John Baeder Catalogue
John Baeder
Selected Articles
"Street Signs as Folk Art,"  Print Magazine,  January, 1971.
English, John.  "He Paints Pictures of Postcards,"  The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine,  November 11, 1973.
Gruen, John.  "On Art,"  SoHo Weeklv News,  December 12, 1974.
Lubell, Ellen.  "Review,"  Arts Magazine,  September, 1976.
Perreault, John.  "Animal Art,"  SoHo Weekly News,  May 27, 1976.
Burnett, Clyde.  "Contemporary Art on View,"  Atlanta Journal,  April 29, 1976.
Marvel, Bill.  "On Reading the American Cityscape,"  National Observer,  April 24, 1976.
Ryan, Barbara.  "Magic Chef Restaurant Gets High Marks As Painting; Biscuits Aren't Bad Either,"  Sunday Denver Post,  April 4, 1976.
Kramer, Hilton.  "National Life Seen in Art,"  New York Times,  March, 1976.
Huxtable, Ada Louise.  "The Pop World of the Strip and the Sprawl,"  New York Times,  March 21, 1976.
de Vinck, Catherine.  "Of Thee I Sing,"  New York Times,  February 7, 1976.
Lohr, Steve.  "Final Tribute; Diner: Last Exit,"  New Times Magazine,  April 29, 1977.
"America's Curbside Classics,"  Signature,  November, 1978.
"City Lights,"  Nightfall,  September, 1978.
"Diners: An Artists View,"  Fast Service,  August, 1978.
Gardner, Paul.  "Richard Baker's Amazing Mini-Museum,"  Art News,  January, 1978.
Thomas, Phil.  "Artist's never fed up with Diners,"  Sunday Record,  December 31, 1978.
Marlin, William.  "The Old Diner's Spirit Painted For Posterity,"  Christian Science Monitor,  December 29, 1978.
Ferretti, Fred.  "If Only They Served Corned-Beef Hash,"  New York Times,  December 3, 1978.
Thomas, Phil.  "Artist Baeder's Obsession: Immortalizing the Diner,"  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  November 14, 1978.
Perreault, John.  "Diners Are Forever,"  SoHo Weekly News,  September 14, 1978.
Moose, Talmadge.  "Artist Shares His Passion For 'Diners',"  Charlotte Observer,  September 10, 1978.
Frammolino, Ralph.  "Diners Make A Last Stand in America's Heartland,"  Chicago Tribune,  September 7, 1978.
Nadel, Norman.  "'Diner' Artist Pays Homage To Quick Lunch Temples,"  Ann Arbor News,  August 27, 1978.
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Russell, John.  "Design Notebook,"  New York Times,  July 6, 1978.
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Sawtelle, Mark C.  "Diner,"  Historic Preservation Magazine,  September-October, 1979.
"Streamliners,"  International Review of Food & Wine,  May, 1979.
"John Baeder's Diners,"  View Magazine,  Spring/Summer, 1979.
Weinstein, Bob.  "His Thing is Diners - By the Hundreds,"  American Collector,  January, 1979.
Hendrickson, Paul.  "Diner Dreams,"  Washington Post,  September 5, 1979.
Owens, Gwendolyn.  "Exhibit immortalizes roadside diner,"  The Transcript,  August 1, 1979.
Goldstein, Marilyn.  "Anything but a Greasy Spoon,"  Sunday Newsday,  May 20, 1979.
Beaver, Jennifer.  "He 'canvases' New Jersey diners,"  Herald News,  March 2, 1979.
English, John.  "The Majestic Inspired an Art Book,"  Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine,  February 18, 1979.
Barbara, Philip.  "The Regulars take over the wee small hours at New Jersey diners,"  Nation's Restaurant News,  January 22, 1979.
Donker, Peter P.  "School of Realism Runs to (Top) of Class at Danforth,"  Sunday Telegram,  May 25, 1980.
Canaday, John.  "Painters Who Put The Real World In Sharp Focus,"  Smithsonian Magazine,  October, 1981.
Schwarze, Michael.  "Speisewagen Im Stilistand,"  Frankfurter Allegemeine Magazin,  July 17, 1981.
Stevens, Elisabeth.  "Reality through contemporary artist's eyes,"  Baltimore Sun,  October 25, 1981.
"The Great American Motel,"  Review,  August, 1982.
"The Great American Motel,"  American Heritage,  June-July, 1982.
Helender, Bruce.  "Chapter One,"  Art Express,  May-June, 1982.
Perreault, John.  "Realisms,"  Art Express,  March-April, 1982. pp. 34-38. 
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Shirey, David L.  "Art Sampler,"  New York Times,  May 16, 1982.
"The Great American Motel,"  Readers Digest,  May, 1983.
"Playboy Potpourri,"  Playboy,  April, 1983.
