Alex S. MacLean Catalogue
Alex S. MacLean
Selected Books
MacLean, Alex, Bill McKibbin (text) and Alex MacLean (aerial photography).  Look at the Land: Aerial Reflections on America.  Rizzoli. New York, New York. 1993.
Reps, John W. and Alex MacLean (aerial photography).  Cities of the Mississippi: 19th Century Images of Urban Development.  University of Missouri Press. Columbia, Missouri. 1994.
Corner, James and Alex MacLean (aerial photography); Michael Van Valkenburgh (foreword).  Taking Measures Across the American Landscape.  Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. 1996.
Sexton, Richard and Alex MacLean (aerial photography).  Vestiges of Grandeur: The Plantations of Louisiana’s River Road.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California. 1999.
Gillham, Oliver and Alex MacLean (aerial photography).  The Limitless City: A Primer on the Urban Sprawl Debate.  Island Press. Washington, DC. 2002.
Campoli, Julie, Elizabeth Humstone and Alex MacLean (aerial photography).  Above and Beyond: Visualizing Change in Rural Areas.  APA Planners Press. Chicago, Illinois. 2002.
MacLean, Alex S. and James Corner (intro).  Designs on the Land.  Thames and Hudson Press. New York, New York. 2003.
Besse, Jean-Marc, James Corner, Alex MacLean (aerial photography) and Gilles Tiberghien.  L’Arpenteur du Ciel.  Textuel. Paris, France. 2003.
MacLean, Alex S. and Susan Yelavich (intro).  The Playbook.  Thames and Hudson. New York, New York. 2006.
Campoli, Julie and Alex S. MacLean (aerial photography); Armando Carbonelll (intro).  Visualizing Density.  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2007.
MacLean, Alex S.; Bill McKibben, intro.  OVER: The American Landscape at the Tipping Point.  Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York, New York. 2008.
Valentien, Donata, ed.; Alex S. Maclean, photo essay.  Return of Landscape.  Akademie der Kunste. Berlin, Germany. 2010.
Vegas | Venice.  Verlag Schirmer/Mosel. Munich, Germany. 2010.
Tiberghien, by Gilles A.; Dominique Carré, ed.  Chroniques aériennes: L'Art d'Alex MacLean.  La Découverte. Paris, France. 2010.
Cohen, Jean-Louis; Dominique Carré, ed.  Paris La Défense Seine Arche: Carte blanche/Free hand to Alex MacLean.  Paris, France. 2010.
MacLean, Alex; Robert Campbell, intro.  Up on the Roof: New York's Hidden Skyline Spaces.  Princeton Architectural Press. New York, New York. 2012.
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