David Middlebrook Catalogue
David Middlebrook
"Shadow Piece", ceramic, steel, 102" x 54" x 18", private commission. Budget: $6,000.
"Slippage", travertine, basalt, 42"x 114" x40".

"Dogon Praying", travertine, basalt, marble, private commission. Budget: $10,000. 54" x 27" x 10 1/2", private commission. Budget: $6,000.

"Father II" stone, marble 4' x 11' x 1'6", L.R.S. Associates, Santa Clara, California, courtesy of Young Gallery, San Jose, California, Budget: $10,000.

"Slant", pietra serena, rose Portugal, travertine 5'x 5' x 16", Klein Gallery, Chicago, Illinois. Budget: $12,000.

"Stone Concerto", travertine, granite, marble. 8'x 4' x 2', private commission. Courtesy of Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, California. Budget: $13,000.

"Earth Sample", a 3-dimensional architectural facade of existing interior plinte; marble, granite, travertine, 38' x 26' x 7''; Thrust IV, Inc., Mountain View, California. $45,000.

"Alien", an outdoor fountain, onyx, travertine, serpentine, 9'x 11' x 6'6", private commission.

"Morasha" Jewish Community Center playground: design, fabrication and installation constructed of stone with large berms and play areas (piece represents miniature ruins the history of the Jewish culture). Budget: $500,000.

"Small World", University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. $48,000.

"Time Shadow", Sacramento. California, RJB corporation, total sculpture environment of interior "Crossroads", Kent Arts commission, Washington. $15,000.
"Florentine Riviera", Sacramento, California, RJB Corporation, total sculpture environment of interior floors, walls, in granite, stone, male, relief and inlay. $350,000.
35-foot interior wall relief, completed July, 1992, local competition Cadence Corp., San Jose, California. Budget: $350,000. Lobby piece, local competition, Amdahl Corporate Headquarters.

"Earth Abides", 18'x 2' x 8', slate, stone, steel, granite, site piece for new wing, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California.

Colorado Council of Art: Pueblo Community College Amphitheater, Pueblo, Colorado, national competition. Installation, summer 1993. Budget: $65,000.
Minet Corp. Lobby, entrance piece, 14' x 7', stone. Budget: $14,000.
Amdahl Corp., 14' x 6' x 1' lobby entrance piece, corporate headquarters, Sunnyvale, California. Budget: $15,000.
"Ancient Shadows", pedestrian bridge over Highway 80 overpass in Davis, California. 140' x 18' bas-relief of Yolo County Native American reinterpreted petroglyph images. Budget: $23,000.

"Yolo Man", 71' x 14', bicycle-pedestrian path bridge over Highway 80, Sacramento County, City of Davis, California, petroglyph, cast concrete bridge. Budget: $21,500.

"Tutonka," installed in Heritage National Bank, San Jose, California, 9' x 6' x 8', one ton basalt.

"Punch" Marble Pegboard Lobby entrance wall mural designed and installed for Amdahl Corp., Sunnyvale, California. 22' x 12' x 2', $22,000.

Architectural Stone Interior, design and fabrication, private client, Ben Lomond, California. Budget: $75,000.

"Time Graffiti." De Anza College, Cupertino, California, 18' x 22' x 6' interactive sun dial. Budget: $25,000.
Italian garden entry piece, Sheridan Plaza, Palo Alto, California, scheduled for execution late spring 1997. Budget: $28,500.
"Stone Palm", 2 marble & bronze 17' palm trees, awarded commission invitational competition, $24,000. City of Sunnyvale, corner of El Camino & Remington, California.
"Brain Storm", 14' x 7' x 6', bronze, aluminum, basalt, juried winning proposal, City of Sunnyvale, California, Palio Associates. $23,000.
"Moon Dance", 14' x 5' x 4', private estate sculpture garden.
"Contact", 14' x 18' x 12', marble & bronze, reflecting pool sky mural. Private estate sculpture commission, Palo Alto, California.
"Step in Stone", 20' 3" x 11' x 8', 17.5 tons, basalt, granite, bronze. Across from Stanford campus in front of 4 star Weston Hotel, invitational, Northern California competition, awarded winner. Palo Alto, California. $50,000.
"Bottom Line", Fujitsu Corp. Bronze & stone wall entry piece, 14' x 8' x 18".
Site Garden Sculpture Environment, basalt, stone, bronze. Garden art design collaboration with landscape-designer. Project includes stone bronze bench, brown water element, 9 foot garden sculpture. Private commission.
Garden Sculpture Archway, bronze, stone, basalt, 14' x 14' x 9', private commission.
City of Milwaukee "Gordon Park", 15 ton gateway entry piece. National awarded commission, bronze, basalt, Carrara white marble, 18' x 19' x 24', $56,500.
Bronze & stone, 9' "Ula Knife" garden piece, Los Gatos, California. Private awarded commission.
Commission in Progress: Sculptural garden bronze and stone installation, private sculptural garden, Fremont, California.
Commission in Progress: Site-specific, multi-ton entry stone and bronze sculpture, private contemporary art collection, Palm Desert, California.
Commission in Progress: Fountain and beach installation, sculptural landscape collaboration with local landscape architect, Gilroy, California.
Commission in Progress: Episcopal Church by the Sea, Meditation Fountain of Joy, white Carrara marble sculptural installation. Donation based budget: $30-$40,000. Santa Monica, California.
Commission in Progress: Outdoor fountain and garden installation environment with five elements, private collection, Gilroy, California.
Bill Guild Avehet, San Jose, California.

Sally and Don Lucas, Maui, Hawaii and Pacific Grove, California.

Frank and Judith Marshall, Palm Desert, California.

Commission in Progress: Private commission of an outdoor installation in a garden environment, Sunol, California.
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