"Picks & Pans,"  People Magazine,  April 4, 1983.
Hieronymus, Clara.  "Gas, Food, and Lodging John Baeder Nostalgia,"  The Tennesseean,  December 5, 1983.
Bartholomew, Caroline.  "Diners-They Give Norishment To An Artist,"  Nashville Banner,  November 18, 1983.
Hanson, Bernard.  "Handsome Watercolors at U of H's Joseloff Gallery,"  Hartford Courant,  November 13, 1983.
Raynor, Vivien.  "Plainfield Gallery: Big Strides in a Short Career,"  New York Times,  January 23, 1983.
Pousner, Howard.  "Roadside Rambler,"  Atlanta Journal,  January 11, 1983.
Bookman, Julie.  "LV: Something to write home about,"  Las Vegas Sun,  January 9, 1983.
"This Summer, Get the Picture,"  Forbes,  July, 1984.
Katner, Janet.  "Seeing America,"  Dallas Morning News,  July 4, 1984.
"Artist John Baeder Appreciates Diners,"  The Tennessean,  July 22, 1984.
Eliasoph, Philip.  "America on wheels,"  Southern Connecticut News,  April 8, 1984.
Walker, Tom.  "The Ways and Means of Route 17 - Exploring a Mainstream of Society,"  Sunday Record,  February 26, 1984.
Schwan, Gary.  "Is What You See All You Get From Illusionist Art?,"  The Post,  February 26, 1984.
Kohen, Helen.  "Making Art on a Big Scale,"  Miami Herald,  February 19, 1984.
Donnelly, Shannon.  "Baubles & Bangles Make for 'OK' Week-Artists by O.K. Harris Exhibition Opens at Helander/Rubenstein Gallery,"  Palm Beach Daily News,  February 19, 1984.
"Big Boy Bop,"  Life Magazine,  December, 1986. p. 32. 
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Marger, Mary Ann.  "Two shows define Tampa and its image,"  St Petersburg Times,  May 8, 1987. p. 2D. 
Marturello, Michael.  "Never mind all the hoopla, diner operators' goal is to keep the restaurant thriving,"  Angola News Gazette,  April 15, 1988.
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"America's Top 100 Collectors,"  Art & Antiques,  March, 1988. p. 67. 
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Hails, Doris Vlasek.  "Native and nascent artists,"  Indianapolis New Times,  February, 1988. p. 16. 
Hieronymus, Clara.  "John Baeder's photographs give viewers a 'second look,"  The Tennessean,  November 28, 1988. p. 6F. 
Cunningham, Anne.  "Art World: Artistic seeds sprout well from Indiana soil,"  The Indianapolis Star,  January 31, 1988. p. E12. 
Garmel, Marion.  "Artists: No longer need to leave to make a mark,"  The Indianapolis News,  January 14, 1988. pp. CI, 5. 
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"Fast Food,"  American Heritage,  April, 1989. p. 75. 
"Quantum Cuisine,"  The Sciences,  March-April, 1989. p. 17. 
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"Scene Out,"  Nashville Scene,  October 11, 1990. p. 11. 
Schweid, Richard.  "Baeder paints us back to the Bar-B-Q,"  The Tennessean,  October 5, 1990. p. DI. 
"Contemporary art on display at galleries,"  The Tennessean,  January 24, 1990.
King, Wayne.  "It's the Last Call At Rosie's Diner, And on the Road,"  The New York Times,  January 12, 1990. p. BI. 
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Sanders, Linda.  "Plain Or De-Luxe,"  Nostalgia,  March, 1991. p. 26. 
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"8 Days A Week,"  Nashville Scene,  May 27, 1993. p. 47. 
Bostick, Alan.  "What looks good; Nashville's John Baeder serves scrumptious art,"  The Tennessean Showcase,  May 23, 1993.
"Disney Slips Modern a Mickey,"  Roadside,  Spring, 1994. p. 8. 
Miller, Victor.  "History, Painting Come Alive As Artist, Subject Cross Paths,"  Chattanooga Free Press,  April 24, 1994.
Miller, Victor.  "Her Diner's On Canvas, But Where's Mozella?,"  Chattanooga Free Press,  April 19, 1994.
Fellman, Bruce.  "Collecting From The Heart,"  Yale Alumni Magazine,  October, 1995. p. 47. 
Trepiccione, Alisa.  "Bloomsburg receives art donation,"  The Voice,  January 19, 1995.
Kreyling, Christine.  "on the road again,"  Boulevard Magazine,  Fall, 1996. pp. 23-24. 
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"Nashville Lifestyles, November, 2013 (Ten Power Couples),"  November, 2013-2013.
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A Review of ‘Still Life: 1970s Photorealism’ at Yale
,"  The New York Times,  2/7, 2014.
W42ST,  May, 2015. 36-7. 
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