Alex S. MacLean Catalogue
Alex S. MacLean
Selected Articles
Beckelman, Laurie.  "Images of Earth,"  The Boston Globe Magazine,  November 30, 1980.
Floria, Barbara.  "A Different Kind of Landslide,"  MD Magazine,  June, 1983.
Gropman, Donald.  "Eye in the Sky,"  Berkshire Magazine,  Spring, 1988.
LeGoff, Hervé.  "Alex MacLean: Americaland – Le Survol de l’Architecte,"  Le Photographe,  March, 1993.
Padjen, Elizabeth.  "Alex MacLean: The Landscape of Play,"  Architecture Boston,  March/April, 1993.
"Plane Geometry,"  The New York Times Magazine,  July 4, 1993.
"Aerial Photographs Reveal Beauty, Degradation and Sadness in America,"  The Northern Forest Forum,  Winter, 1993.
"Flight Patterns,"  Progressive Architecture,  March, 1994.
Gordon, Donna.  "Sky King,"  The Boston Globe Magazine,  July 24, 1994.
Bell, Judith.  "Aerial Metaphors - Beyond Landscapes,"  The Rangefinder,  April, 1995.
"The View From Above: Photographs by Alex MacLean,"  Art New England,  April/May, 1995.
"Perspective of a Winged Eye,"  Architecture California,  May, 1995.
"Earthly Inscriptions,"  Architectural Record,  December, 1999.
Atkin, Ross.  "Sprawled Out,"  The Christian Science Monitor,  January 10, 2001.
"Ciel ! L’Amerique,"  Beaux Arts,  March, 2003.
"Parkings,"  GEO Magazin,  March, 2003.
"Le Survol de L'Architecte,"  Le Photo Graphe,  March, 2003.
"Shape of the Union,"  Telegraph Magazine,  April, 2003.
"America From the Air,"  Cara,  May, 2003.
"Land Art,"  Ventiquattro Il Magazine,  June, 2003.
"Aparcados,"  Muy Interestante,  July, 2003.
"L’Amerique vue du ciel,"  Science & Vie Junior,  July, 2003.
"Toward the Horizon: Alex S. MacLean's Photographs,"  Review Magazine,  vol. 5, no. 6, September, 2003.
"Geometria Espacial,"  Super Interesante,  August, 2004.
"Shared Wisdom, An Unflinching Eye,"  Landscape Architecture,  September, 2004.
Russell, James and Alex MacLean (aerial photography).  "Las Vegas Gambles on Growth,"  Architectural Record,  May, 2005.
Temin, Christine.  "View from the top,"  Boston Globe,  July 17, 2005.
"Die Architektur des Vergnügens,"  GEO,  September, 2006.
Sawalich, William.  "High Art. Aerial Photographer Alex MacLean’s Keen Eye for Geometry Examines America at Play,"  PCPhoto Magazine,  March/April, 2007.
Marsh, Alton K.  "Making a living shooting from the air,"  AOPA PILOT,  May, 2007.
Lambert, Olympia.  "Market Forces: Consuming Territories,"  ArtCal,  May 22, 2008.
McAlley, John.  "The Big Pictures: Best Gift Books 2008,",  November 24, 2008.
Gleason, Paul.  "Up in the Air: Pictures of a changing planet,"  Harvard Magazine,  January-February, 2009.
"How I Shot This,"  Popolar Photography,  August, 2009.
Dunlap, David W.  "Hovering Above the Skyline, Armed With a Camera,"  The New York Times,  May 2, 2012.
"Open-Air Status Symbols,"  The Wall Street Journal,  May 14, 2012.
Jones, Alice.  "On top of the world: Aerial photographer Alex MacLean uncovers the secrets of New York's skyline,"  The Independent,  April 14, 2012.
"Do Look Down,"  New York magazine,  April 29, 2012.
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