June with his father in Santa Monica. Edward takes photographs while Brett develops and prints. Clients include James Cagney, Henry Fonda, Gary Cooper, and Igor Stravinsky.
"San Francisco," first portfolio of ten 8 x 10 prints.
Develops 700 negatives made by Edward Weston for special edition of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Edward's trip is cut short by the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the outbreak of World War II.
While in New York, roams the city with large-format cameras (8x10 and 11x14) during off-duty hours.

Establishes important photographic contacts through Nancy Newhall, acting director of photography at The Museum of Modern Art. Also meets Paul Strand, who lends him the use of his darkroom and lenses.

Encouraged to apply for a John Simon Guggenheim fellowship by Rene d'Harnoncourt, head of the Coordination Committee at The Museum of Modern Art.

In April, is notified of the $2,500 Guggenheim Fellowship grant.

Spends weekends and furloughs photographing in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Begins Guggenheim travels along the east coast in March. Photographs continuously for five months, and returns to Santa Monica in August to print Guggenheim works.
Second portfolio, "White Sands," is published, with a foreword by Nancy Newhall.
"New York," portfolio with a foreword by Beaumont Newhall.

Produces a special-edition portfolio, consisting of five photographs each, chosen from the best of his work.

Merle Armitage designs and writes text for Brett's first publication, Brett Weston: Photographs, which contains twenty-eight 8 x 10 reproductions.
Produces "Fifteen Photographs" portfolio.
Produces "Ten Photographs" portfolio consisting of 11 x 14 inch contact prints.
Exhibition at Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas.
Produces "Baja California" portfolio of 15 photographs.
Returns to Europe, as a guest of the German government in a cultural exchange. Exhibits at Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin.

Begins using a small format camera when Rollei Corp provides new SL-66 camera, in exchange for comments and some prints.

Produces "Fifteen Photographs of Japan" portfolio after his first trip to Japan.
Solo exhibition of 150 works held at the Friends of Photography, Carmel, California.

Makes most popular image Canal, Holland, while traveling in Europe in the fall.

Produces "Europe" portfolio.

Awarded $5,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to photograph Alaska.

Celebrates 50 year career in photography.

Produces "Oregon" portfolio with foreword by Bernard Fremesser.

"Fifty Years in Photography," a major traveling exhibition organized by Beaumont Newhall, at the University of New Mexico. Brett Weston: Voyage of the Eye, with an afterword by Beaumont Newhall is published in conjuction with the exhibition.

Produces "Portraits of My Father" portfolio with a foreword by Ansel Adams.
Produces "Alaska" and "Twenty Photographs 1970-1977" portfolios.
Builds a black pool and begins underwater nude series in Carmel Valley.
Produces three portfolios, "Hawaii - Leaves and Lava" with 15 photographs and a foreword by Boon Morrison, and "Abstractions 1 and 2" with 20 photographs each and forewords by Don Ross.

Brett Weston: Photographs from Five Decades is published by Aperture.

Symposium held at Carmel Valley Music Center celebrating Brett's career in photography on July 17.
Awarded "Medal of Honor with a Dark Navy Blue Ribbon" by Emperor of Japan. Receives award at the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco on May 26.

Brett Weston: A Personal Selection is published by Photography West Graphics.

Brett Weston: Master Photography is published by Photography West Graphics.
December 16, major celebration of 80th birthday at Stonepipe Lodge, Carmel Valley, California. Burns small quantities of negatives for publicity; most others destroyed in trash can with water and gasoline.
Hawaii: Fifty Photographs by Brett Weston is published by Photography West Graphics.
The Brett Weston Archive is founded by Christian Keesee in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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