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Louis Le Brocquy
Solo Exhibitions
"Louis le Brocquy, Paintings," Studio, Merrion Row. Dublin, Ireland. December 1942. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Sketches and Studies," Studio, Merrion Row. Dublin, Ireland. April-May 1945. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Watercolours," Gimpel Fils. London, England. May 20-June 14, 1947. 
Leicester Galleries. London, England. June 1948. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Studies and Watercolours," Gimpel Fils. London, England. October 1949. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Drawings, Watercolours, Oils & Tapestries," Gimpel Fils. London, England. June 1951. 
"Paintings and Tapestries by Louis le Brocquy," The Victor Waddington Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. December 1951. 
Gimpel Fils. London, England. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Recent paintings and tapestries," Gimpel Fils. London, England. February-March 1955. 
Gimpel Fils. London, England. 
Venice Biennale, Irish Pavilion. Messina, Italy. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Paintings," Gimpel Fils. London, England. February 19-March 16, 1957. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Paintings," Gimpel Fils. London, England. November-December 1959. 
Esther Robles Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Galerie Lienhard. Zurich, Switzerland. January 1961. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Gimpel Fils. London, England. September 12-October 10, 1961. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. June 21-July 20, 1962. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Seven Tapestries 1948-1955," Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. November 15-30, 1966. 
Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Seven Tapestries 1948-1955," Ulster Museum. Belfast, Northern Ireland. December 19, 1966-January 14, 1967. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Recent Paintings," Gimpel Fils. London, England. October 1-26, 1968. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Bilder 1967-1968," Gimpel & Hanover Galerie. Zurich, Switzerland. January 12-February 12, 1969. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Recent Paintings," Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. December 1969. 
Gimpel Fils. London, England. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Gimpel-Weitzenhoffer Gallery. New York, New York. April 27-May 15, 1971. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. October 19-November 19, 1971. 
Gimpel Fils. London, England. 
Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght. Saint-Paul, France. March 9-April 8, 1973. 
McClelland Galleries. Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Gimpel Fils. London, England. October 1-26, 1974. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Seven Colour Etchings," Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. October 4-26, 1974. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Galleria la Bussola. Turin, Italy. November 1974. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Studies Towards an Image of W.B. Yeats," Dawson Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. November 26-December 13, 1975. 
Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Belfast, Northern Ireland. January 12-February 7, 1976.
Crawford Municipal Gallery of Art. Cork, Ireland. February 16-28, 1976.
Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. Paris, France. October 15-November 28, 1976 (as "Louis le Brocquy à la Recherche de W.B. Yeats. Cents Portraits Imaginaires"). 
"Louis le Brocquy, Suite de 6 tapisseries," Galerie la Demeure. Paris, France. September 28-October 16, 1976. 
Edinburgh Festival. De Marco Gallery. Edinburgh, Scotland. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Studies Towards an Image of James Joyce," Galleria d'Arte San Marco dei Giustiniani. Genoa, Italy. November 12-December 7, 1977. 
Gimpel & Hanover Galerie. Zurich, Switzerland. January 13-February 18, 1978.
Gimpel Fils. London, England. March 15-April 15, 1978.
The Arts Council Gallery. Belfast, Northern Ireland. May 4-27, 1978.
Gimpel-Weitzenhoffer Gallery, New York, New York. September-October, 1978.
Waddington Galleries. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. November 1978. 
Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy, 88 Studies Towards an Image of Federico Garcia Lorca," Galeria Maeght. Barcelona, Spain. October 1978. 
Galerie Kreisler Dos. Madrid, Spain. December 1978.
Fundación Rodríguez Acosta. Granada, Spain. May 1979. 
"Louis le Brocquy: Images de W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Federico Garcia Lorca, Auguste Strindberg, Francis Bacon," Galerie Jeanne-Bucher. Paris, France. November 27-December 27, 1979. 
Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy and the Celtic Head Image," Boston College. Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. January 1981. 
Westfield State College. Westfield, Massachusetts.
New York State Museum. Albany, New York. September 26-November 29, 1981. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi. Charleroi, France. October 23-November 28, 1982. 
"Louis le Brocquy, études vers une image de William Shakespeare," Galerie Jeanne-Bucher. Paris, France. October 6-November 4, 1982. 
Gimpel & Hanover Galerie. Zurich, Switzerland. January 14-February 19, 1983.
Gimpel Fils. London, England. April 19-May 19, 1983.
Gimpel-Weitzenhoffer Gallery. New York, New York. Autumn 1983. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Procession with Lilies and other new work," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. March 27-April 25, 1985. 
Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Images, 1975-1987," Ulster Museum. Belfast, Northern Ireland. November-December 1987. 
Adelaide Festival Centre. Adelaide, Australia. March-April 1988.
Westpac Gallery (per National Gallery of Victoria). Melbourne, Australia. May-June 1988.
