Susanna Coffey Catalogue
Susanna Coffey
Selected Articles
Coffey, Susanna.  "Durer's Rabbit,"  Chicago Art/Write,  March, 1988.
Forstner, Abigail.  The Chicago Tribune,  February 1, 1991.
Artner, Alan.  The Chicago Tribune,  February, 1996.
Levin, Kim.  "Work in Progress,"  The Village Voice,  April 22, 1997.
Nahas, Dominique.  Art Review,  1997.
Unger, Miles.  "Deceptive Mirrors, Contemporary Self Portraits,"  Art New England,  December/January, 1997.
Becker, Carol.  "Pilgrimage to My Lai: Social Memory and the Making of Art,"  Art Journal,  vol. 62, no. 4, December 22, 2003. p. 50. 
Edgecomb, Kathleen.  "Looking at Herself,"  The New London Day,  December 8, 2005.
Becker, Carol.  "Gandhi's Body and Further Representations of War and Peace,"  Art Journal,  Winter, 2006.
Sclafani, Melissa.  "Susanna Coffey,"  The New Paltz Oracle,  vol. 79, issue 10, November 29, 2007.
"Susanna Coffey: Plantings and Cuttings,"  Charlotte Culture,  2009.
"7 Days,"  The Huffington Post,  September, 2010.
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