David Middlebrook Catalogue
David Middlebrook
Group Exhibitions
"Northern California Clay Routes: Sculpture Now," San Francisco Museum of Art. San Francisco, California. 
"Illusionism in America," a traveling exhibition from Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California, to Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado. 
"Joshua Wedgewood Memorial Invitational," Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
"Impressions in Clay," Impressions Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. 
"Omaha Invitational," Joslyn Art Museum. Omaha, Nebraska. 
"Outdoor Sculpture," Wichita Museum of Art. Wichita, California. 
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. San Jose, California. 
Landau Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
Cooper-Union Gallery. New York, New York. 
Warner Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
Museum of Contemporary Crafts. New York, New York. 
"Forgotten Dimension," International Sculpture Conference. 
Traveling Exhibition. 
"Pacific Currents," San Jose Museum of Art. San Jose, California. 
"Art and/or Craft: USA and Japan," Kyoto, Tokyo and USA. 
"Coastal Currents," Corpus Cristi, Texas. 
"Habitats," Klein Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
"American Clay Artist: Philadelphia' 83," The Clay Studio. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
"Soup, Soup, Beautiful Soup," Campbell Museum. Camden, New Jersey. 
Traveling to eight locations. 
Karl Bornstein Gallery. Santa Monica, California. 
"Just Sculpture," Young Gallery. San Jose, California. 
"Seven Ceramai," Hope College. Holland, Michigan. 
"Tea Bowl Invitational," Craft Alliance. St. Louis, Missouri. 
"American Cup," Rochester Art Center. Rochester, Minnesota. 
"Clay Workshop V," Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio. 
"Skidmore Craft Invitational," Skidmore College. Saratoga Springs, New York. 
"The Carrol and Hiroko Hansen Collection of Ceramic Art," Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. Arvada, Colorado. 
"Altered Spaces," Klein Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
Kyle Belding Gallery. Denver, Colorado. 
"School of San Jose," San Jose State University. San Jose, California. 
"West Coast Ceramics," Walnut Creek Civic Arts Gallery. Walnut Creek, California. 
"Another Great Love Affair," Denver Museum. Denver, Colorado. 
"Chicago International Art Exposition," Navy Pier, Klein Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
"'Passagio': Invitational international works in stone, other artists included Noguchi, Pomadoro, Max Bill, Botera, Fannagan," 'Villa De Commune'. Motagaso, Lucca, Italy. 
"25th Anniversary Exhibition," Museum of Versalia. Pietrasanta, Italy. 
"Chicago International Art Exposition," Navy Pier, courtesy of Klein Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
"Faculty Drawing Show," San Jose Museum. San Jose, California. 
"Art in Public Places," American Institute of Architects. Santa Clara Chapter, California. 
"Stone, Metal, and Wood," Palo Alto Cultural Center, contemporary sculpture in Northern California. Palo Alto, California. 
"National 30-year Survey of the History of Raku," originated in St. Louis, Missouri. 
Tour of five museums. 
"Small Sculpture Show," San Francisco International Airport, C.C.A., San Francisco, California. 
"Bay Area Sculptural Invitational," Palo Alto Cultural Center. Palo Alto, California. 
"Florence-Santa Clara: Two Schools of Sculpture," Academia delle Arti del Disegnno, Florence, Italy, and Triton Museum of Art. Santa Clara, California. 
"San Jose Museum of Art, Selected Group Invitational Show," KETH Auction Works Gallery. Costa Mesa, California. 
"Group Exhibition," Cadence Corporation. San Jose, California. 
"D.P. Fong Show - Family Traditions," San Jose Art League. San Jose, California. 
"National Sculpture Conference," San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Museum, D.P. Fong Gallery. California. 
Syntax Corp. Sunnyvale, California. 
"San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art Group Show - Public Art," San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. San Jose, California. 
"Sculpture of the Nineties," High Museum of Art. Atlanta, Georgia. 
National Touring Show. 
National Ceramic Conference Featured Museum Show at Charlotte, North Carolina. 
Pacific Rim Sculpture Show Invitational, Juror Exhibitor. Spring 2000. 
"Out Door / In Door," Invitational City Hall and Civic Plaza. 1st prize Out Door, 3rd prize In Door. City of Santa Clara, Northern California. Santa Clara, California. 
"San Jose Shark Fest," invited by Heritage Bank as sponsor. San Jose, California. 
"Contemporary American Ceramics (1950-1990)," The National Museum of Modern Art. Kyoto, Japan. 
Traveling international show. 
"Group Show with Peter Shue, Betty Gold, Michael Todd," Warner Center. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. 
"Standing Room Only, Scripps 60th Annual," Williamson Gallery, Scripps College. Claremont, California. 
"Outdoor selected group show," Warner Center. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. 
"Sit Down! (International 75th Anniversary Outdoor Sculptural Garden Bench Exhibition)," Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts, Saratoga, California. One year show. 
Linda Durnell Gallery. Los Gatos, California. 
"Merit Badg” exhibition & national invitational, including such artists as Michel Auder, Julian Laveriere, Jason Middlebrook, Aleksandra Mir, Mungo Thomson, Jude Tallichet, Kerry Tribe, and Doug Wada," Rockland Center for the Arts. West Nyack, New York. 
"Bronze and Stone," Armstrong Gallery. Pomona, California. 
"California Invitational, including such artists as Bruce Beasley, Albert Paley, Randall Shiroma, and Michael Todd," Buckeye Art Garden. Petaluma, California. 
Linda Durnell Gallery. Los Gatos, California. 
Hampton Road Gallery/Peter Marcelle Gallery. South Hampton, Long Island, New York. 
"Sculpture on View: Works from the Art Foundry, including such artists as Bruce Beasley, Robert Brady, Richard Hunt, Nathan Oliveira, Alan Osborne, Michael Todd, and Peter Voulkos," The Art Foundry Gallery. Sacramento, California. 
"Artists & World Environment," Thai-American Art Exhibition, Art Centre, Silpakorn University. Bangkok, Thailand. 
"Titration," Dublin Art Council Nation Invitational Sculpture Show. Columbus, Ohio. 
Middlebrook, Jason, curator.  "Merit Badge 2," Rockland Center for the Arts. West Nyack, New York. October 14-May 14, 2008. 
Goodwin-Guerrero, Erin, Tony May, and David Middlebrook, curator.  "California to Bangkok and Back: An Ongoing Artistic & Cultural Exchange of Faculty Artists," Works/San José. San José, California. December 4, 2007-January 19, 2008. 
Jacques, Russell, curator. 2 year, large scale, outdoor exhibition. The El Paseo Invitational, Palm Desert, California. 
Phillips, Jeff, curator.  "Nature Continues Its Course," The 21st Century Plaza Sculpture Garden. Los Angeles, California. May 10-September 20, 2008. 
Ligorano, Nora and Marshall Reese, curator.  "Crater Bay Area," San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. San Jose, California. May 30-August 2, 2008. 
"Basic Insticts," Mac Art Group. Miami, Florida. December 2008. 
"3 Sculptors: Michael Todd/ David Middlebrook/ Leonard Skuro," Sylvia White Gallery. Ventura, California. January 31-March 7, 2009. 
"No Fooling We Mean It!," McLoughlin Gallery. San Francisco, California. Opens April 1, 2011. 
Regev, Hanna, curator.  "Change," University Museum, Sacramento State University. Sacramento, California. 
"Pia Maria Martin & David Middlebrook," The McLoughlin Gallery, Scope Basel. Basel, Switzerland. June 12-17, 2012. 
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