David LaChapelle Catalogue
David LaChapelle
Solo Exhibitions
"Angels, Saints, Martyrs," 303. New York, New York. October 11-November 8, 1984. 
"Good News for Modern Man," 303. New York, New York. March 29-April 30, 1984. 
"Taking Pictures is Fun," Palladium. New York, New York. September 11, 1986. 
"Your Needs Met," 56 Bleecker Gallery. New York, New York. May 25-June 25, 1988. 
"Mirrors of God & Intervention St. Lucy," Trabia-MacAfee Gallery. New York, New York. May 25-June 18, 1989. 
"Life Never Dies," (Slide Exhibitions) Mars. New York, New York. February 11, 1989. 
"Somewhere Better," Trabia-MacAfee Gallery. New York, New York. January 7-28, 1989. 
"Facility of Movement," Tomoko Ligouri Gallery. New York, New York. November 9-December 21, 1991. 
"PomPom Croissant," Tomoko Ligouri Gallery. New York, New York. September 11-19, 1993. 
"Javier," (Cibachromes) Trabia MacAfee. New York, New York. April 11-May 12, 1995. 
"LaChapelle Land," Staley Wise Gallery. New York, New York. November 8-30, 1996. 
"LaChapelle Land," Parko. Tokyo, Japan. March 30, 1997. 
"LaChapelle Land," Les Rencontres D'Arles. Arles, France. July 5. 
"Hotel LaChapelle," Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Rome, Italy. March 19-May 24, 1999. 
"David LaChapelle: Photographs," Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. June 4-September 15, 1999. 
"The Beautiful & Bizarre," School of Visual Arts. New York, New York. 
"Hot Flash," Palacio Pombal. Lisbon, Portugal. September 2000. 
Fahey Klein. Los Angeles, California. May 25-June 8, 2000. 
"David LaChapelle," Baldwin Gallery. Aspen, Colorado. December 29-February 16, 2001. 
"Fish Stick," Camerawork. Berlin, Germany. September 7-November 23, 2001. 
"Photology," Villa Impero. Bologna, Italy. May 5-July 28, 2001. 
Galleria Carla Sozzani. Milan, Italy. September 27-November 4, 2001. 
"LaChapelle," Kunsthaus. Vienna, Austria. June 6–September 22, 2002. 
"All American," Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. July 16-September 21, 2002. 
"La Chapelle: Photographs," Barbican Gallery. London, United Kingdom. October 10-December 23, 2002. 
"All American," Montblanc International at Rockfeller Center. New York, New York. 
"Artists and Prostitutes," Deitch Gallery. New York, New York. March 12-April 21, 2005. 
"David LaChapelle," Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery. Knokke, Belgium. March 2005. 
"David LaChapelle," Reflex Gallery. Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 7-July 16, 2005. 
"David LaChapelle," Goss Gallery Grand Opening. Dallas, Texas. May 20-August 12, 2005. 
"David LaChapelle: Pictures for Italian Vogue," Staley+Wise Gallery. New York, New York. December 9-January 28, 2006. 
"VIP: Very Important Portraits," Capodimonte Museum. Naples, Italy. March 24–June 31, 2006. 
"David LaChapelle," Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery in Collaboration with La Galerie Du XX Siecle Gallery. Paris, France. November. 
"Heaven to Hell," Jablonka Gallery. Berlin, Germany. November 30—February 17, 2007. 
"Awakened," Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. February 24–April 28, 2007. 
"Awakened," Goss Gallery. Dallas, Texas. March 20—April 11, 2007. 
"David LaChapelle: Heaven to Hell," Malba Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina. March 30—May 21, 2007. 
"David LaChapelle," La Galerie Delphine Pastor. Monaco. May 11- July 29, 2007. 
Mercurio, Gianni and Fred Torres, curator.  "David LaChapelle," Palazzo Reale. Milan, Italy. September 25, 2007-January 6, 2008. 
Mercurio, Gianni and Fred Torres, curator.  "David LaChapelle," Fotografiska Museet. Stockholm, Sweden. April 10–May 11, 2008. 
"Jesus is My Homeboy," Jablonka Galerie at Tefaf. Maastricht, Netherlands. March 6-16, 2008. 
"David LaChapelle: Auguries of Innocence," Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. September 12-October 24, 2008. 
Opening Reception: September 12, 6-8pm. 
Mercurio, Gianni and Fred Torres, curator.  "David LaChapelle," Forte Belvedere. Florence, Italy. July 16–October 19, 2008. 
"David LaChapelle: Jesus is my Homeboy," Robilant + Voena. London, United Kingdom. October 14-November 7, 2008. 
"David LaChapelle: Jesus is My Homeboy," Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art. Miami, Florida. December 2, 2008-January 10, 2009. 
"David LaChapelle," La Monnaie de Paris. Paris, France. February 5-June 2, 2009. 
"David LaChapelle: Delirium of Reason," Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. Mexico City, Mexico. February 3-June 14, 2009. 
Daniels, Alex and Fred Torres, curator.  "David LaChapelle: The Rape of Africa," Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. June 6-July 31, 2009. 
David Desanctis Gallery. Los Angeles, California. September 12-October 31, 2009. 
"Delirium of Reason," The Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara. Guadalajara, Mexico. September 2-November 15, 2009. 
"American Jesus," Sebastian Guinness Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. September 18-October 31, 2009. 
"Cars + Money," Wolfgang Roth + Partners. Miami, Florida. December 2, 2009-March 12, 2010. 
"David LaChapelle," Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. Taipei City, Taiwan. April 9-May 30, 2010. 
"Eden," Alain Noirhomme Gallery. Brussels, Belgium. April 21-May 20, 2010. 
"David LaChapelle: The Rape of Africa," Robilant + Voena. London, United Kingdom. April 26-June 23, 2010. 

CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (Courtyard Installation). Toronto, Canada. May 1-31, 2010. 

"David LaChapelle," The Today Art Museum. Beijing, China. June 20-July 13, 2010. 
"David LaChapelle: Postmodern Pop Photography," The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Tel Aviv, Israel. July 23-November 20, 2010. 
Public Reception with the artist on Thursday, July 22, 7-10PM. 
"David LaChapelle: American Jesus," Paul Kasmin Gallery. New York, New York, in cooperation with Fred Torres Collaborations and Tony Shafrazi Gallery. July 13-September 18, 2010. 
"David LaChapelle: Documents of Desire & Disasters," Paul Kasmin Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey. December 9, 2010-January 29, 2011. 

"David LaChapelle," Galería Leyendecker. Tenerife, Spain. December 17, 2010-February 26, 2011. 
"Earth Laughs in Flowers," Kestner-Gesellschaft. Hanover, Germany. February 25-May 8, 2011. 
Torres, Fred, Rebecca Michelman, Patrick Toolan, and David LaChapelle, curator.  "David LaChapelle: Early Works from 1984 to 1987," Michelman Fine Art in cooperation with Fred Torres Collaborations. New York, New York. May 2-June 15, 2011. 
Gallery Talks: David LaChapelle at Michelman Fine Art. May 18th & June 6th, 2011. 
"David LaChapelle: The Raft," De Sarthe Fine Art. Central Hong Kong. May 25-July 2, 2011. 
Marshall, Richard, curator.  "From Darkness to Light," Lever House. New York, New York. June 2-September 2, 2011. 
"Earth Laughs in Flowers," Maurani & Noirhomme Gallery. Knokke, Blegium. August 5-September 12, 2011. 

"David LaChapelle," Nye + Brown Gallery. Los Angeles, California. September 10-October 31, 2011

"David LaChapelle: Lost and Found," Bratislava City Gallery. Bratislava, Slovakia. September 14-October 30, 2011.

"David LaChapelle: Negative Currency and Recollections in America," Prism. West Hollywood, California. September 27-November 5, 2011. 
"NosOtros de David LaChapelle," Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico. October 21, 2011-February, 2012. 
"David LaChapelle In Seoul: A Retrospective," Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center. Seoul, South Korea. November 22, 2011-February 26, 2012. 
Urban, Otto M, curator.  "Thus Spoke LaChapelle: A Retrospective Exhibition," Galerie Rudolfinum. Prague, Czech Republic. December 7, 2011-February 26, 2012. 
Artist Talk and Q&A will be held at National Theater on Thursday, December 8, 2011, 7-9pm. 
"Earth Laughs in Flowers," Reformierte Dorfkirche. St. Moritz, Switzerland. February 11-26, 2012. 
Robilant + Voena. London, United Kingdom. February 14-March 24, 2012.
Robilant + Voena. Milan, Italy. February 16-March 24, 2012.
Fred Torres Collaborations. New York, New York. February 23-March 24, 2012. 
"David LaChapelle," Singapore Art Museum, Singapore. March 22-July 22, 2012. 

"Jesus Is My Homeboy," Jablonka Galerie, Böhm Chapel. Cologne, Germany. May 14-August 19, 2012. 
"Earth Laughs in Flowers, in conjunction with The Solo Project," Fred Torres Collaborations with Patricia Low Gallery in cooperation Marauni & Noirhomme. Basel, Switzerland. June 13-17, 2012. 
"David LaChapelle: Retrospective," Bexco Art Center. Busan, South Korea. June 16-September 16, 2012. 
Vanni, Maurizio, curator.  "David LaChapelle," Lu.C.C.A Center of Contemporary Art. Lucca, Italy. June 29-November 4, 2012. 
"Burning Beauty," Fotografiska Museet. Stockholm, Sweden. November 28 2012-March 3 2013. 
"Still Life," Paul Kasmin Gallery. New York, New York, USA. November 26-January 19. 
"Still Life," Galerie Daniel Templon. Paris, France. June 6- July 26, 2013. 
"Land Scape," Paul Kasmin Gallery. New York, New York, January 17- March 1. 
"Beyond Earth Art," Cornell University: Johnson Museum of Art. New York, New York, January 25- June 8. 
"American Cool," National Portrait Gallery. Washington, DC, February 7-September 7. 
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