Arlene Slavin Catalogue
Arlene Slavin
BFA, Cooper Union New York.
Marries Neal Slavin.
MFA, Pratt Institute New York.
Moves with Neal Slavin to Lisbon, Portugal for one year. Teaches art classes to American ex-pats. One person exhibition in the National Institute of Fine Art, Lisbon sponsored by the U.S.I.S. Travels in Europe.
Returns to NYC teach art in Flushing High School NY for one year.
Joins women's artist consciousness raising group, NY.
Teaching, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.
Joins Mighty Oaks Theatre Service, an improvisational theatre group started by Marcia Tucker with Elke Solomon, Michael Kwartler et al.
Exhibits work in Fischbach Gallery NY; Creates grided abstract high color saturated stain paintings. This work is informed by love of Persian miniatures and the way color is dispersed across the surface.
Biennial of Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum of Art, NY.
Teaching, Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York, New York.
Teaching, Pratt Institute, New York, New York.
Becomes tangentially involved with the Pattern and Decoration Movement (Joyce Kozloff, Cynthia Carlson, Robert Kushner etc.).
Exhibits at Fischbach Gallery, New York in April and December.
Teaching, Skowhegan School of Painting, Skowhegan, Maine. First time spending the summers out of NYC close to nature, which was a transforming experience.
Guest Lecturer, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brooke Alexander, New York, Paintings.
Brooke Alexander, New York, Hand colored prints, 29 x 41 in. Arches Paper, 2 editions Abanki & Jackman named for the Native American Tribes around Skowhegan Art School.
Separates from Neal Slavin.
Guest Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Guest Lecturer, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.
Teaching / Visiting critic, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Art School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Buys a bird book and begins drawing birds in the Philadelphia Train Station.
Brooke Alexander, New York Hand colored prints, 29 x 41 in. Arches Paper, 7 editions.
HMK Original Editions Silk Screens, 4 editions.
Divorces Neal Slavin.
Moves to East 18th street studio.
National Endowment for the Arts Grant in Printmaking.
Grant Panelist, New York State Creative Arts Projects / Graphics.
Marries Eric Bregman.
Teaching / Visiting Artist, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Alexander Milliken Gallery 90 foot Waterbird Mural.
Painting selected for greeting card design, Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Handmade paper folding screens 9 or more colors (2 editions).
724 Prints, Inc. Two editions: Large scale sugar lift aquatint with spit bite /seven colors Handwork by artist. Printed on Somerset Textured 27”x37” edition of 40 Dawn Herons & Blue Mist.
724 Prints, Inc. two Editions: Twilight Cranes & Foggy Dawn Geese Handmade paper folding screens 9 or more colors/ hand work by artist. 12 Unique Multiples + and 2 editions of 14 handmade paper flat prints. Printed by Exeter Press, NY.
Birth of son Ethan Bregman.
Alexander F. Milliken Gallery, NY, Folding Screens - The murals come off the walls and into the room. The wooden screens have carved edges and cutout silhouettes.
Guest Lecturer, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Alexander F. Milliken Gallery. New York, New York (Painted Drawings).
Sea World 214 ft Mural; University of Colorado Aquarium 115 ft Mural; Pratt Institute Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY.
Guest Lecturer, School of Visual Arts, New York, New York.
Abby Joe Brown works as the studio assistant.
Guest Lecturer, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California.
Guest Lecturer, Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, New York.
Painterly Panels / Folding Screens Heckscher Museum. Huntington, NY.
Design Annual Sculpture Award, New York Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear arms Control. The award was presented to His Holiness the Dalai Lama among others.
"Pochoirs / American Narratives," Self Published; A four print series in editions of twelve signed and numbered by the artists Arlene Slavin & Abby Joe Brown. Combination pochoir and linocuts with gold leaf, collage and handwork printed on 550lbs Arches watercolor paper 29”x41”. Printed by Abby Joe Brown New York City. The prints were sold at the print department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. Sets are in the collection of Reader Digest, AT&T and the State of Minnesota Public Art Collection.
Steel Gates, Cathedral Bestiary, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, New York. The first outdoor steel commission, plasma cut fabrication.
Steel Bear Sculpture / Bench, Two By Two, Central Park, City of New York Parks & Recreation (Grant).
Grant, Threshold Foundation for Decorative Gates at Henry Street Settlement.
Guest Lecturer and visiting artist, Centre College, Danville, Kentucky.
"Stampede - Kentucky Horses," Self Published; Lino-cuts on hand made paper. Mono-prints not editioned, 30 prints in series. Printed by Abby Joe Brown New York City.
Grant Panelist, NYC Percent for Art / Public Art Panel.
Guest Lecturer, Hebrew Union College, New York, New York.
Firescreens, American Craft Museum, New York.
Artist Designed Fabrics, Cusa/Luma, New York.
Begins to garden in a serious way inspired by artist friend Ed Baynard's encouragement, "garden as you would paint, feel free to change your mind."
Travels to South East Asia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia gets "the must see more Asia syndrome."
Travels through Northern India looking at paintings, palaces, people and temples. Sees amazing color, color, color everywhere on everything.
Visiting critic, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.
Travels to Egypt and goes up the Nile.
Exhibits paintings at Fischbach Gallery, 30 years after first exhibition in 1973.
Travels to Japan to finally visit the country whose art has been a major influence on the artist's creative life. Japanese gardens inspire her own garden.
Travels to Southern India's huge painted, sculpted temples.
City Art NYC Percent for Art Program, Exhibition, Center for Architecture, NYC.
Travels through China seeing landscapes that look like paintings.
Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons, Artist-designed garden selected for summer tour.
Takes second trip to Japan, visiting more temples and gardens.
Travels to Argentina, treks on the glaciers in Patagonia, and visits Buenos Aires.
Travels to Russia, visits St. Petersburg and Moscow. Finds The Matisse Room in the Hermitage to be an amazing experience.
Guest Lecturer, Michele Mosko Fine Art, Denver, Colorado.
Joins the Board of "The Retreat" an organization on Long Island that offers victims of domestic violence needed services.
Returns to her early diagonal grid based paintings of the 1970s and sees a way to incorporate them with her sky and garden work into a rich chromatic mixture of geometric color light and space.
Travels to India, visits the deserted city of Mandu, Amritsar's Sikh Golden Temple, the most visited site in India, and the tiger reserve Ranthambhore, where on the forth and last game drive finally sees a tiger.
Travels to Morocco and treks in the Sahara Desert and Atlas mountains. Very inspired by the colors and patterns of the intricate Moroccan tile work which is now finding its way back into the new geometric paintings.
Travels to India visits Hampi, an ancient Hindu UNESCO World Heritage Site and Hyderabad. Afterwards explores the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. Days spent visiting lost cities, ruined temples, sacred caves and centuries-old murals.

Slavin makes a series of hand painted etched monotypes entitled
Intersections: Cosmos/Skies with Master Printer Marjorie Van Dyke of VanDeb Editions
Guild Hall exhibits the new large scale translucent colored garden sculptures Slavin recently created, with shadow images that perpetually change by means of the moving sun. They reference her diagonal, grid based, paintings and prints.
Currently lives and works in New York City and Wainscott, New York.
Slavin invited by The Bronx Museum of the Arts to exhibit her Intersections: Garden Sculpture in the museum Terrace Gallery.
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