Liza Lou Catalogue
Liza Lou
Selected Articles
Young, Lucie.  "Ultimate in Kitchen Glamour,"  The New York Times,  January 25, 1996.
Halle, Howard.  "Going Into Labor,"  Time Out New York,  January 31-February 7, 1996.
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Lou, Liza.  "Back Page,"  Utne Reader,  February, 1997.
Ahokas, Asko.  "Cover Story,"  Muoto Magazine (Finland),  February, 1997.
Fisher, Rachel.  "Just Bead it to the Museum of Art,"  Los Angeles Times,  February 28, 1997.
Alvarez, Laura E.  "Cooking Crystal Barbecue with Liza Lou,"  Artweek,  April, 1997.
Louie, Elaine.  "Creating a Garden, One Bead at a Time,"  The New York Times,  May 15, 1997.
McKenna, Kristine.  "Beads of Sweat,"  Los Angeles Times/Calendar,  May 17, 1997.
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Butler, Simone.  "Drawing a Bead,"  KPBS On Air Magazine,  July, 1997.
Toumani, Meline.  "Liza's Lawn Party,"  Art & Antiques,  September, 1997.
Molina, Angela.  "Cómo Pasar Cuentas con el Arte,"  ABC Cataluna,  January 31, 1998.
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Amirrezvani, Anita.  "Please Don't Eat the Tomatoes: They're Glass Beads,"  The New York Times,  June 30, 1998.
"Installazione Commestibili di Giovani Artisti,"  Vogue Italia,  December, 1998.
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Clark, Paul.  "Kitsch Sink Drama,"  Evening Standard,  January 29, 2000.
Nuridsany, Michel.  "Lyon, Le Dialogue Des Mondes,"  Le Figaro,  June 27, 2000.
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O'Sullivan, Michael.  "Getting a Bead on Power,"  The Washington Post,  November 24, 2000.
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"Changing Places,"  Time Out London,  January 24, 2001.
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Baer, Martha.  "Her Glass House,"  Nest Magazine,  Fall Issue, 2001.
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Muller, Bertram.  "Die Kuche - ein Glasperlenspiel,"  Rheinische Post,  February 12, 2002.
Medina, Marcy.  "Dear Liza,"  Women’s Wear Daily,  July 12, 2002.
Dagen, Phillippe.  "Sous le Signe du Kitsch,"  Le Monde,  September 16, 2002.
Lee, Felicia R.  "Winners of MacArthur Grants Announced,"  The New York Times,  September 25, 2002.
"Beady Eye of Genius,"  The Financial Times,  October 26, 2002.
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"‘Liza Lou @ White Cube (Hoxton Square) (until 26 May),"  Artlyst,  May 1, 2012.
"White Cube Hoxton Square (London) shows the new work of Liza Lou in an exhibition that closes on May 26th,,"  The Coolture,  April 25, 2012.
Gambardella, Steven.  "Liza Lou, White Cube Hoxton: Meticulous bead ‘paintings’ which are quietly seductive,"  The Arts Desk,  April 23, 2012.
Bunzl, Matti.  "Liza Lou: Beading America,"  Matti Bunzl's Blog,  Jul 09, 2012-2012.
Kelmachter, Hélène.  "A question of beauty,"  Cartier Art,  no.33, February, 2013.
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