Arno Rafael Minkkinen Catalogue
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Artist Writings
New American Nudes: Recent Trends & Attitudes, Morgan & Morgan. Dobbs Ferry, New York.
"From the Prow," Finnice, Camera International.
"The Lens of Love," Elegant Intimacy, Retretti Art Center. Punkaharju, Finland.
"The Presence of the Past," Reconnaissances, Bogdan Konopka. 2nd Grand Prix Européen de la Ville de Vevey, Switzerland.
"Treasures of the Moment: Thirty years of Polaroid Photography in Boston, Photography in Boston 1955–1985," DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts. MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. pp. 135–153.
"Take Out My Eyes," In the Spirit of the Masters. Kerava Art Museum. Kerava, Finland. pp. 66-79.
"Baudelaire’s Brow, Reflections on the photographs of Karin Rosenthal," Danforth Museum of Art. Framingham, Massachusetts.
"Photography for Dreamers," La Fotografia Actual, Spain. no. 77, February/March.
"First Frames First," Exposure, Society for Photographic Education. vol. 35, Fall.
"Swimming and the Fine Art of Photography," Agni Literary Magazine. Boston University. Boston, Massachusetts. Spring.
"The Collaboration of Heaven and Earth," Closed Landscapes I, photographs by Andrea Calabresi. Grafiche Sabbioni, Italy.
"At the Mercy of the Waves," RADAR, graduate thesis portfolio of Krisoffer Ålberg. Lahti Design Institute.
"Our Human Nature The Photographs of Beverly Cover," Anchorage Museum of Art. Anchorage, Alaska.
"Le Travail du Temps," Festival Mai-Photographies Quimper.
"Not Without Hope," House Calls, photographs by Torkil Færø. Merkur Trykk, Norway.
"Mercury in Motion. The Art of Luck in Photography," Fotografi I Fokus Festival. Malmö Museer, Sweden.
“The Blue Sedan,” Short fiction.
Artist Statement
Balanced Equation. Lodima Press Portfolio Series. Revere, Pennsylvania.
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