David Askevold Catalogue
David Askevold
Selected Catalogues
Narrative art: David Askevold, Michael Badura, John Baldessari.  Studio d'Arte. Roma. 1974.
Narrative art 1974: an exhibition of works by David Askevold, Didier Bay, Bill Beckley, Robert Cumming, Peter Hutchinson, Jean Le Gac, and Roger Welch.  Palais des beaux-arts. Brussels, Belgium. 1974.
Narrative art 2: Ottobre 1975.  Cannaviello studio d'arte, Roma. 1975.
Documenta VII. Kassel, Germany. 1977.
Asher, Michael.  Michael Asher, David Askevold, Richard Long.  Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California. 1977.
Narrative Art.  Booner Kunsteverein. Bonn, Germany. 1979.
Askevold, David, text and images; essays by Frederick Dolan, Peggy Gale & Alan Sondheim.  David Askevold.  Stedelijk Van AbbeMuseum. Eindhoven, Holland. 1980.
The Poltergeist.  In collaboration with Mike Kelley. LAICA. Los Angeles, California. Fall, 1984.
Gale, Peggy.  Video.  (David Askevold’s 'Rhea'). Artext. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 1986, pp. 185-9. 
Stacey, Robert and Liz Wylie.  Eighty/Twenty - 100 years of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1988.
Red Rider.  Centre for Art Tapes. Halifax, Canada. 1992.
Terra firma: five immigrant artists in Nova Scotia.  Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1993.
Barber, Bruce.  Conceptual Art: The NSCAD Connection 1967-1973.  Anna Leonowens Art Gallery. Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1994, pp.17-9, 38-9. 
Corpus loquendi: body for speaking: body-centred video in Halifax, 1972-1982.  Dalhousie Art Gallery. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1994.
Goldstein, Ann and Anne Rommimer.  Reconsidering the Object of Art: 1965-75.  The Museum of Contemporary Art. Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, United Kingdom. 1996.
Loers, Veit.  Mediumististische oder Psychedelische Fotografie? Der Psi-Effekt im Konzeptualismus.  In the Realm of Phantoms: Photography and Apparitions. Kunsthalle Krems. Krems, Austria. 1998, p. 149, pl. 225, 226, 228, 230. 
Askevold, David,Terry Graff, and Petra Rigby Watson.  Cultural Geographies and Other Works.  The Confederation Art Gallery and Museum. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 1998.
Zingone, Robert, curator.  Fixations.  Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1999.
Miller, Marcus.  'What is Church' & Two Hanks.  Articule. Montréal, Canada. 2003.
Avant.  7th Biennale d' Art Contemporain de Lyon. France. 2003-2004.
Apre's.  7th Biennale d' Art Contemporain de Lyon. France. 2003-2004.
Littoral documents.  Confederation Centre Art Gallery. Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada. 2004.
Baldessari, John, Meg Cranstonan, curators; essay by Thomas McElvilley.  100 Artists See God.  Independent Curators International. New York, New York. 2004.
Szymcyk, Adam, curator.  Lee Lozano, Win First Don't Last, Win Last Don't Care.  (essay by David Askevold) Kunsthalle Basel and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. Schwabe Verlag. Basel, Switzerland. 2006, pp. 162-181. 
Pesch, Katrin.  New Ghost Entertainment – Entitled.  Verbrecher Verlag. Berlin, Germany. 2006.
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