David Middlebrook Catalogue
David Middlebrook
Selected Articles
Crafts Horizons Magazine,  ten issues, 1968-1979.
Ceramics Month,  various issues, 1970-1983.
"Feature article,"  Ceramics Month,  May, 1979.
"Feature article,"  Australian Art,  Fall, 1980.
ARTnews,  1982.
Art Week,  1990.
"Creative Sculptured Bath,"  Home & Garden magazine,  September, 1992.
National Arts Magazine,  1993.
Dunlap, Kamika.  "Sculptor Seeks to Illustrate How Cultures are Connected,"  San Jose Mercury News,  June 10, 2004.
"Sculpture to be Installed in Riverwest's Gordon Park,"  Riverwest Currents,  June, 2004.
"Middlebrook tips scale in favor of public art,"  Milwaukee.com,  July, 2004.
"Context and Public Art: David Middlebrook's "Tip" at Gordon Park,"  Riverwest Currents,  August, 2004.
"Middlebrook Gives a 'Tip' to Milwaukee,"  Los Gatos Weekly,  June 9, 2004.
Reyes, Gary.  "Passions,"  Mercury News,  November 3, 2010.
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