Alessandro Twombly Catalogue
Alessandro Twombly
Selected Catalogues
Corral, Maria de.  Alessandro Twombly: 'The Hills of Adonais' Gouaches.  (catalogue essay) Galeria C.M.Z. Barcelona, Spain. 1988.
Collins, Tricia, and Richard Milazzo.  Elvis Has Left the Building (A Painting Show).  521 West 23th Street. New York, New York. 1993.
Collins, Tricia, and Richard Milazzo.  Alessandro Twombly: Animal, Mineral, Vegetable.  (catalogue essay). The Grand Salon. New York, New York. 1994.
Milazzo, Richard.  Alessandro Twombly: New Sculpture.  11, rue Larrey at Sidney Janis Gallery. New York, New York. 1997.
Bellucci, Alberto.  Alessandro Twombly.  Centro Cultural Recoleta: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1999.
Codognato, Mario.  Alessandro Twombly: Skulpturen.  Aurel Scheibler. Cologne, Germany. 2000.
Milazzo, Richard.  Alessandro Twombly: New Paintings.  Gallery Alain Noirhomme. Brussels, Belgium. Editions Alain Noirhomme. Brussels, Belgium. 2003.
Risaliti, Sergio.  Alessandro Twombly.  Evergreene, and BFAS Blondeau Fine Art Services. Geneva, Switzerland. 2005.
New proposals.  Galerie Carzaniga. Basel, Switzerland. 2005.
Milazzo, Richard.  Alessandro Twombly: Recent Works.  Lefevre Fine Art. London, United Kingdom. 2006.
Zemborian, Lila, poems.  Alessandro Twombly.  Editions Alain Noirhomme. Brussels, Belgium. Galerie Alain Noirhomme. Brussels, Belgium. 2007.
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