Barbara Nessim Catalogue
Barbara Nessim
Artist Interviews
"Radio Free Europe "Voice of America","  interviewed along with Diana Bryan,  1986.
"Barbara Nessim On Computer Art,"  Chroma (Japan),  1986.
"Siggraph 94,"  Japanese television,  1994.
"Colombian Culture,"  TV interview on RAM Exhibition with translator for Colombian TV,  1995.
"Featured interview in The Agfa Guide to Digital Color Prepress (Interactive Edition),"  Macintosh CD-ROM,  1996.
"Barbara Nessim at Norman Rockwell Museum,"  2 min interview w/show on NBC, channel 22,  February 5, 1999.
Hayes, Alison.  "Barbara Nessim: Artist of The World,"  The Artful Mind,  May, 1999, pp. 36–37. 
Hively, Charles.  "Educator: Illustrator of the Year: Barbara Nessim,"  Student Illustrators Annual Sponsored by 3 x 3 Magazine,  2003, pp. 2–5. 
  Charles Hively,    Barbara Nessim,  "Icon No. 2: Barbara Nessim,"  3 x 3: The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, vol. 1 no. 3,  2004, pp. 4–5. 
  Anne Telford,    Barbara Nessim,  "What’s Inequality,"  Step Inside Design vol. 21 no. 6,  November-December, 2005, p. 90. 
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