Museum of Contemporary Art. Brisbane, Australia. July-August 1988.
Musée Picasso. Antibes, France. July 1-September 15, 1989. 
Gimpel Fils. London, England. 
Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Images, Single & Multiple, 1957-1990," Museum of Modern Art. Kamakura, Japan. January 5-February 3, 1991. 
Itamy City Museum of Art. Hyogo, Osaka, Japan. February 9-31, 1991.
Museum of Contemporary Art. Hiroshima, Japan. April 6-May 12, 1991. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Paintings 1940-1990," Kerlin Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. January 1991. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Restrospective Selection of Paintings," Gimpel Fils. London, England. April 3-May 4, 1991. 
Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. Dublin, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Watercolour Landscapes," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. May 14-30, 1992. 
Gillian Jason Gallery. London, England. 
"Riverrun: Liffey Watercolours," Gimpel Fils. London, England. March 31-April 30, 1993. 
Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. 
Bell Gallery. Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Crawford Municipal Gallery of Art. Cork, Ireland. 
Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. 
Galerie Bernard Bouche. Paris, France. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Táin Portfolio," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. April 28-May 13, 1995. 
Grant Fine Art. Newcastle, England. 
The Jonathan Swift Gallery. Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. 
Bibliothèque Municipal. Tours, France. 
Le Carré Davidson. Tours, France. 
Espace Paul Ricard. Paris, France. 
Galerie Maeght. Paris, France. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Human Images," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. October 16-November 2, 1996. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Paintings 1939-1996," Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. October 16, 1996-February 16, 1997. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Human Images 1996-97," Gimpel Fils. London, England. May 20-June 21, 1997. 
"Louis le Brocquy," Château de Tours. Tours, France. June 28-August 31, 1997. 
Jonathan Swift Gallery, Waterfront Hall. Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon. 
Touring show. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Images Humaines," Municipal Gallery of Art. Ljubljana, Slovania. February 17-March 9, 1998. 
Centre international d'art contemporain à Carros. Carros, France. July 4-August 30, 1998. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Human Images, early and recent works on paper," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. December 10, 1998-January 16, 1999. 
Centre international d'art contemporain à Carros. Carros, France. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Studies Towards an Image of F.G. Lorca," Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca. Oaxaca, Mexico. August 11-October 8, 2000. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Tapisseries d'Aubusson," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. November 9-December 9, 2000. 
"Louis le Brocquy, The Táin Portfolios," Museum of Graphic Art. Oaxaca, Mexico. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Human Images," Gimpel Fils. London, England. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Aubusson Tapestries," Agnew's Contemporary. London, England. Through May 29, 2001. 
"The Táin Tapestries by Louis le Brocquy," Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. July 4, 2002-January 26, 2003. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Human Images," Gimpel Fils. (FIAC). London, England. October 7-13, 2003. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Procession," Crawford Municipal Gallery of Art. Cork, Ireland. October 10-November 15, 2003. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Procession," Taylor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. November 20-December 13, 2003. 
"Louis le Brocquy, The Táin Tapestries," Millenium Monument Museum. Beijing, China. April 24-May 23, 2004. 
Shanghai Gallery of Modern Art. Shanghai, China. 
Peppercanister Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. 
Le Brocquy, Pierre, curator.  "Louis le Brocquy," Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. January 27-February 25, 2006. 
Model Arts & Niland Gallery. Sligo, Ireland. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Thirteen silkscreen prints," Talyor Galleries. Dublin, Ireland. March 30-April 22, 2006. 
Le Brocquy, Pierre and Virginia Teehan, curator.  "Louis le Brocquy: Allegory & Legend," The Hunt Museum. Limerick, Ireland. June 15-September 18, 2006. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Rétrospective à l'occasion de son 90ème anniversaire," Galerie Jeanne-Bucher. Paris, France. October 12-November 18, 2006. 
"Louis le Brocquy. Marking the Artist's Ninetieth Birthday," Tate Britain. London, England. November 6-22, 2006. 
"Louis le Brocquy - Thirteen Silkscreen Editions," Fenton Gallery. Cork, Ireland. November 10-December 2, 2006. 
Le Brocquy, Pierre, curator.  "Louis le Brocquy: Portrait Heads - A Celebration of the Artist's Ninetieth Birthday," National Gallery of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland. November 4, 2006-January 14, 2007. 
"Louis le Brocquy, Homage to his Masters," Gimpel Fils. London, England. November 24, 2006-January 13, 2007. 
Le Brocquy, Pierre, curator.  "Louis le Brocquy: A celebration of the Artist's Ninetieth Year," Crawford Art Gallery. Cork, Ireland. January 10-February 15, 2007. 
Le Brocquy, Pierre and Jessica O'Donnell, curator.  "Louis le Brocquy and His Masters: Early Heroes, Later Homage," Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. Dublin, Ireland. February 13-March 30, 2007. 
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