Barbara Nessim Catalogue
Barbara Nessim
Group Exhibitions
"Panopticon," The Bettman Archives. New York, New York. 
"Erotica," The Van Bovenkamp Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Self Portraits," The Visual Arts Gallery. New York, New York. 
"50 Years of Graphic Art by 50 Leading Graphic Artists," The American Institute of Graphic Arts Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Landscape Show," The Visual Arts Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Esquire Magazine Show," The Esquire Gallery. New York, New York. 
"1st. Int'l. Art Exhibit," Lunds Kunsthal. Lund, Sweden. 
"Black and White: 40 Statements on a Single Theme," The Mead Gallery. New York, New York. 
"The Push Pin Graphic Exhibit," The Louvre. Paris, France. 
"December Show," The Everyman Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Open Show of Feminist Art," New York, New York. 
"Artists for McGoveren," The Feigen Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Visual Witticism," The Erotic Art Gallery. New York, New York. 
"My Best Work II," The Mead Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Erotic Art by Women II," The Erotic Art Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Erotic Art by Women," The Erotic Art Gallery. New York, New York. 
"The Mental Picture," The American Institute of Graphic Arts. New York, New York. 
"Group Show," The Erotic Art Gallery. New York, New York. 
Pratt Institute Illustrators Show. Brooklyn, New York. December 1974. 
"Sneaker Show," The Kornblee Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Color," The Whitney Museum. New York, New York (sponsored by The American Institute of Graphic Arts). 
"Encounter Show," Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Interpretations of Sexuality," Albin-Zeglen Gallery. New York, New York. 
"200 Yrs. of American Illustration," The New York Historical Society. New York, New York. 
"Faculty Show," Schaffler Gallery, Pratt Institute. Brooklyn, New York. 
"Printmaking in Modern American Illustration," Pratt Graphics Center Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Faculty Show," Schaffler Gallery, Pratt Institute. Brooklyn, New York. 
"Images of Labor," Smithsonian Institution, Gallery 1199. Washington, D.C. (traveling show). 
"Faculty Show," The Galleries at Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, New York. 
"Stories Mother Never Told Me (handmade books)," White Plains Public Library Museum. White Plains, New York. (traveling show). 
"Group Show," Otis Art Institute of Parsons. Los Angeles, California. 
"Group Show," Shinsai Bashi Parco Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Group Show," Shibuya Parco Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. 
"Group Show," Sapporo Parco Gallery. Hokkaido, Japan. 
"Group Show," The Butler Institute of American Art. Youngstown, Ohio. 
"Women & Computers," Olin Hall Gallery, Roanoke College. Roanoke, Virginia. 
Brauer, Richard, curator.  "Electronic Epiphanies: Computer Generated Art," Valparaiso University. Valparaiso, Indiana. February 1984. 
Anderson, JudyJohn Norman, curator.  "Edges/Isms," Shwayder Art Gallery, University of Denver. Denver, Colorado. April 1984. 
"Group Show," Reynold Kerr Gallery. New York, New York. June. 
"Fotokino," Cologne, Germany. September 1984. 
"Group Show," Concordia Gallery. Lincoln, Nebraska (traveling for 2 years). 
"Group Show," Contemporary Art Center, Video Festival. New Orleans, Louisiana. 
"Symposium Exhibition," Mercyhurst College Gallery. Erie, Pennsylvania. April 1985. 
"Group Show," Louisville Art Gallery. Louisville, Kentucky. July 1985. 
"Siggraph '85" Competition," San Francisco, California. July 1985. 
Video shown at club debut, and nightly. Palladium Nightclub, New York, New York. 5 months. 
"Group Show," Burnaby Art Gallery. Burnaby, British Columbia. August. 
Shoulet, Susan, curator.  "Group Show," Castle Gallery. New Rochelle, New York. September 1985. 
"4th Annual Pacific N.W. Computer Graphics Convention," University of Oregon. Portland, Oregon. October 1985. 
"Computer Art - Two Views," Parsons Gallery. New York, New York. February18–March 8, 1985. 
Women's Studio Workshop Gallery, Binnewater Art Center. Rosendale, New York. June 1986. 
"20 Year Retro/Computer Art," Siggraph '86; Dallas, Texas (traveling). August 1986. 
