Anita Thacher Catalogue
Anita Thacher
"Permanent Wave," 3 minutes (film mis-dated), premiered at the Women’s Interart Center, 1974; Anthology Film Archives, 1977, 1988 and 1989; International Experimental Film Congress, Toronto, Canada, 1989; Cinemateque Francaise 2001.
"Manhattan Doorway," 2 minutes, screened at Anthology Film Archives, 1977, 1988 and 1989; Cinemateque Francaise 2001.
"Back Track," 7 minutes, (a collaboration with Dennis Oppenheim,) premiered at “The Information Show” at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1969; The Kitchen, 1979; and Whitney Museum of Art, 2001.
"Mr. Story," 28 minutes, (a collaboration with DeeDee Halleck,) premiered at "What’s Happening," Museum of Modern Art and Donnell Library, 1973. Sinking Creek International Film Celebration Award.
"Homage to Magritte," film, 10 minutes, premiered 1975 at "New Directors/New Films," Museum of Modern Art, New York; at the 13th New York Film Festival and the "New American Filmmakers" series, Whitney Museum, New York, 1975; Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, New York 2003; "Karen Cooper Carte Blanche: 40 Years of Documentary Premieres at Film Forum," at MoMA, New York, New York, 2010; Tribeca Film Festival, Independent Women: 15 Years Of NYWIFT-Funded Film, April 30, 2011; French Minister of Culture Award, Cine Golden Eagle Award.
(Please click on this link to access video.)
"Sea Travels," 11 minutes, premiered 1978 at the 16th New York Film Festival; aired on several local Public Television stations in 1979; Filmex, Los Angeles, 1979 and the Collective for Living Cinema, New York, 1985; The Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center, 1994; Golden Athena, Athens International Film Festival; Paris, France, Fall 2011; San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival award.
"The Breakfast Table," video, 14 minutes, aired on PBS 1980 through 1985, "Night Flight," Cable TV, 1982 invited INPUT '80. (Please click on this link to access video.)
"Loose Corner," film, 10 minutes, premiered 1986 opening night of the 24th New York Film Festival and aired on Independent Focus, Showtime and "Declarations of Independents" on the Learning Channel, 1988; The Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center, 1994; Thomas A. Edison Black Maria Film & Video Festival Award; BACA Film Festival Award; Innumerable screenings. (Please click on this link to access video.)
"One Art," 2 minutes, (director) premiered 1987 at the 25th New York Film Festival, produced by N.Y. Center for Visual History; aired on PBS "Voices and Visions," Elizabeth Bishop, One Art, 1988; Berlin Film Festival, 1990; Curated by filmmakers Ute Aurand and Peter Todd, 2008; Goethe Institute, London, United Kingdom, 2010; Arsenal, Berlin, Germany, 2010; First Prize 5th Annual Suffolk Film & Video Festival.
Museum Documentary: "Laura Gilpin, An Enduring Grace," 28 minutes, directed for the Amon Carter Museum; Flaherty Film Seminar, 1988; Finalist American Film & Video Festival, 1987; and National Geographic, PBS, 1989. (Director)
Museum Documentary: "Painted Earth, the Art of the Mimbres Indians," 16 minutes, produced and directed, commissioned by "The Program for Art on Film" of the Metropolitan and Getty Museums; American Film Festival, 1990; The National Gallery, 1990.
"To The Top," film, 7 minutes, premiered at the 28th New York Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives. San Francisco Art Institute International Film & Video Festival Award; Sinking Creek Film Celebration Award. (Please click on this link to access video.)
"Docking at X," 7 minutes, silent, screened with live concert performances in Europe and included in US Express, a history of American video, 2004; Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, January/February 2006; Mala Stanica, the National Multi-media Art Gallery of the National Ministry of Culture, Skopje, Macedonia, April 19, May 17, 2006; American Center, Rangoon, Burma, June 13, 2006; Center for Contemporary Public Arts Elementi, Bitola, Macedonia, December 2006.
"Houses and Gardens," (work in progress), silent film, screened with live concert performance at Sedgwick Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fall.
"Lost / In Memoriam," color film, 7 minutes. Tribeca Film Festival, New York, 2007; 11th MadCat Film Festival, San Francisco, 2007; Laboratorio Immagine Donna/Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Donne, Florence, Italy, 2007; 26th FIFA Festival International du Film Sur L'Art, Montreal, 2008; Film Forum, New York, 2008; Houston Public TV KUHT, September 2011; (Please click on this link to access video.)
Video play set: "The Ludicrous Trial of Mr. P," Here Theater. New York, New York.
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CUT, black & white, 7 minutes.
CHASE, color, 9 minutes.
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