William Merritt Chase Catalogue
William Merritt Chase
Museum and Public Collections
  Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art. Saint Joseph, Missouri. USA. 

  Amon Carter Museum. Fort Worth, Texas. USA. 

Idle Hours  circa 1894
Image 39 x 48.6  inches

  Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 

A City Park  circa 1887
Image 87.884 x 126.746 inches

  Birmingham Museum of Art. Birmingham, Alabama. USA. 

  Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. USA. 

  Butler Institute of American Art. Youngstown, Ohio. USA. 

Did You Speak to Me?  circa 1897
Image 38 x 43  inches

  Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. USA. 

Mrs. Chase  1890 - 1895
Image 72 x 48  inches

  Chrysler Museum of Art. Norfolk, Virginia. USA. 

  Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. 

  Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland, Ohio. USA. 

  Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, Michigan. USA. 

  El Paso Museum of Art. El Paso, Texas. USA. 

Pure (The Model) - alt. title: Seated Nude (or Pure)  circa 1888
Image 20 x 16  inches

  Figge Art Museum. Davenport, Iowa. USA. 

Mrs. Chase (Portrait of Mrs. Chase; Portrait of Mrs. C.)  circa 1902
Image 48.5 x 38.25  inches

Still Life with Brass Kettle 
Image 24 x 26.25  inches

  Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco. San Francisco, California. USA. 

  Hirshhorn Museum And Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution. Washington, DC. USA. 

In the Studio  circa 1892 - 1893
Image 22 x 28  inches

The Pink Bow (Portrait of Alice Dieudonnee Chase)  circa 1898
Image 24.12 x 16.12  inches

Artist's Daughter in Mother's Dress (Young Girl in Black)  circa 1899
Image 60.12 x 36.18  inches

  Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana. USA. 

Study of an Arab Girl  circa 1888
Image 18 x 8  inches

After the Shower  circa 1885 - 1889
Image 15.5 x 23.5  inches

Lady in White  1902
Image 29 x 19  inches

Dorothy  1902
Image 72 x 36  inches

Portrait of My Mother (Portrait of the Artist's Mother)  1892
Image 20 x 17  inches

  Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester. Rochester, New York. USA. 

Along the Canal  circa 1884
Image 10 x 13.5  inches

A Summer Day  circa 1892
Image 16.13 x 20  inches

  Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York. USA. 

At the Seaside  circa 1892
Image 20 x 34 inches

  Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum of Washington University. Saint Louis, Missouri. USA. 

Contemplation  1889
Image 29 x 25.5  x 3.25 inches

  Milwaukee Art Museum. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA. 

Girl in a Middy Blouse (Portrait sketch)  1902
Image 24 x 18.12  inches

Portrait of Grace Beatrice Dickerman (Mrs. Guido Charles Vogel)  1906
Image 60.12 x 40.12  inches

Portrait of Woman in White  circa 1910
Image 48 x 38 inches

  Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA. 

  Montana Museum of Art & Culture, The University of Montana. Missoula, Montana. USA. 

Portrait of Fra Dana  1897
Image 19.5 x 23.5  inches

  Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. South Hadley, Massachusetts. USA. 

The End of the Season (The Last of the Season)  circa 1885
Image 14 x 18  inches

  Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. Utica, New York. USA. 

Memories  circa 1886
Image 50.5 x 37  inches

  Museum of Fine Arts (Houston). Houston, Texas. USA. 

  Museum of Fine Arts - Boston. Boston, Massachusetts. USA. 

  National Academy Museum. New York, New York. USA. 

Study of a Young Girl (or) An Idle Moment (or) At Her Ease 
Image 44 x 42  inches

  National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC. USA. 

  Oakland Museum of California. Oakland, California. USA. 

Monterey, California  1914
Image 15 x 20  inches

  San Antonio Museum Of Art. San Antonio, Texas. USA. 

Mrs. Chase and Child (I'm Going to See Grandma)  circa 1889
Image 29 x 41  inches

  Smith College Museum Of Art. Northampton, Massachusetts. USA. 

View of Fiesole  1907
Image 11.75 x 16  inches

  Smithsonian American Art Museum. Washington, DC. USA. 

  Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame, Indiana. USA. 

Portrait of a Young Woman  circa 1902
Image 26 x 21.5  inches

  Terra Foundation for American Art. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 

  The Haggin Museum. Stockton, California. USA. 

The Artist's Wife (or) Surprise  circa 1884
Image 30 x 23.5  inches

  The Montclair Art Museum. Montclair, New Jersey. USA. 

A Tambourine Player (Mrs. Chase as a Spanish Dancer)  1886
Image 65 x 30  inches

  The Parrish Art Museum. Southampton, New York. USA. 

  The Phillips Collection. Washington, DC. USA. 

  Toledo Museum of Art. Toledo, Ohio. USA. 

Near the Beach, Shinnecock  circa 1895
Image 30 x 48.13  inches

The Open Air Breakfast Toledo  circa 1888
Image 37.43 x 56.75  inches

  Westervelt-Warner Museum of Art. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. USA. 

Sketch of a Young Girl on Ocean Steamer  1883
Image 29 x 24  inches

The Pot Hunter  circa 1895
Image 22 x 39  inches

  Wichita Art Museum. Wichita, Kansas. USA. 

Portrait of Mrs. C. (Mrs. William M. Chase)  circa 1895
Image 22 x 18  inches

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