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Isidro Blasco
Group Exhibitions
"Interarte'85," Salón de Arte Jóven. Valencia, Spain. 
Konsomol Gallery. Sofia, Bulgaria. 
Muestra de Arte Jóven. Madrid, Spain. 
Galería Aldaba. Madrid, Spain. 
Premiere Biennale des Ecoles D'Art D'Europe. Toulouse, France. 
"ARCO'89," Excmo at ARCO' 89. Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. 
"Circuitos'90," Traveling Exhibition for the "Comunidad de Madrid". Madrid, Spain. 
"Incontro Fra Arte e Pensiero," Siracusa, Italy. 
"Roma'91," Academia Española de Bellas Artes. Rome, Italy. 
Galería Saro León. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 
Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Madrid, Spain. 
"Germinations VII Magazine, Grenoble, France," "Galería Budapest", Hungary and "House of Culture", Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. 
Bartolomé, Martín, curator.  "Artistas de la Academia," I.C.I. 
traveling exhibition for the Iberoamerican countries. 
"ARCO'93," Galería Mácula and Galería A. Alvarez at ARCO' 93. Madrid, Spain. 
"ARCO'95," Galería Mácula at ARCO' 95. Madrid, Spain. 
"Diez en Tres," Palacio Gravina. Alicante, Spain. 
"ARCO'96," Galería Rosa Hernández at ARCO' 96. Madrid, Spain. 
"S/T," Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain. 
Popiashvili, Irina, curator.  "Personal Best," Chassie Post Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia,USA. 
Coleman, Catherine, curator.  "Autostop," Comunidad de Madrid. 
traveling exhibition. 
"Expo Guadalajara," Galería Márta Cervera. Guadalajara, México. 
Reyes, J.A. Alvarez, curator.  "La Casa, Su Idea," Sala de Exposiciones de la Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 
"ARCO'98," Galería Márta Cervera at ARCO' 98. Madrid, Spain. 
Llorca, Pablo, curator.  "La Cicatriz Interior," Sala de Exposiciones de la Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 
"Gramercy Park Hotel," Gramery Park Hotel. New York, New York, USA. 
Skvirsky, Karina, curator.  "Amerika in Immigrant Hands," Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning. Jamaica, New York, USA. 
"ARCO'99," Galería Márta Cervera at ARCO' 99. Madrid, Spain. 
"Insights: Interior Spaces in Contemporary Art ," Whitney Museum, Champion Branch. Stamford, Connecticut. 
"Metaphors for Architecture; Five Artists Revisit Utica, NY," Utica, New York, USA. 
"Armory Show," Marta Cervera Galery at the Armory Show. New York, New York, USA. 
"MIART 2001," Marta Cervera Gallery at the Milan International Art Fair. Milan, Italy. 
"ART CHICAGO 2001," ART CHICAGO, Fucares Gallery. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Skvirsky, Karina, curator.  "JCAL AT ABC Television Network Featured," New York City ABC Television Network: Featured Artists-Isidro Blasco, Heng-Gil Han, Kenta Furusho, Karen Fitzgerald. 
Shaw, Karen, curator.  "Eccentric Photography," Islip Art Museum. East Slip, New York, USA. 
"Armory Show," Marta Cervera Gallery at the Armory Show. New York, New York, USA. 
"ARCO International Art Fair," Marta Cervera Gallery at the ARCO Art Fair. Madrid, Spain. 
Cullen, Deborah, curator.  "S-Files," El Museo Del Bario. New York, New York, USA. 
"Magische Expeditionen," Museum Folkwang.Essen, Germany. 
"ARCO'02," Fucares Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 
Roger Smith Gallery, New York, USA.
International Art Fair, Spain. 
"ART-CHICAGO," Fucares Gallery at the International Art Fair. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Arratia, Euridice, curator. Dorsky Gallery. Long Island City, New York, USA. 
Sling Shot Project, New York, New York, USA. 
"El Estudio del Artista," Site-Specific at DOMESTICO. Madrid, Spain. 
"Parklife," Public Art Fund, MetroTeck Center. Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
"Temporary Spaces," Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall. Charlottenborg, Denmark. 
"In Practice, Special Project Series (Thinking About That Place)," Sculpture Center. Long Island City, New York, USA. January 11 - April 11, 2004. 