Stasik, Andrew, curator.  "The Statute of Liberty, a contemporary graphic view," John Szoke Gallery. New York, New York. 
Schuster, Illene, curator.  "Artists in the Computer Age," The Owens Illinois Gallery. Toledo, Ohio. September-October 1896. 
"Print in/Print out," Palos Verdes Art Center. Palos Verdes, California. October 1986. 
"Multiples," Center for Creative Exhibits. Pittsfield, Massachusetts. December 1986. 
"The Statute of Liberty: A Contemporary Graphic View," The New York State Museum. Albany, New York. January 1987. 
"Computer Art," M.I.T. Museum. Cambridge, Massachusetts. April 1987. 
"Underground Images - SVA - The First 40 Years," The Cooper Hewitt Museum. New York, New York. July 1987. 
Goodman, Cynthia, curator.  "Art in the Computer Age," Everson Museum. Syracuse, New York. September–November 1987. 
Klingon, Karen, curator.  "Public I’s," American Illustration, U Mass/Dartmouth University Gallery. North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. 
Schuster, Illene, curator.  "Computer Art," Miami Youth Museum. Miami, Florida. Feb. 
"Communicating thru Images," Marshall University. Huntington, Virginia. March. 
"Transformations," Reynolds Gallery, University of Pacific. Stockton, California. March 1987. 
"Pandora's Box, Computer Art," Southwestern University. Georgetown, Texas. March 1987. 
"Paper, Ink & Inspiration," Youngstown State University Gallery. Youngstown, Ohio. April. 
"Art from the Computer'87," Amsterdam Art Gallery, CA College of Arts & Crafts. Berkley, California. April 1987. 
"Computer Art Show," Syracuse University Gallery. Syracuse, New York. April 1987. 
Goodman, Cynthia, curator.  "Computer Age Paintings," Clarence Kennedy Gallery. Cambridge, Massachusetts. November-December 1987. 
"1987 Computer Art Exhibition," SCAN (Small Computers in the Arts. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 1987. 
Goodman, Cynthia, curator.  "Art & The Computer Age," I.B.M. Museum. New York, New York. April. 
"Siggraph '88 Art Show," Atlanta, Georgia. July 31-August 6, 1988. 
"Imagine," Computer Art Museum. Boston, Massachusetts. 
Goodman, Cynthia, curator.  "Art in the Computer Age," Cincinnati Museum. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
"Art From the Computer," Hearst Gallery, St. Mary's College of California. Moraga, California. January-February 1988. 
"Nat'l Works on Paper Exhibition," University of Texas at Tyler. Tyler, Texas. January-February 1988. 
"Art and the Computer," Euphrat Gallery. San Francisco, California. April 1988. 
Monroe, Michael, curator.  "1988 Competition," River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center. Alexandria, Louisana. May-June 1988. 
Velasquez, Geraldine, curator.  "The Outside of the Inside," Long Beach Is. Foundation of Arts. Loveladies, New Jersey. July-August 1988. 
"Women'88 Artists," The Artery. Davis, California. August-September 1988. 
"Innovators of American Illustration," Spencer Art Museum. Lawrence, Kentucky (traveled). August 1988-December 1990. 
Thies, Gerry, curator.  "Nude Nat'l II," Wedge Gallery. Rochester, New York. September 1988. 
"Group Show," Farrington Keith Creative Center. Ann Arbor, Michigan. October 1988. 
"Chroma Zone," Galeria Mesa. Mesa, Arizona. October-November 1988. 
Yavapai College. Prescot, Arizona. August 22-September 15, 1989.
Charleston Heights Library. Las Vegas, Nevada. March 22-May 23, 1990.
Arizona Western College. Yuma, Arizona. August 15-September 30, 1990.
Kirkpatrick Center. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. January 18-February 25, 1991.
Utterback Middle School. Tuscon, Arizona. February 1991. 
"C.R.A.S.H.," Wright Museum of Art. Beloit, Wisconsin. October 23–November 1988. 
"WYSIWYG," Blair Art Museum. Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. November-December 1988. 
"2nd Annl. Computer Art Elect. Media Exhibit," Spokane Center Gallery, Eastern Washington University. Spokane, Washington. December 1988. 
"WYSIWYG," Johnstown Art Museum. Johnstown, Pennsylvania. January-February 1989. 
"Siggraph'89 Art Show," Computer Museum. Boston, Massachusetts. July-August 4, 1989. 
Caldwell, John, curator.  "New American Talent-89/90," Laguna Gloria Art Museum.Texas (traveling). 
King, Sally E, curator.  "Visiting Artists 1989," Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Inst. of Art. Baltimore, Maryland. January–February 1989. 
Garcia, Ofelia, curator.  "22nd Bradley National, Print & Drawing," Heuser Art Gallery, Bradley University. Peoria, Illnois. February 1989. 
Russel, Stella Pandell, curator.  "Computer Art '89 Nat'l," Shircliff Gallery of Art. Vincennes, Indiana. February-March 1989. 
"Computer Art/Electronic Imaging," Florissant Valley Gallery. St Louis, Missouri. March 1989. 
Schuster, Illene, curator.  "Bits of Art," Sission Gallery, Henry Ford C.C. Dearborn, Michigan. March 1989. 
Langer, Cassandra, curator.  "Beyond Survival: Old Frontiers/New Visions," Ceres Gallery. New York, New York. April 1989. 
Prince, Patric, curator.  "3-D Computer Art," San Jose University. San Jose, California. June 1989. 
"20+1 Best American Illustrators Show," The Chosun Ilbo Art Gallery. Seoul, Korea. 
Reiser, Martin, curator.  "Electronic Print International," Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol Polytechnic. England. October-November 1989. 
"Group Show," Arts Center Gallery. Irving, Texas. December 1989. 
Algora, Monxto, curator.  "Confluence," Reina Sofia Arts Center. Madrid, Spain. 
Prince, Patric, curator.  "Siggraph '89," Adelaide Arts Festival. Australia (traveling art show - 5 venues). February-July 1990. 
Galloway, David, Christian Sabisch, curator.  "Trans-Art," Galerien im Kreishaus, Artware. Koln, Germany. January 1990. 
"2nd Digitart International Competition (first prize winner)," Ernst Museum. Budapest, Hungary. January–February 1990. 
"Siggraph '90 Art Show," Computer Museum. Boston, Massachusetts (traveled - 3 venues). June-January 1991. 
Gigliotti, Joanne, curator.  "Infinite Illusions," Smithsonian Institute. Washington, D.C. September 1990. 
Kotick, Charlotta, curator.  "Works on Paper," Berkshire Art Museum. Pittsfield, Massachusetts. October 1990. 
"Fotographie, Wissenschaft und Neue Technologein," Kunts Museum. Düsseldorf, Germany. December–January 1991. 
"Electronic Expressions," Bowman, Penelec & Megahan Gallery, Allegheny College. Allegheny, Pennsylvania. April-May 1990. 
"Major Artists," Elaine Benson Gallery. Bridgehampton, New York. June 1990. 
"Flux 90 - New Visions In Computer Art," Muskegon Museum. Muskegon, Michigan. June-August 1990. 
Crist, Jeffrey, curator.  "Women Artists of America," Chautauqua Art Association Galleries. Chautauqua, New York. August 1990. 
Gosney, Michael, curator.  "Imagine Tokyo '89," Verbum. Tokyo, Japan. September. 
"Art the Universal Language," Rempire Gallery. New York, New York. September. 
Francis, Wayne, curator.  "Computer Generated Images," Lee Hall Gallery, Northern Michigan University. Marquette, Michigan. October 1990. 
"Computers and the Creative Process," University of Oregon Museum of Art. Eugene, Oregon. March-May 1991. 
Calvin College Center of Art Gallery. Grand Rapids, Michigan. January 1-February 9, 1991.
University of North Alabama, University Art Gallery. Florence, Alabama. July-August 1991.
Michelson Reeves Museum of Art. Marshall, Texas. October-November 1991.
Bloomingdale Park District Museum. Bloomingdale, Illinois. December-January 1992.
Emerson Art Center, De Pauw University. Greencastle, Indiana. February-March 1992.
Humanities Center Gallery, Wabash College. Crawfordsfield, Indiana. February-March 1992.
Rogue Gallery. Medford, Oregon. June-July 1992.
McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario. London, Ontario, Canada. September-October 1992.
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum; Wausau, Wisconsin. November-January 1992. 
"Siggraph '91 Art Show," Las Vegas, Nevada. (traveled internationally). 
Hower, Robert, curator.  "In Context: Digital Expression," Kansas State University. Manhattan, Kansas. 
Eppink Fine Arts Center at Emporia State University. Emporia, Kansas.
Fine Arts Gallery at Fort Hays State University. Fort Hays, Kansas. 
Morgan, Dahlia, curator.  "American Art Today: Surface Tension," Florida Int'l University. S. Westfall Miami, Florida. January-February 1992. 
Sauer, Stephan, curator.  "Computer Graphics, State of the Art Show," University of Wuppertal. Wuppertal, Germany. February 2–7, 1992. 
"8 American Woman Artists-My Private New York," Shiseido The Ginza Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. March 1992. 
Bock, Mary Lou, curator.  "Computer Age Fine Art," The Williams Gallery. Princeton, New Jersey. March-May 1992. 
Bertrand, Nancy, curator.  "Computer Art?," Long Island University. Brookville, New York. July 3–30, 1992. 
"Siggraph '92 Art Show," Chicago, Illinois. July 26–30, 1992. 
"Küldj egy halat!/Send Us A Fish!," Arnyékkötök Electrographic Art, Magyar Narancs. Budapest, Hungary. September 1992. 
Lyte, Mason, curator.  "The Living Gallery Collection," EZTV’s Cyberspace Gallery. Santa Monica, California. September-November 1992. 
Scott, Misako, curator.  "SCAN '92," Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. November 1992. 
Chang, Chang Ik, curator.  "Seoul International Computer Art Festival," Seoul, Korea. November 1992. 
Ono, Tomo, curator.  "ARTEX '92," Japan International Contemporary Art Association. Tokyo, Japan. December 1992. 
Goldblum, Murray, curator.  "Leaving the Words Behind," Waterside Art Studios. Stamford, Connecticut. February–April 1993. 
Roher, Melanie, curator.  "The Artist and The Computer," Hastings on the Hudson Gallery. Hastings, New York. February-March 1993. 
Bock, Mary Lou, curator.  "Computer Age Fine Art," Williams Gallery for Merrill Lynch. Princeton, New Jersey. March-April 1993. 
Major, Ginette, curator.  "The New Images," Montage '93. Rochester, New York. July 11-August 7, 1993. 
Prince, Patric, curator.  "Salon of Independent Artists," Cyberspace Gallery. West Hollywood, California. July 26-August 28, 1993. 
"Computer Influences," Downey Museum of Art. Downey, California. September 2-October 17, 1993. 
Bangs, Constance, curator.  "Discoveries IX," The Arsenal Gallery. New York, New York. October 13-November 1993. 
Wands, Bruce, curator.  "New York Digital Salon," The Art Director's Club. New York, New York. December 6–17, 1993. 
Schlüter, B., Dr, curator.  "The Abandoned Shoe," Rheinisches Landesmuseum. Bonn, Germany. November 4-January 2, 1994. 
Wilson, Steve, curator.  "Digital Artifacts," California State University. Chico, California. February 1994. 
Morita, Minoru, curator.  "100 Graphics," Ginza, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Japan. March 7–September 1994. 
"Areyto For Life," Hispanic AIDS Forum, Puck Building. New York, New York. May 6, 1994. 
Reagan, Trudy Myrrh, curator.  "Artists Shedding Light on Science," San Francisco State University. San Francisco, California. June 13–24, 1994. 
Morse, Deanna, curator.  "Siggraph ‘94 Art & Design Show," Orlando, Florida. July 26–28, 1994. 
Peligian, Carol, curator.  "Blue Angel," Galerie Mainz. Berlin, Germany. September 1994. 
Simpson-Kraus, Dorothy, curator.  "Artists at the Edge," Iris Graphics Gallery, Siggraph ’94. Bedford, Massachusetts. September- October 1994. 
"The Women’s Room," Parsons School of Design. New York, New York. October 1994. 
"Elastic Visions," Penn State University. University Park, Pennsylvania. 
