Jules Olitski Catalogue
Jules Olitski
Selected Catalogues
Greenberg, Clement, intro.  Three New American Painters: Louis, Noland, Olitski.  Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery. Regina, Canada. 1963.
Greenberg, Clement, intro.  Post Painterly Abstraction.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. 1964.
Fried, Michael, intro.  Three American Painters: Noland, Olitski, and Stella.  Fogg Art Museum. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1965.
Geldzahler, Henry.  XXXIII International Biennial Exhibition of Art. Venice.  Smithsonian Institution. Washington, D.C. 1966.
Lord, Barry J., intro.  Frankenthaler, Noland, Olitski.  New Brunswick Museum. St. John, Canada. 1966.
Fried, Michael, intro.  Jules Olitski, Paintings 1963-1967.  Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C. 1967.
Lippard, Lucy, intro.  Focus on Light.  New Jersey State Museum. Trenton, New Jersey. 1967.
Sweeney, James J., intro.  Signals in the '60's.  Honolulu Academy of Arts. Honolulu, Hawaii. 1968.
Buck, Robert T. Jr., intro.  The Development of Modernist Painting: Jackson Pollock to the Present.  Steinberg Gallery of Art, Washington University. St. Louis, Missouri. 1969.
Mary, Delahoyd.  Concept.  Vassar College Art Gallery. Poughkeepsie, New York. 1969.
Greenwood, Michael, intro.  American Art of the Sixties in Toronto: Private Collection.  York University. Toronto, Candada. 1969.
Sheon, Aaron, intro.  The Gosman Collection.  Department of Fine Arts. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1969.
Solomon, Alan.  Painting in New York: 1944-1979.  ("Some Observations about New York Painting"). Pasadena Art Museum. Pasadena, California. 1969.
Bailess, Lynn, and Carol Donnell.  Color.  U.C.L.A. Art Council. Los Angeles, California. 1970, pp. 36-40. 
Colt, Priscilla, intro.  Color And Field: 1890-1970.  Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Buffalo, New York. 1970.
Geldzahler, Henry, intro.  New York Painting and Sculpture: 1940-1970.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York. 1970.
Prokopoff, Stephen S., intro.  Two Generations of Color Painting.  Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1970.
Warrum, Richard L., intro.  Painting and Sculpture Today.  Contemporary Art Society and Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana. 1970.
Contemporary Painting and Sculpture.  Jewett Art Center, Wellesley College. Wellesley, Massachusetts. 1970.
Tucker, Marcia, essay.  Structure of Color.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 1971.
Jules Olitski.  University of Michigan Museum of Art. Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1971.
Moffett, Kenworth, intro.  Abstract Painting in the Seventies: A Selection.  Massachusetts Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. 1972.
Wilkin, Karen, intro.  Masters of the Sixties.  Edmonton Art Gallery. Edmonton, Canada. 1972.
Jules Olitski.  Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. Distributed by New York Graphic Society. Greenwich, Connecticut. 1973.
Perreault, John.  Selected 20th Century American Nudes.  Harold Reed Gallery. New York, New York. 1978.
Marshall, Neil, essay.  Jules Olitski New Paintings.  Andre Emmerich Gallery. New York, New York. 1978, pp. 4-15. 
Moffett, Kenworth, intro.  Color Abstractions: Selections from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Display Area. Boston, Massachusetts. 1979.
Sandler, Irving, essay; Sally Yard, intro.  Images of the Self.  Hampshire College Gallery. Amherst, Massachusetts. 1979.
Clark, Garth, and Margie Hughto.  A Century of Ceramics in the United States, 1878- 1978.  E.P. Dutton (in assoc. with Everson Museum of Art). Syracuse, New York. 1979.
Five in Florida: Recent Work by Anuskiewicz, Chamberlain, Olitski, Rauschenberg and Rosenquist.  SVC/Arts Gallery, University of Florida. Tampa, Florida. 1980.
Friedman, Hoffman.  Aspects of the 70's: Painterly Abstraction.  Brockton Art Museum. Brockton, Massachusetts. 1980, pp. 2, 5, 6. 
Societe des Artistes: L'Amerique aux Independants.  Grand-Palais des Champs-Elysežes. Paris, France. 1980, pp. 37, 57, 92. 
Perreault, John, essay.  Selected 20th Century American Self Portraits.  Harold Reed Gallery. New York, New York. 1980.
Rosenzweig, Phyllis.  The Fifties: Aspects of Paining in New York.  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Washington, DC. 1980, p. 106. 
Fourcade, Dominique, essay.  Frankenthaler/Louis/Noland/Olitski: Depuis La Couleur, 1958-1964.  Centre d'Arts Plastiques Contemporains. Bordeaux, France. 1981.
Greenberg, Clement, intro.  Olitski: communing with the power.  Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 1989.
Wilkin, Karen, essay.  The prints of Jules Olitski: a catalogue raisonne 1954-1989.  Associated American Artists. New York, New York. 1989, pp. 9-15. 
Geldzahle, Henry, Tim Hilton, and Dominique Fourcade.  Jules Olitski.  Salander-O'Reilly Galleries, Inc. New York, New York. 1990.
Rose, Barbara, essay.  Jules Olitski Recent Paintings.  Salander-O'Reilly Galleries, Inc. in Association with Canal Arts Corp. New York, New York. 1993, pp. 5-11. 
Bannard, Walter Darby.  Jules Olitski New Paintings.  The New Gallery, University of Miami. Coral Gables, Florida. 1994, pp. 2-5. 
Wilkin, Karen and Bruce Guenther.  Clement Greenberg: A Critic's Collection.  Princeton University Press. Princeton, New Jersey and Portland Art Museum. Portland, Oregon. 2001, pp. 2, 63-69, 162-167. 
Belz, Carl, essay.  Jules Olitski: Matter Embraced, Paintings 1950's and Now.  Knoedler & Company. New York, New York. 2005.
Jules Olitski: The Seventies, Painting and Sculpture.  Paul Kasmin Gallery. New York, New York. 2006.
Kleeblatt, Norman, essay.  Jules Olitski: The Late Paintings, A Celebration.  Knoedler & Company. New York, New York. 2007.
Moos, David.  Jules Olitski: Embracing Circles, 1959-1964.  Hackett/Mill. San Franicsco, California, and FreedmanArt. New York, New York. 2010.
Carmean, E. A., Jr., Alison de Lima Greene, and Karen Wilkin, essays; Lauren Olitski Poster, foreword; Jules Olitski, writings.  Revelation: The Major Paintings of Jules Olitski.  Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Kansas City, Missouri. 2011.
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