Rudy Ernst Catalogue
Rudy Ernst
Born in Winterthur, Switzerland, and grew up in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Studied painting with two well-reputed local artists: Arnold Oechslin and Werner Schaad.
PhD in Economics from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Studied and interpreted Old Masters and Impressionist Painters on canvas, Zurich, Switzerland.
Studied with Michael Irmer in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Studied the integration of personal art into digital techniques of Video Toaster, SGI 3-D modeling, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro with Bill Shepard (J. Walter Thompson), Rudi Ernst Jr. (Director, ABC New Media Center) and Ryan Servant (Air-Sea-Land Production Studios).
Studied Etching and Monoprint Techniques at the State University of New York.
Midtown Arts District's Association Grant, New York, New York

Currently lives and works in New York City and in southwestern Virginia.

Included in the following collections:
City of New York, New York, New York
Dr. Arman Roksar, New York, NY
Drs. Marika and Thomas Herskovic, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Israel Government Coins & Medals Corp. Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel
Kodak Corporate Collection, Rochester, New York
Musee de Begles, Bordeaux, France
Piedmont Art Museum, Martinsville, Virginia
QCC Art Gallery/Museum, Queens, New York
Zuercher Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland