Michael Wolf Catalogue
Michael Wolf
Selected Articles
"The Back Door: Michael Wolf,"  Ojodepez, Spain,  February, 2004.
Wagner, Andrew.  "The City Revealed,"  Dwell Magazine,  March, 2004.
"Architecture of Density,"  Quest Magazine. Germany,  November/December, 2005.
"Portfolio: Michael Wolf Hong Kong,"  Abitare. Italy,  May, 2005.
"Hong Kong Front Door/Back Door,"  Prestige Magazine,  November, 2005.
"Architecture of Density,"  Kyoto Journal. Kyoto, Japan,  Issue 59, 2005.
"China Copy Art,"  Colors Magazine,  Issue # 66, Winter, 2005-2006.
"Copy Artists,"  Daylight Magazine,  Fall, 2006.
Lenander, Johanna, and McKeough, Tim.  "Perfect Forms; Image Density: Michael Wolf,"  Surface,  Vol. 60, 2006.
Holcombe, Hunter.  "Michael Wolf,"  SOMA,  April, 2006.
"Michael Wolf,"  Ming Magazine,  2006.
Lyle, Rexer.  "The New Global Topographers,"  Art on Paper,  March/April, 2006.
Catching, Rebecca.  That’s Shanghai Magazine,  February, 2006.
Christia, Natasa.  "Hong Kong Front Door Back Door,"  H Magazine. Spain,  Febuary, 2006.
"Architecture of Density,"  Kee Magazine. Hong Kong,  January, 2006.
"Architecture of Density,"  Egg Magazine. Taiwan,  January/February, 2006.
"100 x 100,"  South China Morning Post Magazine,  October 29, 2006.
"100 x 100,"  Guardian. United Kingdom,  November 22, 2006.
"Architecture of Density and Bastard Chairs,"  Inside Magazine. Australia,  Issue 41, 2006.
Art + Auction,  Investment Annual, 2007.
"Real Fake Art #13, Van Gogh, $7 (illustration),"  National Geographic,  May, 2008.
"Real Fake Art #1, Roy Lichtenstein, $30.50 (cover illustration),"  THE magazine,  February/March, 2008.
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