David Middlebrook Catalogue
David Middlebrook
Selected Books
Piepenburg, Robert E.  Raku pottery.  Collier Books. New York, New York. 1976.
Hall, Julie.  Tradition and change : the new American craftsman.  Dutton. New York, New York. 1977.
Brody, Harvey and David Powers.  The book of low-fire ceramics.  Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. New York, New York. 1979.
American Art of the 80s.  MacMillan. 1988.
Bowker, R.R.  Who's Who in American art.  1989.
Contemporary Stone Artists.  Franco Stravini (published in Italian only). 1989.
Peterson, Susan.  Contemporary Ceramics.  1991.
Peterson, Susan.  Working with Clay (Edition II).  Prentice Hall Inc. Saddle River, New Jersey. 2002.
Jameson, John H., Christine Finn, and John E. Ehrenhard.  Ancient Muses: Archaeology and The Arts.  University Alabama Press. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 2003.