Larry Fink Catalogue
Larry Fink
Selected Articles
Schwalberg, Carol.  Village Voice,  March, 1960.
Coleman, A.D.  "Six Photographers View Reality,"  Village Voice,  October, 1972.
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Sabatini, Roberto.  Progresso Photographico, Milan,  1977.
Viera, Ricardo.  Forms, Lehigh University,  1978.
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Village Voice,  October, 1983.
"The Maine Event,"  Manhattan, Inc,  August, 1985.
"The Palladium,"  Village Voice View,  1985.
"Book Review of Social Graces,"  San Francisco Camera Works,  August, 1985.
"Two Worlds,"  Photographic Society of America Journal,  June, 1985.
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"Permanent Wave,"  Manhattan, Inc,  September, 1986.
"All About Atavros,"  Manhattan, Inc,  November, 1986.
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Bernstein, Beth.  Village Voice,  September, 1986.
Bernstein, Beth.  Village Voice,  November, 1986.
"The Ringleader,"  Manhattan, Inc,  April, 1986.
"Impressions d’Amerique,"  Cliches,  March, 1986.
"Mob Appeal,"  Savvy,  February, 1987.
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American Photographer,  September, 1989.
Globe, Paris,  July, 1993.
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"Suitable for Social Framing,"  Los Angeles Times,  September, 1998.
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"The Best of 1998,"  Artforum International,  December, 1998.
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Gehman, Geoff.  "Martins Creek’s Larry Fink Reveals a Juicy World without Juice,"  The Morning Call,  July 23, 2000. p. E1. 
Dribben, Melissa.  "The Unflinching Focus,"  Philadelphia Inquirer,  October, 2001.
Musto, Michael.  "Party Politics,"  Interview,  January, 2001.
Valdez, Sarah.  "Party Pictures: From Studio 54 to Cannes 2000,"  Time Out New York,  Issue 276, January, 2001.
Outwater, Myra Yellin.  "Fink’s Photographs Expose Truths, Skewer Artifice,"  The Morning Call,  April 8, 2001. p. F10. 
Gehman, Geoff.  "Lehigh University Students not Amused by Photos: College Republicans Protest Bush Satirical Exhibit,"  The Morning Call,  February 3, 2004. p. B1. 
Gehman, Geoff.  "A Sweet, Sacred Space: Music is a life force for Larry Fink, whose intimate portraits of jazzmen reveal their hearts and souls,"  The Morning Call,  November 19, 2006. p. E1. 
O'Brien, Glenn.  "There are two kinds of paparazzi – the ones who actually get invited into the party, and those creepy guys who stand with a telephoto lens, hiding behind the shrubbery,"  Tokion: Creativity Now,  Issue 56, January, 2007.
Gehman, Geoff.  "Photographer makes sweet music with Orpheus orchestra,"  The Morning Call,  March 29, 2009. p. E1. 
Teresa, Adriana.  "A Moment With Larry Fink,"  The New York Times,  January 6, 2011.
Bradner, Liesl.  "Larry Fink's up close and personal celebrity photographs,"  Los Angeles Times,  September 3, 2011.
"Interview with PBN Juror Larry Fink,"  Blurberati Blog,  June 8, 2011.
"Interviews with Larry Fink,"  The Sheldon Art Galleries. Saint Louis, Missouri,  May, 2011.
"Vanity Flair (Portfolio),"  Nomad Editions,  March 9, 2011.
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