Arno Rafael Minkkinen Catalogue
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Selected Books
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael.  Frostbite.  Morgan & Morgan. Dobbs Ferry, New York. 1978.
Fantastic Photographs.  Pantheon Books. New York, New York. 1979.
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael.  New American Nudes: Recent Trends & Attitudes.  Morgan & Morgan. Dobbs Ferry, New York. 1981.
Tournier, Michel.  Crépuscule des Masques.  Hoëbeke. Paris, France. 1991.
Swift, Graham.  Ever After.  Random House. New York, New York (Cover). 1992.
Swift, Graham.  Learning to Swim.  Random House. New York, New York (Cover). 1992.
Valokuvan taide: suomalainen valokuva, 1842 - 1992.  Helsinki Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura. Helsinki, Finland. 1992.
Elegant Intimacy.  Retretti Art Center. Punkaharju, Finland. 1993.
Willard, Nancy.  Sister Water.  Random House. New York, New York (Cover). 1993.
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael, and Michel Tournier.  The Waterline Portfolio.  Aperture Foundation. New York, New York. 1994.
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael.  Waterline.  Marval. Paris, France and Otava. Helsinki, Finland. 1994.
Grand Prix du Livre.  25th Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival. France. 1994.
Ewing, William.  The Body, Photographs of the Human Form.  Thames and Hudson. London, United Kingdom. 1994.
Pultz, John.  Le Corps Photographie.  Flammarion. Paris, France. 1995.
Tolérance.  Editions UNESCO. Paris, France. 1995.
European Photography Award 1995.  Göttingen Müller-Pohle. Göttingen, Germany. 1995.
Dictionnaire de la Photo.  Larousse. Paris, France. 1996.
Saraste, Leena.  Photography: Tradition and Truth.  Musta Taide. Helsinki, Finland. 1996.
Jeffrey, Ian.  The Photography Book.  Phaidon. London, United Kingdom. 1997.
Rosenblum, Naomi.  A World History of Photography.  Abbeville Press. New York, New York. 1997.
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael.  Ten Minutes Past Midnight.  Musta Taide. Helsinki, Finland. 1998.
Hulick, Diana Emery with Joseph Marshall.  Photography: 1900 to the Present.  Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 1998.
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael.  Body Land.  Smithsonian Institution Press. Washington, D.C. 1999.
The Photography Encyclopedia.  Schirmer Books. New York, New York. 1999.
Gautrand, Jean-Claude.  Avoir 30 ans: chroniques arleìsiennes.  Actes Sud. Arles, France. 1999.
Laaksonen, Timo and Mirja Alaterä.  In the spirit of the masters.  Keravan taidemuseo. Kerava, Finland. 2000.
Meek, James.  The Museum of Doubt.  Rebel Inc. Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 2000.
Braham, Phil.  Exposed: a celebration of the male nude from 90 of the world's greatest photographers.  Thunder's Mouth Press. New York, New York. 2000.
Le nu photographié.  Actes Sud. Arles, France. 2000.
Rothenberg, David.  Writing on Water.  MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts (Cover). 2001.
Houellebecq, Michel.  Platform.  Alfred A. Knopf. New York, New York. 2002.
Cravens, R. H.  Photography Past/Forward: Aperture at 50.  Aperture. New York, New York. 2002.
Bowden, Charles.  Blues for Cannibals: The Notes from Underground.  North Point Press. New York, New York (Cover). 2002.
Bowden, Charles.  Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America.  North Point Press. New York, New York (Cover). 2002.
Bonafoux, Pascal.  Self-portraits of the XXth Century.  Editions Diane de Selliers. Paris, France. 2003.
Protzman, Ferdinand.  Contemporary Landscape Photography.  National Geographic. Washington, D.C. 2003.
Garner, Gretchen.  Disappearing Witness: Change in 20th Century American.  John Hopkins University Press. Baltimore, Maryland. 2003.
Rothenberg, David and Wandee J. Pryor.  Writing on Air.  MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts (Cover). 2003.
Tournier, Michel.  Journal extime.  Gallimard. Paris, France (cover). 2004.
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael.  SAGA: The Journey of Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Thirty-Five Years of Photographs.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California. 2005.
Hitchcock, Barbara, Steve Crist.  The Polaroid Book: selections from the Polaroid Collections of photography.  Taschen. Köln, Germany. 2005.
Massengill, Reed.  Self-Exposure: the male nude self portrait.  Rizzoli/Universe. New York, New York. 2005.
The Oxford Companion to the Photograph.  Oxford University Press. New York, New York. 2005.
Jeffrey, Ian.  The Photography Book.  Phaidon. London, United Kingdom. 2005.
Horenstein, Henry.  Black & White Photography: A Basic Manual (3rd Ed).  Little, Brown. New York, New York. 2005.
Brookman, Philip.  Arnold Newman.  Taschen. Köln, Germany. 2006.
Holzherr, Andrea and Timothy Persons.  The Helsinki School: New Photography by TaiK.  Hatje Cantz Verlag. Ostfildern, Germany. 2007.
Baetens, Pascal.  Nude Photography: The Art and The Craft.  Dorling Kindersley. London, United Kingdom. 2007.
London, Barbara, Jim Stone, and John Upton.  Photography (9th Edition).  Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 2007.
Horizons.  Ivory Press Limited. London, United Kingdom. 2008.
Swimming in the Air.  Cavallo Point at Golden Gate National Park. San Francisco, California. 2008.
Cartier-Bresson, Anne.  Le Vocabulaire Technique de la Photographie.  Marval. Paris, France. 2008.
The Celebrity Art Collection, Solstice.  International Corporate Art. Miami, Florida. 2008.
Foto:Box.  Corriere della Sera. Milan, Italy. 2008.
Bowden, Charles.  Some of the Dead are Still Breathing.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Boston, Massachusetts (cover). 2009.
Blackwell, Lewis.  Photo-Wisdom: Master Photographers on their Art.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California. 2009.
Koch, Roberto, ed; Jimena Bargados, trasl.  Photo:Box.  Abrams. New York, New York. 2009.
Bright, Susan.  Auto Focus: The Self-portrait in Contemporary Photography.  Monacelli Press. New York, New York. 2010.
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