Barbara Nessim Catalogue
Barbara Nessim
Selected Articles
Stevens, Carol.  Print,  November-December, 1968. cover and feature, pp. 36-41. 
"Between the Lines,"  New York Magazine,  January 19, 1970.
"Portfolio, Barbara Nessim,"  Audience,  vol. 2 no. 2, March-April, 1972. cover, pp. 85-89. 
Ameryka (Polish and Russian), pubished by the United Stated Information Agency,  July, 1973. cover and feature. 
Cree (French),  January-February, 1973. feature. 
Idea (Japanese),  February, 1973. cover and feature. 
"Barbara Nessim,"  Rassegna (Italian),  1974. cover and feature. 
Art Direction,  October, 1974. cover. 
"Sketchbook,"  SOHO News,  November, 1975. feature. 
Print,  September-October, 1975. feature. 
"Sketchbook,"  Art Direction,  November, 1975. feature. 
Idea - Illustrators in New York, special issue,  1976. feature. 
"Sketchbook,"  New Dawn,  July, 1976. feature. 
Ishihara, Yoshihisa.  "Women Illustrators in New York,"  Idea: International Advertising Art (Japanese),  September, 1977. feature, pp. 62-65. 
The Fujin Gahosha (Japanese),  October, 1977. feature. 
"American Artists Today - Part II,"  Vision (Japanese),  1979.
Graphis (German),  no. 202, September-October, 1979. pp. 109, 112. 
Interpressgrafik (Hungarian),  April, 1980.
Billeter, Erika.  "Barbara Nessim,"  Graphis,  no. 210 vol. 36, 1980. pp. 324-331. 
Form 4 (Korean),  April, 1981.
Graphis (Swiss),  #210, 1981. p. 15. 
Illustration (Japanese),  #17, August, 1982.
Austin, Joanne.  "Nessim and the IPS2: A Creative Collaboration,"  Adweek,  February, 1983. pp. 6, 9. 
Savage, Ania.  "1,000 Jam Conference on Excellence,"  Rocky Mountain News,  July 11, 1983.
"Upper and Lower Case,"  U & LC,  vol.10 no.4, January, 1983.
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Clurman, Irene.  "Cutting Edge of Design on Exhibition at DU Gallery,"  Rocky Mountain News,  April, 1984.
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Print Magazine Regional Design Annual,  July-August, 1985. p. 266. 
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"Barbara Nessim/Cover Story,"  Communication World,  January, 1985. pp. 27–29. 
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Blum, Walter.  San Francisco Sunday Examiner,  July 14, 1985. p. 14. 
Honan, Patrik.  Personal Computing - Amiga Story,  August, 1985. p. 87. 
"Nessim Uses Computer as a Tool for Traditional Artwork,"  Knoxville News-Sentinel,  October 23, 1985.
Chastain, Francais.  "Artist's Computer Serves as Brush and Palette,"  The Morning Union, Springfield, MA,  December 14, 1986.
Kluepfel, Brian.  "Local Artists Find a New Medium in PCs,"  New York Computer Living,  August, 1986. p. 15. 
"Computer Work and Lifestyle,"  High Fashion (Japanese),  June, 1986.
"Computer Work,"  The Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield, MA,  December, 1986.
Wise, Kelly.  "Upgrading High-tech Art,"  Boston Globe,  December, 1987.
"Computer Art,"  Newsweek on Campus,  March, 1987.
Lisella, Julia.  "Fast Forward,"  Village Voice,  September 23, 1987.
"Barbara Nessim,"  Zoom,  French-July; American-September, 1987.
Rombach, Leopold.  "Rechnerbilder,"  Kunstforum,  no. 82, February, 1987.
Aston-Wash, Barbara.  "Barbara Nessim, 'Arc' Angel of Computer Art,"  Knoxville News-Sentinel,  November, 1987.
Gardner, Paul.  "The Electronic Palette,"  Artnews,  February, 1987.
"Inspiration: The Anatomy of an Idea: A Personal View,"  National Computer Graphics Association Conference,  vol. III, March 20-24, 1988. p. 450. 
