Andrea Zittel Catalogue
Andrea Zittel
Solo Exhibitions
"Rotunda Installation," San Diego Museum of Art. San Diego, California. 
"Drawings and Constructions," Flor Y Cant Gallery. San Diego, California. 
"Landscape," Sol Koffler Gallery. Providence, Rhode Island. 
"Purity," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. September 11-October 16, 1993. 
"Project room installation," Christopher Grimes Gallery. Santa Monica, California. April 1-May 15, 1993. 
"The A-Z Administrative Services 1993 Living Unit," Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, California. March 19-May 15, 1993. 
"A series of rotating installations," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. October 26-November 26, 1994. 
"Andrea Zittel: Three Living Systems," The Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. October 8-December 31, 1994. 
"Comfort," Anthony d'Offay Gallery. London, United Kingdom. September 3-October 15, 1994. 
"New Work: Andrea Zittel," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. November 8-February 4, 1996. 
"Andrea Zittel," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. March 4-April 8, 1995. 
"A-Z Escape Vehicles," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. November 1-December 7, 1996. 
Weibel, Peter, curator.  "Andrea Zittel - Living Units," Museum fur Gegenwartskunst. Basel, Switzerland. October 26- February 2, 1997. 
Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum. Graz, Austria, March 13–April 27, 1997. 
"The A-Z Travel Trailer Units," Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Humlebaek, Denmark. April 3-May 12, 1996. 
"New Art 6: Andrea Zittel," Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati, Ohio. March 17-June 30, 1996. 
"A-Z Personal Panels: 1993-1998," Sadie Coles HQ. London, United Kingdom. December 4-January 23, 2000. 
"RAUGH," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. May 28-July 10, 1998. 
"A-Z For You • A-Z For Me," University Art Gallery, San Diego State University. San Diego, California. April 13-May 13, 1998. 
"Andrea Zittel – Personal Programs," Deichtorhallen. Hamburg, Germany. November 19-February 27, 2000. 
"A-Z Time Trials," Galerie Franck & Schulte, Berlin, Germany. September 30-November 13, 2000. 
"A-Z Deserted Island," The Public Art Fund, Central Park South Pond. New York, New York. May 26, 1999-September, 2000. 
"Points of Interest," The Public Art Fund, Central Park Southeast Entrance. New York. May 26-April, 2000. 
"A-Z Time Trials," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. April 22-June 27, 2000. 
"A-Z Time Trials: Free Running Rhythms," Regen Projects. Los Angeles, California. February 5-March 4, 2000. 
"Everlasting and Complete: A-Z Food Group and A-Z Eating Environments," Galleria Massimo De Carlo. Milan, Italy. February 19-March 26, 2001. 
"A-Z Cellular Compartment Units," IKON Gallery. Birmingham, United Kingdom. October 31-December 2, 2001. 
"A-Z 2001 Homestead Units," Sadie Coles HQ. London, United Kingdom. October 29-December 8, 2001. 
"A-Z Sorting Trays," Susan Inglett. New York, New York. November 7-December 15, 2001. 
"A-Z Cellular Compartment Units," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. May 10-June 15, 2002. 
"A-Z Advanced Technologies: Fiber Forms," Gallery Side 2. Tokyo, Japan. September 6-October 4, 2002. 
"A-Z West: The Regenerating Fields," Regen Projects. Los Angeles, California. November 23-December 15, 2002. 
"Advanced Technologies: The A-Z Regenerating Fields and Fiber Form Uniforms," Regen Projects. Los Angeles, California. December 7-January 18, 2003. 
"A-Z Uniform Series: 1991-2002," Philomene Magers Projekte. Munich, Germany. May 15-June 28, 2003. 
"Andrea Zittel," Sammlung Goetz, Munich, Germany. May 18-November 8, 2003. 
"Western Evolutions," Regen Projects. Los Angeles, California. December 18–January 29, 2005. 
"OnSite: Andrea Zittel," Milwaukee Art Museum, Schroeder Galleria. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. May 1–August 15, 2004. 
"A-Z Uniforms, 1991-2000," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. January 23-February 21, 2004. 
"Rules of Raugh," Richard Levy Gallery. Albuquerque, New Mexico. September 30–October 28, 2005. 
"Andrea Zittel: Critical Space," Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. October 1–January 1, 2006. 
New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. January 26–May 27, 2006.
Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Buffalo, New York. October 6, 2006–January 7, 2007.
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Los Angeles, California, March 4–May 14, 2007.
Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. June 9–September 16, 2007. 
"A-Z Advanced Technologies," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. May 6–June 18, 2005. 
Sadie Coles HQ. London, United Kingdom. November 22, 2006-January 6, 2007.
Galleria Massimo De Carlo. Milan, Italy. February 13–March 24, 2007. 
"Small Liberties," Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. February 9–June 18, 2006. 
"Andrea Zittel, Monica Sosnowska," Schaulager. Basel, Switzerland. April 26-September 21, 2008. 
"Andrea Zittel: Energetic Accumulators, and Token Exchanges," Regen Projects. Los Angeles, California. May 24-June 28, 2008. 
"single Strand, forward motion," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. February 6-March 7, 2009. 
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