"Queens International," Queens Museum of Art. Queens, New York, USA. 
"Untethered Architecture," Numark Gallery. Washington DC, USA. 
"Domicile: A Sense of Place," Center on Contemporary Art. Seattle, Washington, USA. 
"Emerging Artits Fellowship," Socrates Sculpture Park. New York, New York, USA. 
"Synapses," Florence Lynch Gallery. New York, New York, USA. 
"Collapsing Matter," Morsel Gallery. Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
"The Gift: Building a Collection for the Queens Museum," Queens Museum of Art. Queens, New York, USA. 
"Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark’s 'Fake Estates'," Organized by Cabinet Magazine, White Columns. New York, New York, USA. 
"Welcome 2 the Jungle," DCKT Contemporary. New York, New York, USA. 
"Off the wall," Hunter Collage Art Galleries. New York, New York, USA. 
"That Which is Build," Patricia Sweetow Gallery. San Francisco, California, USA. 
"Identidades Criticas," Universidad de Cordoba. Cordoba, Spain. 
Museo Patio Herreriano. Valladolid, Spain. 
"Installed!," The Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts. Long Branch, New Jersey, USA. 
"Substance and Light," Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. Utica, New York, USA. 
3rd Ward. Brooklyn, New York. 
"gimme shelter," 10a Serpentine Drive. Shelter Island, New York. 
"Expansiones Implosivas," Centro Cultural de la Villa. Madrid, Spain. 
Wei, Lilly, curator.  "PHOTO+," Blue Star Art Space. San Antonio, Texas. 
Thirtyseven degrees Contemporary Fine Art Gallery. Sydney, Australia. 
"La Construcción del Paisaje Contemporáneo," Centro de Arte y Naturaleza. Huesca, Spain. 
"Stretching the Truth," John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 
"Capricious and Mercurial Systems, A + D Gallery," Columbia College. Chicago, Illinois. 
"Future Tense: Reshaping the Landscape," Neuberger Museum of Art. Purchase, New York. 
"I Centenario S. Allende," Centro Cultural La Moneda. Santiago de Chile, Chile. 
Persons, Timothy, curator.  "Nuevas Historias: A New View of Spanish Photography and Video Art," Kulturhuset. Stockholm, Sweden. October 4, 2008-January 25, 2009. 
Stenersen Museum. Oslo, Norway. February 26-May 3, 2009.
Kuntsi Museum Of Modern Art. Vaasa, Finland.
National Museum of Photography. Copenhagen, Denmark. 
"The Interior: Contemporary Photographic View," Martin Weinstein Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. October 18, 2008-February 7, 2009. 
"Out of Their Comfort Zone," Dominik Mersch Gallery. Waterloo, Australia. January 21-March 7, 2009. 
Eller, Thomas, curator. Temporäre Kunsthalle. Berlin, Germany. 
"Visionary Drawing Building," Online project by Max Goldfarb and Matt Bua. 
"Transforming Photography," Edward Cella Art+Architecture. Los Angeles, California. May 30-July 2, 2009. 
Quadrio, Davide, curator.  "Reversed Images: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture," Museum of Contemporary Photography. Chicago, Illinois. September 25–December 23, 2009. 
"Building Rooms," Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea. Lisbon, Portugal. November 11, 2009-January 9, 2010. 
Dinapoli, Jodie , Ella Levitt, Manon Slome and Trinidad Fombella, curator.  "Weaving In & Out," No Longer Empty. Tapestry, Harlem, New York. June 15-August 30, 2010. 
"What Surrounds Me," Dominik Mersch Gallery. Waterloo, Australia. December 9-24, 2010. 
"Perceptions in Balance," Nuartlink Gallery. Westport, Connecticut. June 9-August 8, 2011. 
"Laneway Art Project: Isidro Blasco - Deconstructing Ways," Art & About Sydney. Sydney, Australia. September 23, 2011-January 31, 2012. 
"No Exit – Urban Space," Helsinki City Museum. Helsinki, Finland. March 2-April 22, 2012. 
"The World According To Roberley Bell, Isidro Blasco, Julian Montague, Alejandro Moreno, Santiago Taccetti, Amy Talluto, Michael Van den Besselaar and Eric White," Black & White Gallery. Brooklyn, New York. March 10-April 15, 2012. 
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