Mitch Epstein Catalogue
Mitch Epstein
Selected Articles
Grundberg, Andy and Julia Scully.  "Current American Photography Today,"  Modern Photography,  June, 1980.
"Color Now, Andy Grundberg,"  Modern Photography,  July, 1981.
Russell, John.  "Art and the life of India,"  The New York Times Magazine,  May, 1985.
"India, The Ritual and the River,"  Aperture,  issue #105, 1987.
"In Vietnam and Versailles,"  DoubleTake,  Fall, 1995.
"Stills in Saigon, Jim Lewis,"  George,  October, 1996.
"Coming of Age,"  Blind Spot,  issue #9, May, 1997.
"Special Photography Issue: Times Square,"  The New York Times Magazine,  May, 1997.
"Through a Glass Darkly,"  Nest,  Spring, 1999.
Issue,  no. 6, Fall, 2001.
Beem, Edgar Allen.  "Mitch Epstein: The Art of Surveillance,"  Photographic District News,  Fall, 2001.
Heiferman, Marvin.  "Editorís Choice: Mitch Epsteinís The City,"  Bomb,  Fall, 2001.
Blind Spot,  issue #17, Spring, 2001. cover. 
Fineman, Mia.  "Family Business: A Town, a Father and a Fire,"  The New York Times Arts and Leisure,  November, 2003.
Epstein, Mitch.  "Closeout,"  The New York Times Magazine,  June 8, 2003.
Grafik, Clare.  "Special Issue on Photography: Mitch Epstein,"  Contemporary,  issue 67, November, 2004. pp. 30-33. 
"Red States, Blue States,"  Draft,  Spring, 2005.
Wingfield, Jonatahan.  "Outside, Itís America,"  Numero,  issue 76, September, 2006.
Gefter, Philip.  "For Photography, Extreme Home Makeover,"  The New York Times,  October 15, 2006.
Gertner, Jon.  "Atomic Balm?,"  New York Times Magazine,  July 16, 2006.
Adbusters,  issue 71, May-June, 2007.
Esner, Rachel.  "Mitch Epstein: Alleen Je Ogen,"  Tubelight,  July 30, 2007.
Daschle, Tom, essay; Mitch Epstein, illustrations.  "Shared Solutions: Confronting our Global Energy Crisis,"  The Berlin Journal,  no. 16, spring, 2008. pp. 12-19. 
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