Bock, Mary Lou, curator.  "Binary Visions," Williams Gallery. Princeton, New Jersey. October 1994. 
"Second Annual Digital Salon," Computer Art and Design Show, Virtual Arts Museum. Bruce Wands, New York. November 14–26, 1994. 
"Falling Dominoes...and the Spread of AIDS," The Cast Iron Gallery. New York, New York. February 18–24, 1995. 
Barnes, Michele and Tennessee Dixon, curator. Aquasource Gallery. New York, New York. June 2, 1995. 
O’Connell, Ken, curator.  "Siggraph ‘95 Art & Design Show," Los Angeles, California. July 30–August 1, 1995. 
"Siggraph ‘95 Art & Design show," Seeking Monumental Status, Common Sense in Short Supply. Los Angeles, California. August 1995. 
"The World’s Women-on-Line Electronic Ballet," UN 4th World Conference on Women. Beijing, China. August-September 1995. 
Barnes, M. and D. Benoit, curator.  "Aquatic and Other Visions," Shwayder Art Gallery. Denver, Colorado . September 1995. 
White, Frances, curator.  "Emerging Images: Art By Computer," Susquehanna Art Museum. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. September–January 1996. 
Delehanty, S, curator.  "Art, Design and Barbie: The Evolution of a Cultural Icon," Liberty St. Gallery. New York, New York. December 2–February 10, 1995. 
Murray, P, curator.  "Van Go!," Susquehanna Art Museum. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. January–July 1996. 
"Deus ex Machina," W. Keith and Janet Kellogg Gallery. CSPU Pomona, California. February 15–March 15, 1996. 
"Twelve Digital Artists: A Salute to Digital Art on Broad Street," AudArt Gallery. New York, New York. July 1–August 1, 1996. 
Meise, Barbara, curator.  "Computer Art," Art Builders Gallery. Jersey City, New Jersey. September 6–9, 1996. 
"Elastic Visions," Catherine Smith Gallery. Boone, North Carolina. November 8–December 13, 1996. 
"Fourth Annual Digital Salon," ACM Siggraph, SVA Visual Arts Museum. New York, New York. November 11–December 6, 1996. 
Smith, Sheila, curator.  "Artists Among Us," AD Club. New York, New York. March 5–April 5, 1996. 
"The RSVP Self Portrait Exhibition," The Visual Club. New York, New York. March 21–April 10, 1996. 
Tu, Hsiao-ning, curator. Rockefeller Center Art Exhibit windows in Main Lobby. New York, New York. October-December 1996. 
Prince, Patric, curator.  "ACM/Siggraph Expo," San Jose Convention Center. San Jose, California. March 1–4, 1997. 
"A Digital Interface," (ACM/Siggraph traveling show) Marist College Art Gallery. Poughkeepsie, New York. April 3–27, 1997. 
"Sangre de Cristo: Retrospective 25," Sangre de Cristo Art Center. Pueblo, Colorado. May 15–August 30, 1997. 
Brienza, Jill, curator.  "The Art Exchange Show," The Roger Smith Gallery Art, Exchange. New York, New York. May 28–June 7, 1997. 
"Fifth Annual Digital Salon," SVA Visual Arts Museum. New York, New York. November 17–December 13, 1997. 
"The Digital Print Exhibit/Workshop," A.I.R. Gallery. New York, New York. January 6–24,. 
"Digital Fine Arts Exhibit," Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, Ulster County Community College. New York, New York. March–April 1998. 
Longson, Tony, curator.  "WYSIWYG," California State University. Los Angeles, California. April 26–May 22, 1998. 
Truckenbrod, Joan, curator.  "Siggraph 25th Anniversary Invitational," Orlando, Florida. July 1998. 
"R.S.V.P.’s 'Dreams Exhibition'," Main Gallery, The Society of Illustrators. New York, New York. April 21–25, 1998. 
"60 Years of New York University Cover Art," Salmagundi Club. New York, New York. March 22–26, 1998. 
Circulo de Belles Artes. Madrid, Spain. January 3–18, 1998. 
Truckenbrod, Joan, curator.  "Electronic Rituals," Intermedia Arts. Minneapolis, Minnesota. November 5–December, 1999. 
