Liza Lou Catalogue
Liza Lou
Selected Books
Schjeldahl, Peter and Marcia Tucker.  Liza Lou.  Smart Art Press. Santa Monica, California. 1998.
De Oliveira, Nicolas, Nicola Oxley, and Michael Petry.  Installation Art in the New Millenium: The Empire of the Senses.  Thames and Hudson. London, United Kingdom. 2003.
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Heartney, Eleanor.  Art & Today.  Phaidon Press. London, Untied Kingdom and New York, New York. 2008.
Klanten, Robert and Lukas Feireiss, eds.  Spacecraft 2: more fleeting architecture and hideouts.  Die Gestalten Verlag. Berlin, Germany. 2009.
Heartney, Eleanor, Arthur Lubow, Peter Schjedahl, and Lawrence Weschler; Isabel Venero, ed.  Liza Lou.  Skira Rizzoli Publications, Inc. New York, New York. 2011.
Lou, Liza.  Durban Diaries.  White Cube. London, United Kingdom, 2012.
Atvar, Beste, Sami-Icilensu, Altug, Kuhar, Alvin, Niyego, Tchera (contributing eds.),  The New Collectors Book Third Edition.  (Basak Malone Publishing, New Work, 2014). 2014.
Deitch, Jeffrey.  Live The Art: Fifteen Years of Deitch Projects.  (Skira Rizzoli Publications, Inc., New York, 2014). 2014.
Heartney, Eleanor, Posner, Helaine, Princenthal, Nancy, Scott, Sue, Salon,  The Reckoning Women Artists of the New Millenium.  (Prestel Publishing, New York 2014). 2014.
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Parks, John,  Universal Principles of Art.  (Rockport Press, MA, 2014). 2014.
Stewart, Mary,  Launching the Imagination, Fifth Edition.  (McGraw-Hill, New York, 2014). 2014.
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