Marina Abramovic Catalogue
Marina Abramovic
Selected Books
Koustelanetz, Richard.  Scenarios: scripts to Perform.  Assembling Press. New York, New York. 1979.
Relation work and Detour, Marina Abramovic/Ulay - Ulay/Marina Abramovic.  Idea Books. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1980.
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"Marina Abramovic", text by Doris von Draathen. Artistes de l'Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux Arts.  Paris, France. 1992.
Jappe, Elisabeth.  Performance, Ritual, Prozess - Handbuch der Aktionskunst in Europa.  Prestel-Verlag. München and New York. 1993.
Abramovic, Marina in collaboration with Charles Atlas.  Biography.  Edition Cantz. Stuttgart, Germany. 1994.
Abramovic, Marina.  Marina Abramovic, Cleaning House.  Academy Editions. London, United Kingdom. 1995.
Grundmann, Heidi and Kristine Stiles.  Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art.  University of California Press. Berkeley, California. 1996.
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Jones, Amelia.  Body Art: Performing the Subject.  University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1998.
O’Dell, Kathy.  Contact with the Skin: Masochism, Performance Art in the 70s.  University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1998.
Montano, Linda M.  Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties.  University of California Press. Berkeley, California. 1999.
Warr, Tracy and Amelia Jones.  The Artist's Body.  Phaidon Press Limited. London, United Kingdom. 2000.
Abramovic, Marina and Alessia Bulgari.  Marina Abramovic: The Biography of Biographies.  Charta. 2001.
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Martin, Sylvia.  Video Art.  Taschen. Koln, Germany. 2006.
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von Fürstenberg, Adelina, ed.  Marina Abramovic: Balkan Epic.  Skira Editore in association with Hangar Bicocca. Milan, Italy. 2006.
Heartney, Eleanor, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal and Sue Scott.  After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art.  Prestel. London, United Kingdom. 2007.
L’art Contemporain et la Television / Imaginaire: Mode d’Emploi.  Editions Cercle d’Art. Paris, France. 2007.
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Richards, Mary.  Marina Abramovic.  Routledge. London, United Kingdom; New York, New York. 2010.
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