Bryan Hunt Catalogue
Bryan Hunt
Selected Catalogues
Dippel, Rini and Geert van Beijeren.  made by sculptors/door beeldhouwers gemaakt.  Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 1978.
Shearer, Linda.  Young American Artists.  The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. New York, New York. 1978.
Halbreich, Kathy.  Corners: Painterly and Sculptural Work.  Hayden Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1979.
McShine, Kynaston.  Contemporary Sculpture Selections from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. 1979.
1979 Biennial Exhibition.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 1979.
Ratcliff, Carter.  Visionary Images.  Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois. 1979.
Castleman, Riva.  Printed Art: A View of Two Decades.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. 1980.
Davies, Hugh M.  Sculpture on the Wall: Relief Sculpture of the Seventies.  University Gallery, University of Massachusetts. Amherst, Massachusetts. 1980.
Hopkins, Henry T.  20 American Artists.  The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. 1980.
Yassin, Robert. Introduction by Deloris B. Garrett.  Painting and Sculpture Today: 1980.  Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana. 1980.
Carr, Carolyn Kinder. Preface by I. Michael Donoff.  The Image in American Painting & Sculpture: 1950-1980.  Akron Art Museum. Akron, Ohio. 1981.
Cathcart, Linda.  The Americans: The Landscape.  Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. 1981.
Hinson, Tom E.  Contemporary Artists.  The Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland, Ohio. 1981.
1981 Biennial Exhibition.  Whitney Museum of Art. New York, New York. 1981.
Elsen, Albert.  Casting: A Survey of Cast Metal Sculpture in the 80's.  Fuller Goldeen Gallery. San Francisco, California. 1982.
Ferrulli, Helen and Robert A. Yassin.  Painting and Sculpture Today: 1982.  Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana. 1982.
Field, Richard S. and Daniel Rosenfield.  Prints by Contemporary Sculptors.  Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven, Connecticut. 1982.
Kline, Katy.  Great Big Drawings.  Hayden Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1982.
Phillips, Lisa.  Surveying the Seventies: Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.  Whitney Museum of American Art. Fairfield County, Stamford, Connecticut. 1982.
Russell, Laura W. Introduction by Esther de Vecsey.  Variants: Drawings by Contemporary Sculptors.  Sewall Art Gallery, Rice University. Houston, Texas. 1982.
Schimmel, Paul. Essays by Marcia Tucker, Paul Schimmel, Melinda Wortz and Jane Livingston.  SHIFT:LA/NY.  Newport Harbor Art Museum. Newport Beach, California. 1982.
Stearns, Robert.  Dynamix.  The Contemporary Arts Center. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1982.
Gimenez, Carmen.  Tendencias en Nueva York.  Ministerio de Cultura. Madrid, Spain. 1983.
Glenn, Constance W. and Jane K. Blesdoe.  Bryan Hunt: A Decade of Drawings.  The University Art Museum. Long Beach, California. 1983.
Haskell, Barbara.  Bryan Hunt.  Amerika Haus Berlin. Berlin, Germany. 1983.
Klein, R. Michael.  Bronze.  Wave Hill. New York, New York. 1983.
Peltola, Leena.  Arts '83 Helsinki.  The Art Museum of the Ateneum. Helsinki, Finland. 1983.
Phillips, Lisa.  Twentieth Century Sculpture: Process and Presence.  Phillip Morris. Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 1983.
Ratcliff, Carter.  Bryan Hunt. New York, New York: The Glamour of History.  (Essay for Tendencias en Nueva York, Madrid, Spain, 1983.) Blum Helman Gallery. New York, New York. 1983.
Bates, Mary and Susan Moulton.  Works in Bronze: A Modern Survey.  Sonoma State University Art Gallery. Sonoma, California. 1984.
Kuspit, Donald.  Artists Choose Artists III.  CDS Gallery. New York, New York. 1984.
Pulitzer, Emily Rauh.  familiar forms/unfamiliar furniture.  First Street Forum. St. Louis, Missouri. 1984.
Ratcliff, Carter.  Pressures of the Hand: Expressionists Impulses in Recent American Art.  Brainerd Art Gallery. Potsdam, New York. 1984.
Reynolds, Gary.  American Bronze Sculpture 1850 to the Present.  The Newark Museum. Newark, New Jersey. 1984.
Haskell, Barbara.  Bryan Hunt: Skulpturen und Zeichnugen.  Knoedler AG Zürich. Zurich, Switzerland. 1985.
Metzger, Robert, et al.  Second Talent Painters and Sculptors Who Are Also Photographers.  The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Ridgefield, Connecticut. 1985.
Brockhaus, Christoph, Gerhard Graulich, and Renate Heidt.  Bryan Hunt: Skulpturen und Zeichnungen.  Das Museum. Duisburg, Germany. 1987.
Glibota, Ante.  Olympiad of Art.  Olympiad of Art. Seoul, Korea. 1988, pp. 306-7. 
Lubowsky, Susan.  Sculpture Since the Sixties.  The Whitney Musuem of American Art at Equitable Center. New York, New York. 1988.
Pasterk, Dr. Ursula.  Skulpturen Republik.  KunstraumWein. Vienna, Austria. 1988.
Tuchman, Phyllis.  BIGlittle Sculpture.  Williams College Museum of Art. Williamstown, Massachusetts. 1988.
Tuchman, Phyllis.  Falls and Figures.  Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University. Ithaca, New York. 1988.
Borrás, Maria Lluïsa.  Bryan Hunt: Sensuality of the Architectural Space.  Galeria Arteunido. Barcelona, Spain. 1989.
Miller, Nancy.  Figuratively Speaking: Drawings by Seven Artists.  State University of New York at Purchase. Purchase, New York. 1989.
Fergusen, Bruce W., essay.  Four Friends.  The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Ridgefield, Connecticut. 1992.
Scott, Sue.  Bryan Hunt: Early Work: Sculpture and Drawing, 1974-1980.  The Orlando Museum of Art. Orlando, Florida. 1992.
Corrin, Lisa G. and Joaneath Spicer, ed.  Going for Baroque: 18 contemporary artists fascinated with the Baroque and Rococo.  The Contemporary and The Walters. Baltimore, Maryland. 1995.
Bourdon, David.  Bryan Hunt: Unlocking the Mainstream.  Gagosian Gallery. New York, New York. 1995.
Tuchman, Phyllis.  Bryan Hunt Twenty Years.  Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1995.
Sandler, Irving, essay.  Bryan Hunt.  Mary Boone Gallery. New York, New York. 1997.
Scott, Sue.  Eyes Open Wider.  The Edward R. Broida Collection, The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. 1998, p. 13. 
Balken, Debra Bricker.  Bryan Hunt: Sculpture + Drawings.  Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1998.
Kuspit, Donald.  Bryan Hunt: Protean Nature.  Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2002.
Bryan Hunt: Flume.  Danese. New York, New York. 2006.
Lewallen, Constance.  Bryan Hunt: monuments and wonders, 1974-79.  Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2007.
Waschek, Matthias and Camran Mani, eds.  Water.  The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. St. Louis, Missouri. 2007.
Flint, Lucy and Nikki Bruno Clapper, eds.; James F. Dicke II, Janice Driesbach, and Ellie Bronson, texts and essays.  Creating the New Century: Contemporary Art from the Dicke Collection.  The Dayton Art Institute. Dayton, Ohio. 2011.
Bryan Hunt: Recalculating.  Danese. New York, New York. 2012.
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