David Maisel Catalogue
David Maisel
Selected Catalogues
Exposed terrain: David Maisel Photography.  David Maisel Photography. New York, New York. 1990.
Sobieszek, Robert.  The New American Pastoral: Landscape Photography in the Age of Questioning.  International Museum of Photography. Rochester, New York. 1991.
Blue Sky 04/05.  Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts. Portland, Oregon. 2004.
Sloan, Mark.  No Man’s Land: Contemporary Photographers and Fragile Ecologies.  Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Charleston, South Carolina. 2004.
Watriss, Wendy.  Fotofest H2004: Celebrating Water.  FotoFest. Houston, Texas. 2004.
Tsai, Cornelia and Connie Butler.  Robert Smithson.  University of California Press. Berkeley and Los Angeles, California. 2004.
Selz, Peter.  Art of Engagement: Visual Politics in California and Beyond.  University of California Press. Berkeley, California. 2005.
Baillargeon, Claude, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Katy McCormick and Maia-Mari Sutnik.  Imaging a Shattering Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate.  Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Oakland University. Rochester, Michigan. 2005.
Hankins, Evelyn.  New Turf.  Fleming Museum, University of Vermont. Burlington, Vermont. 2005.
Paradise Paved.  Painted Bride Art Center. Photo Review. Langhorne, Pennsylvania. 2005.
Melis, Wim.  Traces and Omens.  Stichting Aurora Borealis. Groningen, Netherlands. 2005.
Tucker, Anne, essay.  Terminal Mirage.  Von Lintel Gallery. New York, New York. 2005.
Ecotopia.  International Center of Photography and Steidl Publishers. New York, New York. 2006.
Wolfe, Ann.  Suburban Escape: The Art of California Sprawl.  University of Chicago Press. Chicago, Illinois. 2006.
Annan, Kofi, foreward.  Water: Prix Pictet 2008 (cover).  Kempen teNeues. 2008.
Sasse, Julie, Emily Handlin and Lindsay Russell.  Trouble in Paradise: Examining Discord Between Nature and Society.  Tucson Museum of Art. Tuscon, Arizona. 2009.
The Marvelous Museum: A Mark Dion Project.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California and Oakland Museum of California. Oakland, California. 2010.
Ware, Kate.  Earth Now: American Photography and the Environment.  Museum of New Mexico Press. Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2011.
Wolfe, Ann M., ed.; David B. Walker, Lucy Lippard, Geoff Manaugh, and W.J.T. Mitchell.  The Altered Landscape: Photographs of a Changing Environment.  Nevada Art Museum. Reno, Nevada. 2011.
Umberger, Leslie, ed.  Hiding Places: Memory in the Arts.  John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 2011.
Thomson, Derek, interview.  SOME/THINGS Limited Edition magazine.  Paris, France, 2011.
Michael, Roth.  Memory, Trauma, and History. Essays on Living with the Past.  Columbia University Press. New York, New York, 2011.
Hanro, Hou, with Mary Ellen Johnson, editors.  Paradigm Shifts.  San Francisco Art Institute. 2011.
Steacy, Will, editor.  Photographs Not Taken: A Collection of Photographers' Essays.  Daylight Community Arts Foundation. 2012.
Messenheimer, Micah.  Elevating Western American Art. "On Entropology: The Vivid Waters of David Maisel and Robert Smithson,".  Petrie Institute of Western American Art, Denver Art Museum. Denver, Colorado, 2012.
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