Day, Carol Olsen.  "The Art of Barbara Nessim,"  P.C. Computing,  October, 1988.
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Wall, John.  "Lifestyle,"  Altoona Mirror,  December 2, 1988.
"PC as a Paintbrush,"  Business Week,  September, 1989. p. 129. 
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"Computer Art in Context,"  Boston Globe Arts Week section,  June 25, 1989.
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"Nessim's Night,"  Women's Wear Daily,  vol. 161 no. 73, April 15, 1991.
"Random Access Memories,"  Downtown Express Essentials,  vol. 4 no. 46, April 17, 1991.
Curry, James.  "Random Access Memories: A Different Kind Of Exhibit,"  MacWeek,  August 10, 1991.
Newer, H.  "Barbara Nessim,"  CompuServe Magazine,  April, 1992.
"Barbara Nessim,"  Electronic Print (Curriculum Vitae),  October-November, 1992.
Gosney, Michael.  "The Artists Voice,"  Verbum Virtual Reality Issue,  Winter, 1992.
Angelo, Jean Marie.  "Open Minded Collectors,"  Computer Pictures,  January-February, 1992. pp. 23–26. 
Shae, Richard.  "The Apple of Her Eye,"  Time Off,  April 3, 1992. p. 13. 
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"Art: Does it Compute?,"  Great Falls Tribune,  December 11, 1992.
Cheeseborough, Steve.  "Random Access Artwork,"  The Phoenix Gazette, Tempe Community,  October 22, 1993. p. 6. 
"Pioneer Joins Parsons,"  Parsons Perspective,  Winter/Spring, 1993. p. 4. 
"Seeking Monumental Status,"  Computer Artist, Gallery section,  artwork shown with statement, June-July, 1994.
"Balanced Beam,"  Computer Artist, Gallery section,  shown with personal statement, August-September, 1994.
Cullen, Sandy.  "Artist Draws on Social Issues,"  Sunday Patriot Times (Harrisburg, PA),  November 5, 1995. pp. E1, E8. 
Telford, Anne.  "The Women's Room,"  Communication Arts,  January-February, 1995. p. 80. 
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Lozano, A.M.  "En el Centro Colombo, exposicion de Barbara Nessim,"  El Tiempo - Colombian,  May 2, 1995. p. D9. 
Nessim, Barbara.  "Get Lost or Found (essay),"  Leonardo Special Issue: Fourth Annual Digital Salon,  vol. 29, #5, 1996.
Jung-won, Kang.  Design Monthly Magazine (Korea),  #221, November, 1996. pp. 156–161. 
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"Computer Artists Revive Surrealism in a '90's Way,"  The New Jersey Journal: Art Section,  September 27, 1996. p. D1. 
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Killheffer, Robert J.  "Barbara Nessim's RAM Exhibition,"  Design Today,  1996. p. 156. 
Nessim, Barbara.  "Of Walls and Windows (essay),"  Leonardo Special Issue: Fifth Annual Digital Salon,  vol. 30, #5, 1997.
"Women and the Art of Multi-media,"  Rhizome (On-Line Magazine, written about conference),  1997.
"Sight Lines: For Mona Lisa (essay),"  Leonardo Special Issue: Sixth Annual Digital Salon,  1998.
Iwayoshi, Takahisa.  "Global Digital Art Scene: Barbara Nessim,"  Graphics World,  October, 1998.
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"Artists Aided by Computers,"  New York Times,  Electronic News section, June 13, 2001.
Telford, Anne.  "What’s Inequality,"  Step Inside Design,  vol. 21 no. 6, November-December, 2005. p. 90. 
"News & Views: Barbara Nessim,"  Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art and Design,  vol. 3 no. 2, 2007. pp. 2-3. 
"Image and Text,"  3x3: The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration,  vol. 4, no. 1, 2008. p. 10. 
Moffatt, L N.  "Rockwell Museum names artist laureate,"  Berkshire Eagle Online,  September 28, 2009.
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