Wands, Bruce, curator.  "Seventh Annual Digital Salon," SVA Visual Arts Museum. New York, New York (Traveled). November 8–December 10, 1999. 
Ferry, John, curator.  "Julian Allen Memorial Exhibition and Symposium," Maryland Institute, College of Art. Baltimore, Maryland. September 30–November 7, 1999. 
Bock, Mary Lou, curator.  "Old & New Expectations: Women Through the Millenium," The Williams Gallery. Princeton, New Jersey. March 11-April 8, 2000. 
Avery, Laura, curator.  "Plugged-in: Art with and Electrical Connection," Ringling School of Art and Design. Sarasota, Florida. March 3–April 1, 2000. 
Chang, Andrew, curator.  "American Graphics and Design," Donduk Women's University. Seoul, Korea. May 22–27, 2000. 
Avery, Laura, curator.  "Illustrating Women," Ringling School of Art and Design. Sarasota, Florida. November 10–December 15, 2000. 
"ACM1: Beyond Cyberspace," San Jose State University. San Jose, California. March 10–14, 2001. 
Carter, Alice and Courtney Granner, curator.  "A Century of Women Illustrators," San Jose State University. San Jose, California. March 11–April 8, 2001. 
Sacks, Steve, curator.  "bitforms Inaugural Exhibition," bitforms gallery. New York, New York. November 2001. 
"Prevailing Human Spirit (exhibition commemorating the events on September 11, 2001)," Society of Illustrators. New York, New York. 
"Alan E. Cober Memorial Exhibition (two guest artists Barbara Nessim and Sue Coe)," Buffalo State University. Buffalo, New York. April 2002. 
"A Teachers Legacy (show of Roger Crossgrove's students)," Babbage Art Gallery, University of Connecticut. Stoors, Connecticut. April 14–30, 2002. 
Chang, Andrew, curator.  "2003 International Women Designers Exhibition," Seoul Arts Center. Korea. May 31–June 8, 2003. 
Sacks, Steven, curator.  "Preview (show of artists for the new season's exhibitions)," Bitforms Gallery. New York, New York. June–July 2003. 
"Byte: Digital Technology Creates New Art Forms," Nassau County Museum of Art. Nassau, New York. January 18–April 25, 2004. 
Wilde, Judith, curator.  "Women Illustrators: Art for the Printed Page," Kingsborough Community College. Brooklyn, New York. March–April 2004. 
Plunkett, Stephanie, curator.  "Women in Illustration: Contemporary Visions and Voices," Norman Rockwell Museum. Stockbridge, Massachusetts. March 6–May 31, 2004. 
Wands, Bruce, curator.  "Digital Selections," Schick Art Gallery at Skidmore College. Saratoga Springs, New York. April 20–May 21; June 2–12, 2004. 
Gosney, Michael, curator.  "The Transparent Network," Digital Be-In 13 at SOMARTS Gallery. San Francisco, California. May 29, 2004. 
Levin, Carol Cole, curator.  "What F Word?," Cynthia Broan Gallery. New York, New York. February 15–March 17, 2007. 
Ursyn, Anna, curator.  "Computer Graphics Invitational," Mariani Gallery. Greeley, Colorado. November 7–December 7, 2007. 
Santos, Nelson, curator.  "Postcards from the Edge," Invitational 10th Annual Visual AIDS Benefit hosted by James Cohan Gallery. New York, New York. November 30-December 2, 2007. 
Nowlin, Stephen, curator.  "American Illustration 25 Anniversary Timeline," Art Center College of Design, Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery. Pasadena, California. June 12–August 24, 2008. 
Bock, Mary Lou, curator.  "2009 Annual International Print Show: Views of Women and Nature," The Williams Gallery. Davie, Florida. May 2-25, 2009. 
Davidman, Rick and John Nickle, curator.  "Looks Good On Paper," DFN Gallery. New York, New York. February 3-March 6, 2010. 

Davidman, Rick and John Nickle, curator. "Gallery Artists," DFN Gallery. New York, New York. June 16-July 16, 2010. 
Murphy, Mark, curator.  "Survey Select - Narrative Art Exhibition," Wonderbread Factory. Diego, California. July 15-September 15, 2010. 
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