Mitch Epstein Catalogue
Mitch Epstein
Selected Catalogues
Davis, Keith.  Wanderlust: Eight Contemporary Photographers From the Hallmark Collection.  Hallmark. Kansas City, Missouri. 1987.
Hoffman, Michael and Anne D'Harnoncourt.  India: A Celebration of Independence.  Aperture. New York, New York. 1997.
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Leroy, Gregory, ed.  Sežduire / seduce: Photographie - Littežrature - Design.  Coromandel Press. Paris, France. 2002.
Roth, Andrew, ed.  The Open Book, A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present.  Hasselblad Center. Gožteborg, Sweden. 2004.
Breisch, Kenneth A., Judith Keller, and Colin Westerbeck; Bruce Wagner, essay.  Where We Live: Photographs from the Berman Collection.  J. Paul Getty Museum. Los Angeles, California. 2006.